Your Personal Digital Lamp: The Turn Off the Lights Browser Extension Puts the Focus on Your Video Player

Your Personal Digital Lamp: The Turn Off the Lights Browser Extension Puts the Focus on Your Video PlayerTL; DR: Turn Off the Lights is often a powerful background dimming tool packaged as being a simple and lightweight visitor extension. The time-tested solution delivers a snug, one-click cinematic experience on virtually all video sites and works iwth with multiple browsers. The subsequent major update for Shut off the Lights will further increase the user experience, going far beyond the common dark mode themes currently offered on major operating systems.

Today’s internet-connected computers will be more multifunctional than many people ever imagined. They allow us to be handled by music from our favourite artists, store images, develop our knowledge, play online games, tune in to the radio, watch movies and television set, communicate with others, create documents — the list proceeds.

The downside of pretty much everything power is that wandering minds can readily stray from the task taking place. Studies show that technology distracts nearly 50 % of students in the class room setting and hinders productivity in the workplace.

Whether you’re using your current device for school, operate, or pleasure, it might be hard to avoid distraction draws in. Developers understand this and they are increasingly working on solutions meant to prevent digital interruptions.

The type of tool, Turn Off your Lights, offers background dimming available as a simple and light and portable browser extension. Think of it as being a lamp for your browser that one could turn off with one particular click to fade out space around the video.

Shut off the Lights logo and screenshotsTurn Off of the Lights is available through an extension, a portable app, and a computer's desktop solution.The open-source software package is site and browser-agnostic, welcoming a diverse list of users with open biceps. It’s also compatible using Adblock, Adblock Plus, plus the uBlock Origin extension pertaining to Chrome.

“My personal favorite element of the Turn Off your Lights browser extension is that it must be free for all google chrome and works on most websites, including Google, Zynga, YouTube, The New You are able to Times, BBC News, and many others., ” said Stefan Lorrie Damme, the developer behind Shut off the Lights. “There has never been recently a browser extension this way that is so quick and simple to use — along with 100% free. ”

Stefan encourages users to compliment the project by generating small donations when probable. The next major update to the time-tested solution will further increase the user experience, going far beyond the common dark mode themes currently offered on major operating systems.

Providing Browser Customization Possibilities Since 2009

Long ahead of browser extensions and themes or templates became omnipresent, Firefox was really the only player in the customizable web browser space. “At that occasion, YouTube had a gray lamp button in the top of its video gamer, but it was only intended for the YouTube website, ” Stefan explained. “When watching a video on all multimedia platforms, it was hard to focus on the video. ”

Chrome allowed developers to upload their unique extensions beginning in Late 2009. Stefan launched the first Chrome extension, meant to eliminate distractions and high light video players on most websites, on December 15, 09.

“Many users love to observe videos, shows, and videos online, so I made the extension works with all modern web surfers, ” he said.

Today, that involves Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium visitor, available on Windows along with macOS. In addition, Shut off the Lights is available by way of a mobile app for iOS along with Android, plus a computer’s desktop solution for Mac along with Windows.

Stefan told us that this software development and precessing optimization space has shifted extensively in the past.

“The environment in which in turn we write our modern features has changed, ” they said. “Before, we composed our code in Notepad++, nevertheless now we use ‘microsoft’ Visual Studio. ”

No matter the development platform, Stefan said the team behind Shut off the Lights has often optimized its code in adherence to your user-centered design process. He credits that course of action for retaining customers along with attracting new ones over greater decade.

“We recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary in the Turn Off the Equipment and lighting Chrome extension, and we’re thrilled that will users still love this excellent browser extension, ” they said. “It is always important to be handled by feedback from your buyers and use it for boosting your software. ”

Supplying a One-Click Cinematic Expertise

Turn Off the Lights is often a streamlined and easy-to-use visitor extension and app, nevertheless that doesn’t mean it’s lighting on features. For case in point, a Mouse Wheel Size Control allows users to raise or decrease the number of a video with a fairly easy flick of the kids finger.

With Night Mode, consumers can protect themselves via eye strain, making the viewing experience more at ease at bedtime or after dark. When enabled, this attribute converts a website’s normally white background to dark-colored, with the option to switch back to the original format with one click.

Stefan told people that night owls, especially, gravitate toward features similar to Night Mode. “Working late with a bright screen, especially with a site such as Yahoo and google. com, can damage your current eyes and create significant headaches. That makes the Nighttime Mode theme very convenient for people with eye strain. ”

Shut off the Lights as shown on deviceTurn up the drama: This tool puts the spotlight on the video for a theater-like expertise.Atmosphere Lighting, on the opposite hand, generates stunning lighting effects around the video player that coordinate while using imagery as it alterations. This customizable feature allows users to pick between one color, a number of colors, or a dazzling, realistic color effect.

“All these features let the users to extend and help the web browsing experience, ” Stefan explained. “If you are a new video lover, you will surely have the best and supreme cinematic experience right as part of your web browser — you’ll be able to focus on the online video player, get real dazzling light effects, and have the choice to control your volume which has a mouse scroll. ”

Go above the Limits of Normal Dark Modes

Stefan told us that this Turn Off the Equipment and lighting customer base runs your gamut.

“We attract anyone, from students, engineers, legal representatives, nurses, doctors, scientists, and teachers to those with ADHD problems who employ this tool to help to give full attention to important content, ” they said. “It is the accessibility tool that anyone should use. ”

While major operating systems, social websites networks, and video avid gamers now offer dark method themes, Turn Off the Equipment and lighting features capabilities that surpass the new standard.

Metacafe introduced dark mode pertaining to desktop browsers in 2017, iOS units in March 2018, along with Android devices in Come early july 2018. Apple released dark method with macOS Mojave throughout 2018 and introduced a black theme to the iPhone in September 2019. Facebook released a dark mode to the desktop in 2019 and is also working on a similar strategy to reduce eye strain and conserve juice on mobile devices.

“The problem is that this Dark Mode on hundreds of websites is not as customizable because Night Mode feature inside Turn Off the Equipment and lighting browser extension, ” Stefan explained. “Our optional feature is deeper, darker, and more customizable than ever. ”

When users enable the night time Mode feature in Shut off the Lights, they can adjust the colors of each portion of the website, including the background, text, and hyperlink, ensuring the night time theme is harmonious over all sites visited.

Ongoing Updates Determined by User Feedback

In supplement to standard bug corrects, the developers behind Shut off the Lights make a number of major updates to the browser extension on a yearly basis.

In January, the crew introduced an update via v4. 0 to v4. 1 through an improved Night Mode along with new features, such as being a search bar in the Shut off the Lights Options web site.

“Now, users can easily find a common feature and enable the idea instantly, ” Stefan explained. “We always listen to users, and we take feedback very seriously to further improve the experience in the Shut off the Lights browser extension — for the reason that users are the authorities. ”

The next major update to the browser extension will target enhancing performance, privacy, plus the overall user experience. Google has announced a collection of planned changes to your Chrome Extensions Platform, as well as migrating to an activeTab-style style, where access is naturally at runtime.

“We will certainly use the activeTab choice, which is an advancement that ensures the Firefox extension only works if your user clicks on your browser button, ” Stefan explained. “We will also enable the application of background service workers to further improve performance for our users. ”.