Yii: A High-Performance PHP Framework for App Development That Deploys via Various Hosting Environments

Yii: A High-Performance PHP Framework for App Development That Deploys via Various Hosting Environments

TL; DR: Yii is an open-source, component-based PHP framework pertaining to developing modern web software and deploying them using selecting hosting options. Launched throughout 2008, it was one of several earliest Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks and is also backed by a solid core developer team along with large contributor community. Be on the lookout for the upcoming relieve of Yii Version 3. 0, that can present a refreshing departure through the status quo.

Throughout Chinese, the word  (pronounced Yee) is utilized to describe something straightforward and evolutionary. It is smart, then, why Founder Qiang Xue find the moniker for his common PHP framework — which he designed as outlined by his philosophy that code must be written in a straightforward yet elegant way.

“In 2008, when it 1. 0 was already released, there were not a lot of PHP web application frameworks which are well-designed, well-maintained, high undertaking, easy-to-use, and very custom-made, ” said Alexander Makarov, Key Developer . “By default, we try and make things simpler, not more complicated. That’s why Qiang Xue spent a great deal of time investing in the idea: to make it safer to debug code.

Alexander Makarov, Key Developer at Yii, along with company logoAlexander Makarov, Key Developer, gave us an internal look at Yii, the open-source PHP development composition.
Every method in Variation 1. 0, 1. 1, along with 2. 0 of your framework is properly written about. That is why made API documentation is complete — something no other framework, which include Symfony, Zend Framework, along with Laravel, has achieved.

As being a generic framework, developers will use Yii to rapidly develop different types of web applications employing PHP but its component-based structure and advanced caching support help it become particularly suitable for large-scale assignments. Use cases include websites, forums, content management devices, ecommerce projects, and RESTful web services that could be deployed using multiple web hosting service environments.

Yii is exceedingly extensible, allowing for your addition of new functionalities and capabilities as essential. Developers can replace or customize virtually any piece of code while enjoying the framework’s architecture to utilize or create redistributable extension cables.

Pioneering the MVC Composition Space

Founder Qiang Xue supported as product lead pertaining to Yii from December 2008 to June 2015, when he stepped faraway from the project.

“We were one of several first Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks around, ” Alexander said. “Qiang Xue built your initial framework, gathered a wonderful team, and led the community until 2015. I signed up with around 2010. I are the coauthor of Yii Variation 2. 0, currently primary the Yii Version 3. 0 hard work. ”

Fast, secure, useful: The three pillars of YiiYii is well know for simplifying the sophisticated with APIs and structured designed.
But Yii is not even close a one-man show. Right now, Alexander leads the key development team, which monitors trends in other frameworks which have been then used to tell and create new capabilities. The project is in addition backed by an open-source area of professionals who consistently help with Yii’s evolution.

In supplement to contributing code, translating documentation, and participating throughout community activities, the open-source community also donates financial resources to keep the undertaking sustainable. The money is primarily employed to ensure core team members perform on Yii without in search of additional employment.

Members could contribute a one-time donation or recurring monthly advantages. The funds also assist server infrastructure, development methods, design services, and promoting efforts.

Rapidly Develop along with Deploy Modern Web Purposes

Getting started with Yii, a framework determined by object-oriented programming (OOP), uses a little background knowledge throughout OOP-based frameworks. Those whom use Yii 2. 0 should fully understand modern PHP features, which include namespaces and traits (Yii only two. 0 runs best for the latest version of PHP 7, nevertheless requires PHP 5. several. 0 or above).

Alexander told us builders can run Yii on basically any infrastructure, whether you’re utilizing shared hosting or a new VM, though small adjustments could possibly be needed.

“Both Yii Variation 1. 1 and Variation 2. 0 run well basically anywhere, though simple adjustments could possibly be required, ” he explained. “Google Cloud web web hosting service, for example, doesn’t have a very traditional file system — and were writing to the runtime directory by default, so it requires a number of customization. ”

AppsYii powers numerous web apps for motels, restaurants, artists, and legal representatives, among others.Yii capabilities two application templates: an elementary Project Template, suitable pertaining to 90% of development requires, and an Advanced Undertaking Template. Alexander said it’s imperative that you take hosting into consideration when deciding on a template.

“The advanced template appeared for multitiered projects which has a frontend, backend API, and many others. — different entry things, ” he said. “Many hosting providers tend not to support that; they support one particular web root, and a semi-pro application template requires at the least two web roots. ”

If the developer starts with the advanced template after which it attempts to deploy the app with a virtual private server, as an illustration, it would be important to switch templates. “ It will take some development time, nevertheless it’s not impossible, ” Alexander explained.

Yii Version 3. 0: An upcoming Departure From the Reputation Quo

Since Yii 1. 0 was already released in 2008, the crew supporting the framework features navigated several challenges — one particular being unusually long assist periods.

“We are even now supporting Version 1. 1 — just lately, I added support pertaining to PHP 8, ” Alexander explained. “The range of PHP types supported is incredible. ”

Users also utilize the ability to provide opinions through GitHub, forums, and in many cases conferences. “We took feedback into mind when deciding to assist older versions of PHP because we learned through the community that there were extensive projects that could be very difficult to migrate, ” they said.

In terms involving future development, Yii is usually turning to the individual community for direction in Yii 3. 0, and that is still very much inside making. This latest edition are going to be quite different from their predecessors.

“It’s in your works and constantly modifying, so we don’t recommend you have it right now, but it’s interesting to look into at this stage, ” Alexander said.

Even though Yii 1. 0 along with Yii 2. 0 are quite similar regarding infrastructure and extensions, Yii 3. 0 works iwth with any composer package and won’t require wrappers.

“Just a bit of configuration, and that’s it — it’s much more accessible for the PHP area overall. ”.