Your Office Anywhere’s Fully Managed Hosted Desktop Solutions Put Digital Assets Within Reach Regardless of User Location

Your Office Anywhere’s Fully Managed Hosted Desktop Solutions Put Digital Assets Within Reach Regardless of User Location

TL; DR:  Your Office Anywhere (YOA), perhaps the Cardium Group, specializes in hosted desktop solutions fit to the times. The technology allows personnel to work from from any location with an internet interconnection, accessing apps, documents, and data the identical way as in-office workers. Furthermore, YOA’s UK team covers server support, including antivirus software package, Windows updates, backups, along with resource monitoring. 

It may have happened greater decade ago, but I clearly remember the 1st time I got my operate email successfully synced way up with my iPhone. Confident, the technology seems unremarkable currently. Back then, it ended up being incredible, breaking down barriers to communication even as we knew it.

Today, employees everywhere are suffering from that same sense involving triumph as Your Office Anywhere hosted desktop solutions allow them to access applications, papers, and data from virtually any device. With Your Place of work Anywhere, for example, users can complete every day business tasks — similar to checking customer information in a very CRM or running a new core business application — via any location.

YOA logoYour Office Anywhere (YOA) unlocks your global of digital assets in any device. Hosted
Your Office Anywhere (YOA) allows organizations to reduce local onsite servers along with their associated costs. The cloud-based solution can be billed per account through pay-as-you-go plans that permit users to raise or decrease user accounts determined by demand. All accounts occur backed by full server assist, including security, resource keeping track of, backups, and software changes.

“It’s a completely been able service, ” said Ian Sutherland, Business Development Manager for your  Your Office Anywhere Office Anywhere. “Most of our own customers aren’t IT men and women. They need a provider like us which will look after everything technical for the children. All they have to perform is pay a bill month after month. ”

Ian told us that Your Office Anywhere (YOA ) comes with a unique selling proposition in this all customers are treated while using same high-quality care, whether they’ve listed with one account as well as 100. Engineers are available 24/7 to help you with the company’s focused remote desktop servers, that happen to be safely housed within risk-free UK-based datacenters.

From Consultancy for you to Managed Hosted Applications (Your Office Anywhere)

YOA’s origins just as one IT consultancy company made it easier for shape its current organized desktop approach, in which in turn every customer is dealt with as unique, and every single solution is tailor-made.

“We started just as one enterprise IT consultancy utilizing large corporations like Heinz, ” Ian explained. “Around 2006, we commenced offering hosted Microsoft Change, allowing businesses to do away with their Microsoft Small Organization Servers. ”

It wasn’t long until customers planned to offload other servers, for example the ones they used to own accounting or CRM software package.

“We started offering might know about call hosted desktops, but the solution evolved into much more now than that, ” Ian explained. “It’s a hosted server for those to run their computer’s desktop applications on. We started offering the service in a very small-scale way in your mid-2000s, refining the process after a while. ”

Solutions for various industriesYOA’s alternatives are applicable in numerous use cases.

Ultimately, the product or service evolved into a entirely managed service that freed small-business owners through the shackles of infrastructure preservation. Rather than focusing for the hosting infrastructure behind his or her accounting software, entrepreneurs could give full attention to their passions.

Over your years, the company did start to serve niche markets by simply offering cloud hosting for software including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Place of work, and Sage Accounts.

“A lot of developers were seeking some way to host databases when you can’t really host these people as web services — they must be at a computer’s desktop application, ” Ian explained. “The remote desktop platform we had was perfect pertaining to Microsoft Access. Today, people from literally across the world use Your Office Anywhere (YOA) to number Access databases. ”

Get rid of the Hidden Costs of Server Operations

The Your Office Anywhere YOA team welcomed scores of new customers in 2020 as pandemic-affected businesses searched remotely accessible business alternatives. The company’s goal was to help you new and existing firms adopt new working situations while saving time along with money.

“If you accomplish the math, there’s an increased cost to buying a new server, Windows licenses, along with software, and employing IT administrators to tend that server and fix things after they go wrong, ” Ian instructed us. “At some place, that server’s going to acquire old, the operating system can become outdated, and you’re going to are related it all over yet again. ”

Scalability is yet another consideration when choosing involving self-hosted and cloud alternatives. Ian said that, though the initial cost of an server may be more affordable than hosting, the flexibility of an hosted solution allows businesses growing without significant infrastructure alterations.

“If you acquire a server, do you buy an expensive one that you not need but work if your business expands, or do you buy one that will last now and replace the idea later? Those sort of troubles disappear with hosted services when you can scale in units. ”

Businesses must also take into account security and compliance when calculating the price tag on ownership. To that stop, all information is situated in ISO 27001-certified datacenters throughout compliance with GDPR. All data sent over the web is first encrypted, your team performs regular backups, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) technology can be purchased for added security.

“Your typical business probably have one lock on top door, ” Ian explained. “How secure is your data on their servers? On the disaster side of things, if that server becomes encrypted by ransomware, what can you do? These are your hidden costs of server control. ”

Differentiation Through Top-Notch Assist

Though the underlying technology it’s essentially the same, all of Your Office Anywhere YOA’s solutions are individually tailored to fit the needs of users in numerous industries.

“We present our solutions in different ways using the needs of customers in numerous industries, ” Ian explained. “The commonality is that will we’re providing a Glass windows remote desktop server containing the customers’ desired applications on it just for them to log on to gain access to those applications while backed by a full managed solution. ”

Customers can select an arrangement of recommended hosted options created for developers, accountants, financial agencies, charities, healthcare workers, stores, and manufacturers, among people. A software developer, by way of example, might need a SQL server web hosting service service, while a retailer might utilize Your Office Anywhere YOA because it comes with a consistent operations experience involving branches.

“A lot of our business does are derived from companies that write classic desktop software and are trying to find a platform for running applications inside cloud, ” Ian explained. “They don’t want to get to go and recode everything to own as a web request, so they just visit us. ”

YOA in addition provides value-added services pertaining to MSPs that help these people attract and retain clientele. “IT providers come to help you their customers move toward the client on many occasions, ” Ian said. “We offer a path to enable them to increase their portfolios by simply becoming resellers. ”

Investments to Support Users Operating from home

YOA anticipates increased require as business leaders realize that operating from home spares them massive real estate property costs. The company recently purchased a new, SSD-based hard drive system and upgraded for you to 10 Gigabit internal knobs.

“We’ve put a wide range of effort into enhancing the performance in the platform recently, ” Ian explained.

The company also strategies to expand its offerings regarding licenses and subscriptions. By way of example, customers can purchase regular or lifetime Sage the necessary licenses through Your Office Anywhere YOA at approximately 40% less than Sage’s full price price.

“We’re licenses along with subscriptions, which is good since it’s another side to business — one more channel to create customers’ lives easier. ”.