Vander Host Provides South African Businesses With Reliable Hosting and Efficient Customer Service

Vander Host Provides South African Businesses With Reliable Hosting and Efficient Customer Service

TL; DR: The van der Merwe friends, Eugène and Storm, learned off their successes and setbacks after they developed their first firm. After selling that organization in 2015, the brothers thought we would return to their 1st passion by launching Vander Number. The company has about three core tenets, one of which is to run a lean structure that passes savings upon customers. The company also concentrates on providing advice and customer satisfaction to anyone who requires it — whether they’re buyers or not.

Eugène van der Merwe cell phone calls hosting his first love inside tech sector. In 1998, when publishing websites online first became commonplace, he was excited by the thinking behind helping others put their businesses onto the world wide web.

“I wanted to start my business because I imagined the act of publishing onto the world wide web was incredible. I may press publish, and, abruptly, there would be an online site, ” Eugène said.

Achievable goal in mind, Eugène moved time for his native South Cameras from London, where he been living. He linked with his brother, who worked as being a graphic designer, and both the developed a full-service world wide web business.

The brothers’ 1st business was successful, and they also operated it until 2015, after they sold it after receiving a strong offer.

The Vander Number logoVander Host offers sturdy hosting services in Southerly Africa and beyond.

But Eugène also felt that they and his brother could improve on the first business. So, the brothers thought we would start up their subsequent business: Vander Host.

“This occasion, we went 50/50 want . business needs shared accountability. In our first organization, I was more interested in the industry side, ” Eugène explained.

While the van der Merwe friends went through considerable experimentation in their first distributed venture, they hit the soil running with Vander Number. And their shared love for hosting and hands-on involvement is evident inside company’s ideals and traditions.

Vander Host is deeply dedicated to hosting, as well, and doesn’t try and add features unnecessary on the goals of its clientele.

Developing a Lean, Responsive Structure

One of the biggest most important challenges the van der Merwe brothers faced what food was in creating a leaner structure. In their first organization, they tried to accomplish everything themselves, including building their unique datacenters.

“It took us decades to realize the prospect costs were prohibitive. We didn’t have that form of cash, and we didn’t are looking for to find investors, ” Eugène explained.

So the brothers thought we would contract with competitive wholesalers that can keep prices down pertaining to clients. For instance, Vander Host’s VPS servers are powered by SSD drives for functionality. Control panel options incorporate cPanel, Plesk, and Virtualmin.

Users could also decide if they’d rather have their websites operated in Drupal or WordPress. An elementary WordPress subscription includes one particular website with 10GB SSD, one particular subdomain, and one repository, all run on Linux OS for the reasonable price per thirty day period. And its enterprise request package includes 20 internet sites, 30 GB SSD, 20 subdomains, along with 20 databases.

Screenshot from Vander Number websiteVander Host provides numerous features and responsive support due to the clients.
Vander Host also provides managed services for companies that don’t need to manage websites themselves. Those modifications let the brothers to pass in savings to customers and in many cases troubleshoot issues before that they arise.

“By using each of our 15 years of expertise, we could avoid many of the problems we encountered the first time around, ” Eugène said.

Their commitment to entrepreneurs in addition keeps Vander Host’s function simple and straightforward, because company focuses on web hosting service and domain registration. More amazing features typically don’t add price for clients.

Instead, Vander Host’s value proposition is simple: offering knowledgeable customer assistance and consistent uptime.

“Those drive us and they are our passion, ” Eugène explained.

Supporting Customers by Expressing Insights and Advice

Another key insight the brothers gleaned off their first business was that clients don’t need to be in constant contact using hosting providers. Instead, they only have to get in touch if they’re suffering from difficulties. They also recognized that back-up and support tickets weren’t an efficient approach to provide client assistance.

Eugène saw that hosting clients also planned to solve their difficulties immediately. That’s why Vander Number created WhatsApp groups pertaining to clients to communicate proficiently.

That means Eugène or possibly a member of his back-up and support team is notified immediately if the client has an matter.

“Problems come to us without delay, and we address the down sides as efficiently as probable, ” he said.

Additionally, the brothers leverage their extensive knowledge to deliver immediate support to consumers. They chose the brand Vander Host because “van der” implies “from the” in Nederlander. It is a nod thus to their last name and signals their target hosting.

Eugène can be so committed to the hosting space that they even shares what he’s learned through an international base of folks who aren’t his clients. Whereas some companies hoard their knowledge as being a precious commodity, Vander Host has changed a following that relies upon its expertise.

“If something took me three hours determine, I’m happy to talk about it with everyone, ” Eugène explained.

The brothers said they hope until this following of interested users will eventually produce a worldwide client starting. Most of Vander Host’s clientele are South African, and users typically discover the hosting company via word of mouth marketing.

“We are seeing a major international interest, ” said Eugène. Around 6% of clients are international currently, and it’s increasing monthly. I think that’s precisely how we’ll grow our business over the following few years. ”

Giving Services Tailored to Entrepreneurial Requires

As an entrepreneur herself, Eugène is excited to get back in the web hosting service business because he explained he loves working with people who find themselves intent on starting their unique businesses.

“Everyone in our kids works for themselves. I quite like working with entrepreneurs whom follow their instincts, ” they said.

With this commitment planned, Eugène often goes beyond for his entrepreneurial clientele. Many of Vander Host’s clients have started their unique small businesses, but don’t always know the details of creating a site.

Eugène enjoys helping them build their sites. For occasion, clients often come to him which has a goal to sell a whole new product. They ask the Vander Host team how to put together a new payment portal for ecommerce, and Eugène fortunately obliges.

“Knowing that I’m able to offer my clients WordPress along with WooCommerce. It’s so less difficult now to help clients over the process of choosing a topic and installing it for the children. I will do that totally free because it doesn’t get me long.