The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite: A Compliance-Focused Alternative to Google Analytics That Users Can Host Anywhere

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite: A Compliance-Focused Alternative to Google Analytics

TL; DR: The Piwik PRO Analytics Package delivers analytics, data account activation, content personalization, and tag management methods that empower organizations to analyze and improve customer excursions. The product serves rather than Google Analytics designed all-around compliance, security, and files privacy. Now, with your Piwik PRO Core prepare, the company is offering a no cost product that gives everyone to be able to dive into the entire world of data analytics in a very privacy-friendly way.

Big data would be the new gold, but it have to be handled with extreme warning, particularly in data-sensitive industrial sectors like finance, healthcare, plus the government sector.

Between Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, along with Brazil’s LGPD, privacy laws are popping up worldwide — and they will carry on and emerge as governments seek to shield the sensitive personal data of citizens.

But alot of of today’s web analytics websites feature similar feature pieces, they don’t share the same commitment to data security.

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite shines in that regard, helping users collect along with process data requests and consents in keeping with user privacy rights around the world.

Piotr Korzeniowski, COO, Piwik Piotr Korzeniowski, COO, gave us an in-depth glance at the Piwik PRO Analytics Package, which can be hosted on-premises or inside cloud.
“We prioritize gathering user consent as the first task of the customer voyage, ” said Piotr Korzeniowski, COO in Piwik PRO. “When anyone put consent first along with use compliance-centric tools, you receive the trust of the final user. After you get consent, everything falls straight into place. You’re able to onboard crucial information for ones business that can ultimately make your web site or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product or service more seamless. ”

Users can host the perfect solution on-premises, in hybrid situations, or in the cloud while pursuing strict privacy, security, along with data ownership regulations. Enterprises could also tailor their analytics, marking management, content personalization, and data activation tools to fit individual needs.

At the final of the day, Piwik PRO empowers consumers to prioritize the customer experience all the way up from trusted, permission-based files collection to data-driven product or service improvements.

From Open-Source Support with an Enterprise-Grade Proprietary Platform

Piwik PRO was launched in September 2013 amid a proven web analytics market. Google acquired the world wide web statistics program provider Urchin Software package Corp. in April 2005, creating Google Analytics. In much the same move, Adobe acquired Omniture, an web marketing and web analytics organization, in 2009.

“By some time we launched Piwik SEASONED, the market for world wide web analytics was quite mature in this the biggest companies inside space were already found, ” Piotr said. “You could say that we were somewhat late to the bash, but I think it turned out to get the best. ”

Piwik PRO’s founders started the corporation based on Piwik, the open-source solution for real-time analytics.

“Piwik was presented in 2007, and considered one of our founders was a young contributor to that undertaking, ” Piotr said. “By 2014, the open-source project was installed on over 1 million websites around the world, mainly in Europe along with Germany. There were so many support inquiries that this team needed to generate a revenue stream around preservation and support services. ”

Achievable, Piwik PRO was given birth to. By 2017, however, the company’s developers ended up itching to refactor your legacy platform and build something with their own. The result, your proprietary Piwik PRO Analytics Package, is now the company’s principal offering.

“We were able to migrate the majority our customers from the open-source project to proprietary platform, ” Piotr explained. “We retained backward compatibility while using open-source tool to migrate your data and then transformed right software vendor rather than service company.

Made Around Compliance, Security Plans, and Privacy Regulations

The Piwik PRO crew has evolved its analytics suite in the past to maintain competitiveness in the middle of changing regulations and tendencies.

One of those tendencies revolves around third-party files. Faced with increased solitude regulations and concerns around large-scale data breaches, companies like Apple along with Google have begun to restrict the application of third-party cookies. These cookies are placed on a website by someone who does not own the internet site, such as an advertiser or social websites company, in an try and collect user data.

This invasive technique’s fall has forced marketers to depend upon first-party data, or data gathered directly from consumers or audiences. And harnessing scalable, regulation-friendly first-party files is what Piwik SEASONED does best.

“We go with the flow in the trends we see regarding data ownership and get together first-party data, ” Piotr explained. “We focus on building features that stick to the privacy laws all-around data collection, storage, and processing arising in different regions across the globe. This helps because almost all of the solutions on the market don’t benefit being compliant with those people laws. ”

The Piwik PRO crew also keeps interoperability planned. The aim is to guarantee the analytics suite works throughout sync with other devices and software stacks consequently users can effectively obtain their goals — whether or not the focus is delivery involving healthcare, financial services, or some other use case.

“The interoperability in the platform helps us a good deal, as does the capacity to host the platform wherever, ” Piotr said. “For occasion, many of Google’s datacenters will be in the U. S. Coming from a European perspective, this is oftentimes a no-go, especially in case you deal with sensitive data. That’s why we give our customers the flexibleness to host automatically servers, on bare material, or in the cloud region of preference. ”

Piwik PRO Key: A Free, Trust-Building Analytics Package

The Piwik PRO team recently expanded entry to its analytics suite using Piwik PRO Core, a plan designed to democratize to be able to create ambitious, trustworthy analytics assignments. After growing the company inside open-source space, offering free public signups to the platform is a way that this Piwik PRO team may give back to the area.

The free version involving Piwik PRO Analytics Package, available for early access by way of a waiting list, was devised for users with any a higher level analytics experience. The prepare includes the Consent Boss, integrated with the Analytics along with Tag Manager modules, making sure that data collection and expressing can only occur using proper consent.

Piwik PRO Core Piwik SEASONED Core gives users free entry to an analytics suite devoted to user consent.
The firm will continue selling their full-fledged Piwik PRO Organization plan, which provides superior support, increased data storage periods, and the alternative between cloud and on-premises web hosting service. SharePoint analytics integration, one sign-on (SSO), and white labeling can be purchased via the Enterprise prepare only.

In addition, the Core plan includes three beyond four available Piwik SEASONED Analytics Suite modules — Analytics, Marking Manager, and Consent Manager — as you move the Enterprise plan also incorporates a Customer Data Platform module.

“The Customer Data Platform module are going to be something that we will certainly leave for ourselves just as one upsell opportunity as time goes on, but rest assured any devices will remain free, ” Piotr explained. “We don’t want for you to monetize this data, and we don’t get any advertiser behind us that would want to pop in or to support that information to support advertisers. We just planned to provide a free, compliant replacement for this Google-driven web analytics entire world. ”

Upcoming Priorities: Interoperability along with Security

In addition to your continued focus on Piwik SEASONED Core, Piotr said the corporation is looking to develop its helpful integrations with software stacks inside healthcare and financial solutions industries.

“We want to help you them integrate everything a single place in a compliant fashion, ” he said. “We need to make it easy to research data from different sources and help it become available throughout the client’s heap via two-interoperability. ”

Naturally, the company will continue centering on security and reliability.

“Those are generally our core offerings, so we don’t need to drop the ball — they will almost always be the top priority, ”.