ZoomInfo’s Cloud-Hosted B2B Intelligence Platform Delivers Actionable Data to Help Sales and Marketing Teams Engage Buyers

ZoomInfo's Cloud-Hosted B2B Intelligence

TL; DR: ZoomInfo can be a B2B data provider in which helps its clients recognize, engage, and close revenue with ideal buyers. With sales teams working at home now more than at any time, ZoomInfo’s cloud-hosted data program provides them with tools to keep productive. It integrates together with other sales and marketing and advertising platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo, and also Outreach, to enhance assortment and automation. ZoomInfo gives sales and marketing specialists with accurate, insightful, and actionable information that will give them a competing advantage. 

The planet of marketing technology has been expanding rapidly when Salesforce travelled public in 2007. Marketo was just getting off the ground during the time, and companies were lining around automate and enhance their particular marketing and sales functions.

One advisor, Scott Brinker, calculated that there was 150 marketing technology remedies in 2011. Today you can find 8, 000, and the industry is growing.

Henry Schuck launched DiscoverOrg in 2007 to supply companies using cloud-hosted marketing solutions the info they needed to keep pace inside the shifting market. Many were getting directly into Salesforce or Marketo and were start to realize that automation and also technology are only as effective as the data they feedback.

ZoomInfo logoZoomInfo helps organizations empower their marketing and also sales teams with actionable info.
DiscoverOrg purchased Zoom Details, Inc. in February of 2019 and rebranded the business as ZoomInfo. The buy expanded its reach, and ZoomInfo’s cloud-hosted program provides sales and marketing teams with all the data and tools they should stay ahead of your competitors. Business data may modify quickly, so companies need actionable and up-to-date information to have decision-makers on the phone and buying.

“You have this go-to-market landscaping where sellers and marketers are already promised these benefits regarding sales automation and marketing and advertising automation, ” said Justin Withers, Mature Vice President of Method at ZoomInfo. “You ultimately buy these applications and find that these items don’t come preloaded with the data that you might want. ”

Founders Henry Schuck and also Kirk Brown started DiscoverOrg simply by each putting $25, 000 on their credit cards. That initial investment has greater than paid off. In Summer of 2020, ZoomInfo (ZI) went community and began trading around the Nasdaq Global Select Industry.

ZoomInfo strives to locate and deliver data to those that count on it to help keep their businesses going. That overarching mission keeps the business working to provide customers with robust data sets.

ZoomInfo can be a company with a vision to supply much more to our own customers than we carry out today. We are much diverse today than we were a year ago, and we have a top growth trajectory and the people we must get where we desire to go, ” Justin mentioned.

Shifting From Door-to-Door Revenue to Digital Tools

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be challenging for many organizations, but some were capable of move forward by depending on new technology. Sales and marketing data trends that have been emerging before the start of the pandemic became the newest norm. ZoomInfo was able to adjust to the pandemic’s challenges.

“The shift available in the market over the last year continues to be favorable for our staff. Sales teams that have been out in the field that might be visiting prospects in person have become stuck at home, ” Justin mentioned. “Where there might are already this slow burn to digitization ahead of COVID-19, it erupted because there was clearly no other strategy to use to market. ”

Sales and marketing teams still have to get their information somewhere, and the thing that was competing together with cloud-hosted databases was neighborhood, on-the-ground knowledge. But the pandemic kept people far from face-to-face encounters, which pushed sales reps to count on new sources of details.

Screenshot of ZoomInfo platformZoomInfo gives businesses with accurate, real-time info so their sales clubs can reach decision-makers.
Just couple of years ago, direct dial office cell phone numbers were the norm, but today sales representatives need mobile numbers if not they may not attain a decision-maker. ZoomInfo stays before those trends by gathering information that’s accurate and also actionable.

The world is now more digitized, and hosting data inside the cloud is the fresh norm. That means gathering the mandatory information to make business decisions has to be digitized. Some database companies claim that all information is the same, and the only factor that matters is amount.

But businesses and sales teams who recognize that a little good data surpasses a lot of bad data consider ZoomInfo to find their particular future customers.

Providing Info That Drives Go-to-Market Programs


ZoomInfo provides data that enables Salesforce, Marketo, Outreach, as well as other go-to-market automation solutions to meet their promises. ZoomInfo in addition has developed and now offers a Sales Engagement solution that sales teams are able to use to do automated contacting and email nurturing to be able to prospects. Automation and efficiency are still only as effective as the data they’re working together with.

“The underlying tenet that connects precisely what we offer is in which high-quality data — which is accurate, complete, deep, and actionable — will be what enables go-to-market applications to deliver the promised results that produce teams more effective, successful, automated, and efficient, ” Justin mentioned.

Data quality and just how ZoomInfo enables organizations to be able to automate engagement workflows by means of data is what sets the business apart. Without accurate details, sales reps may waste their work-time calling or emailing a bad people — or nobody in any way. Marketers lacking complete data don’t use a significant enough picture to learn who they’re trying to succeed in. And with no actionable information, businesses have a lots of information but nothing regarding it. If a company has 1 or 2 of those aspects included, it won’t make up for the fact it doesn’t have almost all three.

And data isn’t any commodity that’s impossible to be able to differentiate in quality. Bad and the good data exists, and sales and marketing teams attended to realize that the most effective data is worth the purchase price because it can quickly buy itself.

Some companies remain trying to choose info providers based simply about cost, but they often understand that insufficient data isn’t worth much in any way. Smart businesses choose the data that’s driving their revenue and marketing teams’ activities more carefully.

Creating the particular Shortest Distance From Info to Engagement in ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo allows you for companies to have the most out of their particular investments in other go-to-market technology — whether that take solutions like ZoomInfo Indulge, or others like Salesforce, Marketo, and also Outreach. Instead of leaving revenue reps to call every number inside the phone book, ZoomInfo info initiates workflows, delivers information, and alerts, that enable sales and marketing teams to succeed in the right people on the right time.

One example of just how ZoomInfo is changing how companies head to market is a characteristic called Workflows. Every day the business enterprise world changes. People modify jobs, businesses decide to buy technology, they raise money, they change their identify, they move offices, they grow their revenue and how many employees. Some go away from business. Workflows monitors this ever-changing enterprise landscape and enables revenue and marketing teams to perform automated, personalized, data-driven plays triggered simply by these actionable events and also reach their prospects using a relevant message at the same time it matters most.

“One thing that stands apart to me is our own enrichment capabilities, ” Justin mentioned. “Enrichment takes a sparse document and fills it in with everything that rich data that presents an obvious picture of what the business enterprise does or who the outlook is. It’s not a singular solution when I speak about enrichment. ”

Another illustration is their solution referred to as Form Complete. With a name and a message, ZoomInfo can populate the rest that a company has to know about a make contact with. Instead of the contact entering Salesforce with just a name and a message, they may have one more 40 data points attached with the record.

ZoomInfo makes data better to act on by developing into those CRMs as well as other software suites. Companies can maximize those powerful platforms simply by dropping good data directly into every platform that revenue and marketing teams work on.

“More recently, we’re experiencing this shift unifying info from many sources. Users desire to integrate data from ZoomInfo with data from your CRM with data from your marketing automation system and carry it all onto one system where they could use it to result in workflows, build audiences, and also evaluate results, ” Justin mentioned.