Ensure Your Online Strategy is Fully Baked with WPOven’s Managed WordPress Hosting

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TL; DR: No matter what sort of business site you’re preparing food up, WPOven’s fully managed WordPress web hosting service solutions provide users while using resources they need for the robust online presence. The corporation provides each user which has a virtual private server (VPS), ensuring no company has to share means, including CPU, memory, along with storage, with other clientele. With knowledgeable, accessible back-up and support and add-on customizations, WPOven strives to deliver flexible options that suit your wants of any online organization. 

There’s no hesitation that WordPress, which sustains 38. 7% of most websites, is a written content management powerhouse. But, despite its user-friendly interface and also other intuitive elements, the open-source platform carries a relatively steep learning necessities.

This is especially genuine when hosting WordPress with a virtual private server (VPS) — which in turn affords businesses scalability through pay-as-you-go pricing, better stability and privacy, and more control than can be purchased through shared hosting strategies.

While most business owners would make use of a VPS, they often don’t contain the time or know-how forced to maintain one. That’s where WPOven’s managed WordPress hosting also comes in.

Snehil Prakash, Marketing Boss at WPOven, and logoSnehil Prakash, Promoting Manager at WPOven, gave us a peek at WPOven’s all-inclusive managed WordPress alternatives.
“At WPOven, we feel that business owners should spend their time committing to their core business missions, not setting up along with maintaining a WordPress internet site, ” said Snehil Prakash, Promoting Manager at WPOven. “We can be purchased to handle all your current WordPress needs. ”

All WPOven packages include entry to a dedicated VPS that may be preconfigured to run WordPress internet sites while ensuring users need not share computing resources. With all the company’s website builder, customers can launch almost any sort of WordPress site — via ecommerce sites to blogs — in just minutes.

In addition, WPOven’s all-inclusive been able WordPress hosting includes SSL certs, daily offsite backups through Amazon S3, business electronic mail solutions, content delivery multilevel (CDN) support, daily viruses scanning and clean-up, entry to premium themes and jacks, and server support. WPOven in addition provides custom add-ons, including SEO support and rate optimization, tailored to a new company’s individual needs.

No-Limit Hosting Plans Aimed toward Serial Entrepreneurs

WPOven has provided been able WordPress hosting solutions mainly because it was first formed throughout 2013. Unlike many various other managed hosting providers, the company does not limit the quantity of sites a user can install with a VPS. Nor does the idea restrict the traffic streaming to each site, with the exception of the least expensive Interest plan, which caps guests at approximately 50, 000 a month.

“We differentiate our business from a great deal of managed WordPress hosting businesses by being on your own that provides you with unlimited hosting, ” Snehil said. “Sometimes, when providers advertise unlimited hosting, they’re not adequately allocating means. We do not limit the quantity of WordPress installations in however. ”

Users can add numerous sites as the server could efficiently handle. This could possibly be five small WordPress internet sites, or one massive installing, depending on the prepare. Plans with more hard drive can support more internet sites, such as three significant WordPress sites and nine small ones. Multisite back-up and support is available via your company’s Professional, Business, along with Agency plans, which incorporate 80 GB, 160 GB, along with 320GB of SSD hard drive, respectively.

WPOven's datacentersWPOven is powered by the network of datacenters spanning the globe.

“In general, our customers love to have five to seven domains hosted on the accounts, ” Snehil explained. “We serve many serial entrepreneurs — whenever they have a brand-new idea, they need a whole new domain. Without multiple internet sites, they wouldn’t be capable to experiment with different online marketers. ”

Customers can easily manage the many sites on their server derived from one of convenient portal. And, unlike so-called managed hosting companies that set you up which has a WordPress installation and send you along, WPOven is truly been able, with continuous perks similar to daily backups and viruses scanning.

All plans add free content delivery multilevel (CDN) services supported by simply Cloudflare and delivered through the company’s global multilevel of datacenters. The shorter connection distances enabled by having a CDN connection mean diminished latency and faster weight times, which add up to a better visitor experience.

“We get worldwide datacenters, and our plans are CDN-ready, so business owners need not worry about facing just about any issues if their customers are positioned globally. ”

Developers and web agencies could also manage and bill his or her clients using WPOven’s user-friendly Buyer Manager, available through your Professional, Business, and Firm plans. The white-label option includes individual logins, tailor made invoices, and individual dashboards wherever clients can view along with manage their sites.

Giving Smart, Truly Accessible Back-up and support

Customer service is a crucial consideration in a web hosting service industry notorious for inadequate support. WPOven recognizes the lifetime value which a customer brings to their business and acts keeping that in mind. In fact, keeping clients delighted by the company’s services is central on the WPOven philosophy.

“The churn rate inside hosting industry is extremely high, ” Snehil told people. “Just because someone relates to you as a customer won’t mean they’ll stay for the very long stretch of time. Just one bad experience might cause a customer to keep. ”

Snehil said WPOven is dedicated to keeping customers happy by way of both built-in management and on-demand back-up and support. On the management facet, the company provides uptime keeping track of, site optimization, and tailor made setup with tools similar to PageSpeed, HHVM, Redis, along with MemCache. It also gives anti-hacking support, custom support in connection with plugins and themes, along with free migrations.

“The goal is that business owners need not spend time managing his or her servers, ” he explained. “This is part of our own value — since it is just a managed hosting service, we manage everything on the server. You can manage websites transactions, and we’ll manage everything on the backend. ”

WPOven’s support staff is ready and happy to help should a customer ever have a very question or concern.

“We are common about giving 100% to be sure customer satisfaction, ” Snehil explained. “We have a suitable ticketing system, and we tend not to take more than a few to 10 minutes to answer each customer. It helps we have an ingenious crew. Even our marketing guys discover how to help with tech support if you find an emergency. We will not leave a customer with no assistance. ”

The company can be so confident in its services who’s includes free WordPress migration using all packages and allows clients to find out the service risk-free for two weeks. It’s also easy for you to upgrade or downgrade involving plans. However, WPOven’s support staff work with users to find the best solution based on details like the quantity of active plugins, estimated repository size, and number of visits a month.

Customization, Root Access, along with Customer-Informed Development

Client manager screenshotThe Client Manager is often a white-label solution for world wide web agencies and developers.WPOven’s target customer service includes a new willingness to personalize packages and give adjusted services when essential. For example, highly tech-oriented users could receive full root-level entry to the server upon ask, editing files and installing custom software products as required

“If we’ve got, say, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) organization running on our hosts, we are happy for you to let them manage their server if they must, ” Snehil said. “But that isn’t needed for most businesses. ”

Snehil told us that customer opinions is essential in modernizing products, adding new capabilities, or putting new concepts into production.

“Of study course, we are always keeping track of the changing trends, but were very much focused in collecting feedback from customers to further improve our hosting solutions, ” they said. “We are completely about customer satisfaction. ”.