Wowrack Provides Hassle-Free Hybrid Hosting Services and Recovery Solutions for SMBs and Enterprises

Wowrack Provides Hassle-Free Hybrid Hosting Services and Recovery Solutions for SMBs and Enterprises

TL; DR: Wowrack offers hosting services that cover anything from private and hybrid foreign infrastructure to colocation along with disaster recovery solutions. The company provides sturdy security compliance and cost-saving ways of help clients — from small business owners to enterprises — stay before competition. Wowrack also in concert with companies from design for you to implementation and builds custom infrastructure ways of fit specific needs

Garrett Gunderson opened B&R Flooring which has a mission to provide the very best level of attention, assistance, and expertise to professional and residential clients.

When it began exploring options to further improve its IT infrastructure immediately after its on-prem server crashed, B&R planned to partner with a firm that shared its customer satisfaction values. Garrett, the company’s seller and sole IT supervisor, also wanted to give back his focus to handling the growing business as an alternative to its data.

B&R got into contact with Wowrack, a comprehensive cloud webhost, after hearing about your experiences of other fulfilled customers. Garrett described your Wowrack sales and rendering process as painless.

Wowrack logoWowrack helps businesses find the proper cloud hosting options because of their operation.
“They never tried to trade me anything I didn’t have to have, unlike other providers, and were when camping 100% during the course of action, ” Garrett said in a very testimonial.

Erward (Ed) Osckar presented Wowrack in 2001 regarding his college friend, Jimmy Pandra. What started as a company in an apartment master bedroom has steadily grown right company that employs one hundred sixty people in nine datacenters worldwide.

“It started with us linking seven computers in Jimmy’s master bedroom, and we got cPanel and did start to build and host internet sites, ” Ed said. “We were inside apartment for about a number of months and grew for you to about 45 servers. Sooner or later, we ran out involving power. ”

Today, Wowrack has expanded its services to feature security compliance, disaster healing and backup, hybrid foriegn, and other managed solutions companies need. In that period, the tech industry features seen massive changes throughout storage solutions, and Wowrack has weathered every one of them, expanding year over calendar year.

The most significant change inside hosting industry has been increased entry to simplified public cloud hard drive. However, many of those possibilities aren’t cost-effective for companies that require a great deal of space. Wowrack works to develop customized infrastructure solutions pertaining to clients whose enterprises will be in the growth or detailed stages.

Each company has unique needs and is also on a different schedule, so one size software package or infrastructure solutions doesn’t in shape all. Wowrack partners with firms and saves them money and time because they build customized solutions.

Serving Anyone from Startups to Organization Clients

When Wowrack presented in 2001, it caused anyone who needed an online site. The web was a wholly different place, and most users didn’t feel relaxed navigating it alone, and that is where Wowrack stepped throughout.

“Before 2010, a wide range of our customers were technological innovation companies, ” Ed explained. “At one point, these folks were up to 75% of our own customer base. At their peak, we were serving one-third in the tech startups in your Seattle area. ”

And though Wowrack still serves a good amount of startups and SMBs inside tech space, it also in concert with enterprise companies, including Cisco along with Microsoft. Many startups initially choose public cloud ways of mitigate costs. However, forward-thinking companies often utilize hybrid hosting services to take care of the highest levels involving security while staying underneath budget.

Screenshot of Wowrack offeringsWowrack has various hosting packages that preserve client data accessible along with secure.
Although public cloud options are simple to operate, they aren’t the safest or essentially the most cost-effective when using more than hardly any storage. Many public cloud companies don’t offer an extensive IT department, and they also don’t develop strategies to adjust to the needs of his or her clients. That is wherever Wowrack differentiates itself.

Wowrack’s excellent customer assistance and in-depth expertise in the marketplace makes it easy pertaining to startups, SMBs, and enterprise customers to have the right help. The company is growing significantly since 2001, possesses infrastructure that can empower entrepreneurs worldwide.

“We have a presence in America and Asia, running beyond nine facilities. We run and own your own data facilities, ” Impotence said. “Our core business now is a hybrid cloud solution that concentrates on fully managed private foreign infrastructure solutions for clientele. ”

Expanding from Software Ways of Include Infrastructure Services

Because of the changes that have taken place in tech, Wowrack has pivoted toward infrastructure-as-a-service as opposed to the original web hosting product or service solution. When Wowrack began inside early days of internet hosting, producing easy-to-use, cost-effective internet hosting was all that a firm needed to do to be competitive.

However, today’s market place is flooded with possibilities, so Wowrack offers an exceptional, fully customized managed assistance. Companies no longer should spend a large area of their budget building out and about an IT department since Wowrack professionals can help and offer expertise. Plus the company has provided web hosting service and storage solutions considering that 2001, so few companies have a real well-established reputation, Ed explained.

“We provide design, rendering, and operations services for the clients’ infrastructure, ” Impotence said. “That’s not just in your nine datacenters, but it stretches on the public cloud and his or her on-premise infrastructure. We keep, operate, and provide infrastructure solutions for the clients. ”

Screenshot of Wowrack datacenter locationsWowrack gives businesses speedy access with datacenter locations all over the world.
Smaller companies often don’t pursue managed services given that they think the costs are going to be too high for his or her tighter budgets. They might not exactly realize how much time they might save and how quickly that could result in ROI. Public cloud hosting options may resemble a deal but aren’t providing the services they desire.

Companies can keep a new lean budget with Wowrack even though remaining competitive. The web happens to be inundated with storage solutions and software for up to every problem, but what isn’t easily accessible are experts that give a fully scalable, all-in-one commercial infrastructure solution, said Ed.

Wowrack: Accommodating, Scalable Data Management Alternatives

Wowrack aims to offer flexible solutions which could scale with growing firms. Public cloud storage may join in on a cost-effective infrastructure option, but it shouldn’t are the only solution. Physical servers offers more safety, higher stability, and lower costs. Combining physical servers with cloud-hosted possibilities encourages flexibility and scalability.

As companies grow and initiate to consider security, submission, and data recovery, hybrid cloud hosting options may offer the best value, Impotence said. Wowrack works with companies inside healthcare, legal, and financial fields and supplies solutions that meet HIPAA polices.

“We can help using hosting, but we can also take them all over the country journey from designing what they desire, working with their finances, and operating their a mix of both cloud solution. We are able to do it all under one particular umbrella, ” Ed explained.

Instead of using one particular solution for storage along with another for data healing, Wowrack offers both a single place, and it does the heavy lifting due to the customers.

One thing containing changed since 2001 can be that companies often still find it more difficult to receive excellent customer satisfaction from a hosting firm. The reviews on Wowrack inform you that its customer-centric approach has played a crucial role in its good results.

Ed said that customers be aware that Wowrack isn’t selling them the most high-priced solution and instead helps them build the correct data management strategy to hold their businesses growing.