Cut the Costs, Keep the Quality: VPSDime Delivers Affordable and Reliable Self-Managed Virtual Hosting Solutions for Developers

Cut the Costs, Keep the Quality: VPSDime Delivers Affordable and Reliable Self-Managed Virtual Hosting Solutions for DevelopersTL; DR: If you’re a tech-savvy developer seeking affordable VPS solutions pertaining to Linux and Windows, VPSDime may be valued at checking out. The budget-friendly company leverages a self-managed assist model, allowing customers to relish low prices on highly effective virtual hosting packages. VPSDime is now focused on transitioning for you to Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7, underscoring its commitment to providing developers while using high-quality tools they have to have.

For an entrepreneur without having technical experience looking to build an online business, hands-on customer support is crucial. Even if it’s high priced, most tech newbies would take into account the extra help worth it.

Tech-savvy developers wouldn’t — since there’s no point in paying a premium for extensive support solutions they don’t need. These customers can be better served by a firm such as VPSDime, a budget-friendly provider involving self-managed virtual hosting solutions beautifully made with developers in mind.

VPSDime logoVPSDime is surely an affordable provider of personal hosting solutions.The firm, founded in 2013, keeps costs down and quality up by having a self-managed support system. This phenomenal model empowers users to unravel most problems independently through VPSDime’s control panel, as you move the company’s customer service staff reply to network, hardware, and performance-related troubles.

“We provide a modestly-priced product or service that performs exceptionally by staying in the support scope, ” explained Damian Harouff, Support Crew Lead at VPSDime. “We will not abandon you. We will point you inside right direction, and it’s under your control to make it come about. That provides a very good middle ground between price tag and support. ”

It also allows the corporation to provide lots of affordable yet powerful VPS alternatives for both Linux along with Windows. According to Damian, these kind of generous resource allocations incorporate high-performing servers, a 99. 9% uptime promise, and SSD storage.

VPSDime also provides a 10Gbit network consisting of six geographically diverse spots in Texas, Washington Point out, California, New Jersey, Amsterdam, plus the UK. With a current target upgrading its virtualization technological innovation, VPSDime aims to present top-of-the-line products for a considerably long time.

Budget-Friendly Yet Powerful Linux along with Windows VPS Solutions

VPSDime allows customers available four distinct plans. For the cost of a cup of coffee a month, the Linux VPS prepare includes full root gain access to, 30GB SSD storage, along with an inclusive custom command panel.

“I like the best way to start with our low-priced Linux VPS, develop you in that VPS, and get it where you’ll need to be, ” Damian said. “And and then later, you can buy considered one of our premium VPSs in case needed. ”

The Linux VPS plan will depend on Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7 virtualization technological innovation, while the Premium VPS giving includes Kernel-based Virtual Appliance (KVM), a full virtualization option for Linux. And as you move the Linux VPS plan incorporates a shared CPU, the Top quality VPS provides preallocated, entirely dedicated resources with no cost nightly backups included. Last but not least, with the exception involving Windows, users leveraging the top quality plan can run any main system, including FreeBSD, CoreOS, along with RancherOS.

Icons depicting VPSDime's featuresThe company’s feature-rich plans were meant to serve the needs involving developers.VPSDime also offers a new RAID-protected Storage VPS plan which has a mass capacity up to 2TB of space, as well as simplistic and reliable Glass windows VPS hosting through their sister company, Winity.

All VPSDime plans are billed monthly without having annual lock-in, and customers may cancel without notice. To ensure you’re completely delighted by the service, VPSDime and Winity the two offer full refunds within 72 hours in the first invoice. Through their Affiliate Program, VPSDime also gives a 10% account credit for virtually any business a customer is the term for the company while in possession associated with an active account.

The Assist, Resources, and Policies Tech-Savvy Consumers Need

Since its founding six rice, VPSDime’s mission has been recently consistent: to provide the highest-quality assistance while still delivering the top value for your expenditure. Damian said developers and also other customers with high-level tech skills routinely have a clear definition involving what they’re looking about the service.

“Our customers usually are self-serving in terms involving troubleshooting issues — they may go in and dig through their logs and whatnot to see what they must do to resolve the challenge, ” he said.

This leaves the VPSDime crew some time and space to generate a technically robust offering. By way of example, all of the company’s computer hardware nodes are custom-built to deliver top-performing virtualization environments, with resources reserved for each and every hardware node to guarantee service during peak consumption.

VPSDime infrastructure mapVPSDime’s network consist of geographically diverse locations over the world.The company also generates custom monitoring tools to be sure their networks are jogging smoothly. To that stop, Damian said VPSDime only opts to get the best networks available. “We certainly not cheap out when deciding on our datacenters, ” they said.

Because customers talk about CPUs on select strategies, VPSDime is also watchful to handpick trustworthy others who live nearby. The company screens every order manually to be sure those with bad intentions won’t share a similar physical server with anyone, and the company has strict policies available to combat abuse.

By way of example, if a customer communicates spam while on VPSDime’s multilevel, the company will investigate the situation and suspend or stop the subscriber’s account at a discretion. In addition, the corporation will promptly communicate any difficulty with its users.

Customers apparently validate these claims.

“I’ve got several accounts with these — they are absolutely the best provider thus far for us, ” a user discovered on LowEndBox as Chandra stated in a very review. “I monitor uptime using StatusCake, and over the past few months, uptime has been recently 100%! I also had a worry with one of our servers load a month ago, and support was actually helpful and friendly to acquire it resolved. ”

A new Flexible Road Map Encouraged by Customer Input

Damian instructed us VPSDime’s future strategies will largely be influenced by feedback from buyers, rather than industry tendencies. “We really listen about what the customer tells us they really want — that’s what in the long run drives our development course of action, ” he said.

If the sizable portion of your company’s customer base requests a unique feature, you can make certain VPSDime will add the idea to its road road. The company recently exemplified this approach with the inclusion involving Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7. The addition in the virtualization software brings Docker assist to VPSDime, which a lot of customers have requested.

“Docker features changed how people work their servers, ” Damian explained. “We took the initiative to venture to Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7, and our customers are actually happy with that. We’re glad to have achieved it for them. ”

Continuing to move forward, VPSDime will work to increase its commitment to steadiness. “Our customers often write reviews that are positive about our uptime along with network performance, and those are points of pride for individuals, ” Damian said. “We want to make certain we maintain that sort of quality for our buyers. ”.