W3Techs Unveils Data on Rapidly Growing Hosting Providers, CDNs, and Web Servers, Among Other Tech Stars


W3Techs Unveils Data on Rapidly Growing Hosting Providers, CDNs, and Web Servers, Among Other Tech Stars

TL; DR: W3Techs, a division in the consulting company Q-Success, features published an annual survey covering statistics and tendencies in web technology consumption since 2010. This year’s format, Web Technologies of 4 seasons 2020, reflects an industry uniquely depending unprecedented turmoil. Several services demonstrated significant growth through the site-building, development, and technique administration spaces. This year’s upsets include Shopify’s dominance in the hosting provider category in advance of Google, and strong growth for Cloudflare in the world wide web server space, overtaking LiteSpeed. All kinds of other technologies, including WordPress along with cdnjs, maintained a stronghold of their respective categories. 

W3Techs, founded during the past year, is one of the best sources online for unbiased market analysis and surveys on many methods from hosting providers and common content management systems for you to server-side programming languages. It’s a trusted place where writers, shoppers, and tech enthusiasts can gather the most up-to-date and most reliable technological stats, with no hidden agendas to get.

In April 2020, Matthias Gelbmann, Inventor and Owner of W3Techs, told us the site’s agency commitment to accuracy set it in addition to competitors.

“I believe it’s important to own most accurate statistics you can find, ” he said back then. “Our strong point can be that, whereas others give full attention to providing leads for promoting purposes, we focus in providing accurate statistics. Our company has no affiliation with one of the technology providers that we cover in your surveys. ”

In supplement to surveys updated day-to-day and monthly market stories, the company has been recently publishing its annual Web Technologies in the Year report since 2010.

W3Techs Unveils Data on Rapidly Growing Hosting Providers, CDNs, and Web Servers, Among Other Tech Stars
Researchers at W3Techs worked out the difference between the quantity of websites using the technological innovation on January 1, 2020, plus the number reported on Present cards 1, 2021. “We utilize difference of these figures, rather than a percentage because that might favor technologies with a smaller user base from the outset of the year, ” your report states.

This year’s winners — the world wide web technologies that saw the most important increase in annual consumption across their respective types — did so from the context of an abnormal and unexpected year to the tech industry. We’ve seen it firsthand you will come to HostingAdvice. In the numerous company profiles our team published this coming year, business leaders shared perhaps the most common epiphany: that the world-wide pandemic had accelerated techie adoption.

CEO Satya Nadella’s statement after a Microsoft earnings call throughout late April 2020 says all this: “As COVID-19 impacts every aspect of our work along with life, we have seen a pair of years’ worth of digital transformation in 8 weeks. ”

Building Online Profile: Hosting and Content Operations Systems

Let’s kick off our introduction to W3Tech’s Web Technologies in the Year 2020 with a topic near and dear to hearts — building an online business. As our readers recognize, the task is impossible without some sort of web hosting provider.

Throughout its surveys, W3Techs defines a service provider as any company that will “provides hardware and software infrastructure permit webmasters to make his or her website accessible via the world wide web. ”

In 2020, for the 1st time ever, Shopify took the steer as W3Tech’s Web Technologies in the Year in the Internet hosting Providers category, followed by simply Google.

Shopfiy exhibited the highest growth rate in 2020 amid content management systems.
Yahoo and google earned the title throughout 2019. Winners of previous years add the Endurance Group (2018), GoDaddy Class (2017), and Amazon (2016).

Shopify’s ascent to the the top list makes sense taking into consideration its rapid growth inside fiscal year 2019. As outlined by Statista, Shopify generated over $900 million in service provider solutions and approximately $642 trillion in subscription solutions that will year.

WordPress led the market industry in 2020 in a new related category, Content Operations Systems, for the 11th year in a very row. W3Techs includes all systems employed to create and manage website content within this category, including wikis, web site engines, discussion boards, static internet site generators, website editors, and any sort of software that provides site content.

Web Development: JavaScript Your local library, Programming Languages

2020 was also a major year for content supply networks (CDNs), or geographically distributed teams of servers designed to minimize delays delivering website written content by minimizing the actual physical distance between a server and user.

In this year’s review, W3Techs measured growth throughout JavaScript Content Delivery Cpa networks, which are simply CDNs used by serving JavaScript libraries. In this category, cdnjs, a no cost and open-source CDN, managed its five-year lead.

Developers are checking out Ruby, the language main Shopify, in droves.
jQuery won the JavaScript Your local library category in 2020’s Web Technologies in the Year in the JavaScript Your local library category. W3Techs defines JavaScript Libraries as people who “provide a basis pertaining to building cross-browser web applications determined by JavaScript. ”

Ruby was ranked because fastest-growing language in your Server-side Programming category in 2020 to the third year in a new row. The W3Techs report credits the belief that Shopify is written throughout Ruby as giving the language a good edge in 2020.

Web Supervision: Operating Systems and World wide web Servers
Unix, known due to the support of multitasking along with multiuser systems, came in because top Operating System in the Year 2020. The W3Techs definition involving Unix includes Unix-like systems including Linux.

From 2010 by way of 2018, Nginx took the steer in Web Technologies in the Year within the World wide web Server category, defined by W3Techs while “programs that enable your personal computer to present web pages online. ”

W3Techs attributed that trend to the belief that the Cloudflare CDN used the Nginx web server before tailoring it to its own interior needs. In 2020, Cloudflare Server — the product or service of that modification — took the lead because W3Techs Web Technologies in the Year in the World wide web Server category. According for you to W3Techs, this shift relates to the Cloudflare service’s solid growth in 2020.

2020’s Influence on the Future

There’s certainly that the 2020 outbreak forced businesses worldwide to take remote workplaces, rapid world wide web development strategies, and internet-based modalities of operation.

These shifts likely affected the final results presented in Web Technologies in the Year 2020, although W3Techs won’t research cause and influence.

With many companies re-discovering permanent work-from-home policies continuing to move forward, many of the tendencies formed in 2020 may become standards down the road. But we won’t recognize for sure what services will come out ahead until W3Techs releases their next annual report.

At the same time, be sure to investigate company’s numerous survey means. They’re updated daily and cover numerous categories, from operating devices, web hosts, and JavaScript your local library to top-level domains along with email server providers.