Trusted in Hosting: xneelo Delivers Reliable, Consistent Services That Empower Customers to Grow and Maintain Online Businesses

Trusted in Hosting: xneelo Delivers Reliable, Consistent Services That Empower Customers

TL; DR: Xneelo Founded throughout 1999, has earned a reputation due to the top-notch 24/7 customer assistance, which empowers users to establish and grow their businesses online. The company delivers reliable internet hosting services backed by robust infrastructure and careful attention to customer need. As xneelo expands via South Africa across the rest of the globe, it aims to offer users throughout the globe the same high-quality solutions that its long-term customers have raised to love within the last few two decades.

The global internet hosting market continues to develop, with forecasters estimating a new valuation of $76 billion dollars by 2023. Considering your market’s size, it’s clear to understand why so many would-be web owners find choosing a web hosting service provider so difficult.

Outside of performance, pricing, and commercial infrastructure options, the decision really passes down to support. While many providers provide you with the same technology, a actually caring, knowledgeable customer service team is often a rare find.

Athena Turner, Brand Manager with the hosting company xneelo, explained she agrees wholeheartedly.

xneelo logoxneelo worked as a chef for decades to gain customer trust through extraordinary service.
“Our advice to customers is to test degrees of support by either getting in touch with or sending an email to a directory of recommended hosting providers, ” Athena explained. “Get a sense with their response times and his or her consultation advice. Get a greater understanding of their preservation routine and their transmission style with customers. If you choose a web webhost, you are choosing a partner that will likely need to scale and adapt for a business. ”

The team at xneelo spends on a daily basis maintaining the trust involving its customers — that this company has worked challenging to earn. xneelo’s tagline, Dependable in Hosting, reflects its promise to offer reliable, high-quality products along with services.

“At xneelo, we’ve always regarded ourselves as enablers, offering a hosting assistance that empowers our customers growing their businesses online, which in turn we believe creates a new multiplier effect for modern society to thrive, ” Athena explained.

According to the company’s manifesto, xneelo exists to instill an online environment wherever dreams and aspirations come to life.

A Passion for Providing the South African Organization Community

xneelo’s roots get back on 1999 when the firm was founded as Hetzner SA with the objective of offering dependable hosting for you to small and medium-sized corporations across South Africa.

“We’re passionate about internet hosting — it’s our core business and might know about do best, ” Athena explained. “When we started throughout 1999, our vision was to make available a reliable web hosting service on the SME mass market throughout South Africa, differentiating ourselves through our consistent back-up and support. That vision and concentration still drive us right now. ”

In 2019, after opening an place of work in Canada and planning launches into new market segments, Hetzer SA changed their name to xneelo (pronounced ex–nee–lo). The rebranding effort was meant to help alleviate confusion using Hetzner Online, another intercontinental brand.

Man in datacenterThe firm built an energy-efficient, carrier-neutral datacenter that uses as little electricity as possible.
The name xneelo was inspired by the Latin phrase meaning to be able to create something out involving nothing. “We believe that xneelo speaks on the resourcefulness, ingenuity, and industrious spirit of our own customers — and of our own own team, ” the company stated in a very press release back then.

Though the company’s brand may have changed in the past, its values, general product or service offerings, leadership team, and operational strategy would not. Neither did the company’s agency commitment to earning buyer trust.

“Our reputation has been recently built one customer during a period over the last 21 years of age years. In South Cameras, we’re known for delivering an even, helpful service to around 500, 000 website managers, ” Athena said. “Our relentless target customer service has granted us a 9. 6 beyond 10 rating from HelloPeter, the South African customer satisfaction rating platform. Our world wide web promoter score is 89. ”

Keeping Customers at the midst of the Business

As industry veterans of more the 2 decades, the xneelo team features successfully navigated several challenges to be competitive.

“Over the several years, we’ve had to handle the high cost involving bandwidth, a limited company base, and high energy costs, ” Athena explained. “Keeping our customers the hub of our business and our persistent hunt for a narrow business concentration has helped us for you to navigate through these demanding operational constraints. ”

Athena instructed us that, along how, the team has often worked to pass personal savings (whether acquired through your efficient management of company relationships or infrastructure) on customers.

“As a great example, while electricity costs get increased, we’ve been capable to build and maintain the energy-efficient, carrier-neutral datacenter that uses as little electricity as possible by way of our free cooling process, ” Athena said. “For earlier times three years, our Samrand Data Centre’s Electrical power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) scores are actually significantly below industry criteria (coming in at 1. 21 instead of the 1. 40 standard). This energy efficiency translates inside cost savings for each of our customers. It’s good for the children, and it’s good to the environment. ”

xneelo staffThe xneelo staff is firmly dedicated to customer support.
When it relates to innovation, Athena said customers can be a driving force in the marketplace, and the xneelo crew is continually working to maintain up with their evolving requires.

For example, while the world wide web hosting industry previously devoted to the infrastructure required for you to host content, today’s industry need to make that content accessible on the nontechnical user. Web hosting is usually becoming increasingly transactional using automated deployment and stability services.

“In the prior, customers received an unfilled FTP shell to number their content, ” the girl said. “Now, they desire point-and-click usability and integration. Additionally, they want reduced complexity in starting a website that makes it possible for their business to socialize and transact online. ”

The company’s Managed Servers allow customers to focus on their websites rather than for the infrastructure supporting them. Using all Managed Servers, the buyer manages the site, while xneelo covers the web infrastructure.

Sustained Customer Relationships via Word-of-Mouth Promoting

Customers turn to xneelo’s complete product catalog for many methods from domain registry and internet hosting to self-managed servers along with colocation. But Athena said it’s the high degrees of customer support that makes them need to stay.

“The common thread that exists no matter the product a customer prefers is our 24/7 customer satisfaction, ” she said. “Over earlier times two decades, xneelo has generated a strong, customer-centric traditions. Because our employees keep with us for years, you can easliy build momentum with pertinent expertise and knowledge, setting up a better service experience for the customers. ”

xneelo can be so confident in its customer satisfaction that the company doesn’t have a very sales team. Athena instructed us that, in an awareness, customers serve as the company’s Salesforce.

“If we’re doing each of our job well and delivering value for money, then our customers will certainly tell their friends along with clients about us, ” the girl said. “That’s how we’ve grown in the past, and that’s how we’ll carry on and grow — by offering another and valuable service to Florida African business community. Everything we do is always to the benefit of each of our customers. Otherwise, it’s certainly not worth doing. ”

Besides 24/7 support, the xneelo team is well know for its network steadiness and high price-to-performance rate.

“We may not are the cheapest hosting provider throughout South Africa, but we do provide you with the best value, ” Athena explained. “Before any changes are produced in our business — specially where it impacts each of our customers — we consider carefully their bond between cost and price. ”

New Releases: Command Panel and Managed WordPress Solutions

xneelo has two interesting product launches planned for 2021 — a whole new control panel and a new Managed WordPress product.

“Because 45% of our websites make full use of WordPress, we are launching a new Managed WordPress product this coming year, ” Athena said. “We in addition have invested heavily into the person experience of our little-known, next-generation xneelo Control Screen. ”

The xneelo team made the Control Panel to present the customer a exclusive, flexible, and intuitive self-help expertise.

“We’ve spent a significant time frame focusing on collaboration positive aspects, reseller prospecting, and size scalability, ” Athena explained.