Vembu Protects SMBs with Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Servers and SaaS Applications

Vembu Protects SMBs with Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

TL; DR: With ransomware attacks going up, companies of all sizes require their data securely duplicated and easy to restore. Vembu offers comprehensive copy and disaster recovery alternatives for physical servers, personal and cloud environments, along with SaaS applications. The company in concert with both SMBs and enterprises to be sure business continuity. Vembu’s offered solutions help companies continue to be safe from security provocations while keeping costs along. 

Entrepreneurs no longer contain the luxury of viewing data security just as one enterprise concern. Many smaller companies have made your mistake of cutting copy and recovery costs, which often can leave their servers offered to breaches.

And entrepreneurs will have little room for miscalculation. One small business operating out of Arkansas was forced to de-activate in 2020 caused by a single ransomware attack.

The high cost to construct a strong defense with a smaller budget is the most important challenge most SMBs deal with. Many find themselves jumping around derived from one of value option to a higher without finding a product or service that fits their needs long lasting.

Vambu logoVembu helps corporations avoid catastrophic data loss which consists of backup and recovery alternatives.
Vembu builds backup along with disaster recovery solutions pertaining to SMBs and managed agencies and can help these people secure their data along with profits. The company offers affordable options that match the needs of ecommerce sites in the increasingly dangerous digital natural environment.

Vembu launched in 2002 and possesses steadily grown to provide a broader market, developing more robust backup products for SMBs, datacenters, along with enterprise companies.

“We ventured in the backup and disaster healing market in 2002 without having external funding, ” explained Nagarajan Chandrasekaran, Vembu Vice Us president of Product Management. “We can be a fully bootstrapped company. Our solutions can be extremely affordable and are suitable for businesses of any sizing, with any budget. ”

Many players compete inside backup and disaster healing industry, but SMBs generally feel underwhelmed by his or her service levels and weighed down by their cost. They are often priced out of top quality offerings and dissatisfied using value options.

Vembu saw those market place trends and developed a greater solution for businesses that will still need high-level know-how and security. Vembu provides perfect mix because it understands your wants of its customers.

The few backup solutions intended for small and mid-sized corporations at lower costs got features and product steadiness that left customers needing, ” Nagarajan said. “We decided to own backup and disaster recovery strategy to SMBs since we knew we’re able to provide a better option at almost half the retail price — all without limiting features or product steadiness. ”

Keeping Physical along with Cloud Servers Safe

Many backup and disaster recovery solutions are experts in either physical or foriegn server environments, but Vembu gives solutions for both. Vembu builds out the optimal disaster recovery solution for each and every client instead of giving a one-size-fits-all plan.

In the past few decades, the IT infrastructure have been transformed from physical for you to virtual to cloud, ” Nagarajan explained. “However, the adoption of virtualization is really a lot more rapid than everything else in the IT sector. Now I see many small business owners are completely or somewhat migrating their production workloads for you to public clouds like AWS along with Azure. ”

Vembu saw the rapid adoption of virtualization as being a trend that it was particularly well-suited in order to meet. More modern companies get unique blends of actual physical and cloud servers, and also a solution that only serves one side in the equation often doesn’t go with their needs.

Its Vembu BDR Package offers backup solutions pertaining to VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Glass windows, AWS, File and Purposes, Office 365, and Yahoo and google Workplace. That means even SMBs with more complex needs have an easily affordable solution to protect along with secure their data, along with defend their physical along with cloud servers from problems.

And companies can make a balanced and flexible copy and disaster recovery solution that could allow them to greater face inevitable advancements throughout technology. And they don’t ought to choose between a cloud solution or possibly a physical server product.

Investing in Innovation to Stay Before Competition

Vembu has invested intensely in research and development to be ahead of trends inside cyber security world. The company solicits opinions from clients while inspecting market trends to anticipate more robust solutions.

“We invest in analysis and development to speedily improve our products and stay in addition to the business. We are mostly of the backup software vendors that will launched agentless VM backup solutions to the VMware vSphere environment after it became more common, ” Nagarajan said. “Now, we’ve got released the cloud-native agentless copy solution for AWS EC2 occasions. We are also rapidly enhancing the perfect solution set to cover KVM, Xen, along with containers, among others. ”

Image of Vembu Vice Us president of Product Management Nagarajan ChandrasekaranNagarajan Chandrasekaran, VP involving Product Management, spoke around about Vembu’s commitment for you to security.
Vembu listens closely to its customers for the user experience front. Plus the company knows that increasing insight into future tendencies requires investment, hard operate, and a team using decades of experience.

One of many ways that this investment has paid back is in Vembu HIVE, the application-level file system. The solution is specially helpful for datacenters that need protection for massive degrees of data.

“I am proud that we had the ability to solve backup needs pertaining to datacenters with innovation from our team, ” Nagarajan said. “Vembu BDR Suite uses a patented application-level file technique, VembuHIVE, to efficiently present use cases for image-based backups pertaining to VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, along with Linux. This feature allows our customers to get ready-to-boot full virtual images for every single incremental backup schedule without actually with all the disk space or combining the backup data. ”

Currently, customers can instantly start and permanently recover the duplicated VMs and physical models on VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM without combining the backup data whenever.

Vembu: Data Recovery for every single Server and App

Vembu’s mission should be to solve backup and recovery challenges for every single type of server along with application. That mission doesn’t stop at physical or cloud backups, which is the reason it also offers alternatives for SaaS applications, which include Office 365 and Yahoo and google Workplace.

From a core web console, IT administrators can configure and manage backups of their environment, ” Nagarajan explained. “That includes hypervisors, actual physical servers, applications and listings, cloud workloads, SaaS purposes, and endpoints including a desktop and laptops.

Everything is accessible for customers coming from a single console and is getting ready to use out of your box. Businesses can customize the solutions and locate new opportunities. Instead of needing to choose between a wholly physical solution or a wholly cloud-based solution, companies could get the best of the two worlds while still paying an easily affordable rate.

“And add fot it we offer better manageability which has a federated architecture to handle multiple use cases similar to managing remote offices along with branch offices, ” Nagarajan explained. “Our product is scalable, feature-rich, and incorporates superior technical support. Currently all this at a compelling price point which is very tough to beat. ”

Vembu makes it simplallows you for businesses to get working and even offers a new 30-day money-back offer so companies can do it before signing up long lasting. For SMBs that can’t find the money for to leave servers unprotected but don’t contain the budgets of their organization counterparts, Vembu offers premium copy and disaster recovery solutions at an easily affordable price.