TestProject: A Free, Cloud-Hosted Test Automation Platform for Web, Mobile, and API Development

TestProject: A Free, Cloud-Hosted Test Automation Platform for Web, Mobile, and API Development

TL; DR: TestProject is a cloud-hosted examination automation platform built in addition to the open-source automation frameworks Selenium along with Appium. The tool simplifies your test automation process by simply removing the complexity involving installing and managing owners for various platforms along with browsers while streamlining venture. With the recent launch of free Appium AI methods for mobile testing, TestProject goals to democratize mobile automation

The virtues of open-source software package — community collaboration, freedom, transparency, and universal gain access to — are impossible for you to ignore. Developers who make origin code publicly accessible empower others to watch, modify, and redistribute the code when they wish, ultimately breaking along barriers and spurring invention.

Of course, every went up by has its thorn, and in the matter of open-source software, it’s all to easy to get caught up in a very bramble of complexity. These hidden costs are especially prevalent in relation to test automation frameworks.

TestProject logoTestProject is often a free, cloud-hosted solution built in addition to popular open-source test automation software package.
“To set up a new robust test automation composition with open-source solutions, quite often you need to glue together combining five, six, or eight different libraries, ” explained Mark Kardashov, CEO in TestProject. “This setup course of action is chaotic and time-consuming. And then, once you’ve created your framework, you also should maintain it. ”

The thought behind TestProject, a exclusive test automation platform, should be to provide access to the widely used open-source automation frameworks Selenium along with Appium via one no cost, easy-to-use solution. The cloud-hosted instrument, available for web, Android mobile phone, and iOS apps, eliminates the call to install and manage owners for various platforms along with browsers. It also allows facilitate collaboration.

“Open-source dominates the test automation market place worldwide. Today, more when compared with 80% of test automation assignments leverage such solutions, ” Level said. “With TestProject, users can access the main advantages of popular open-source solutions even though avoiding the pitfalls. ”

Positive the Automation Community Considering that 2015

Mark and Co-Founders Vitaly Bukhovsky, Eldar Kravetsky, and Marat Strelets developed TestProject off their vast experience inside test automation industry. Back then, Selenium was the most favored solution in the web-based examination automation world. Appium — Selenium’s portable equivalent — was quickly gaining prominence as being a rising star.

After establishing the corporation in 2015, the team got a chance to work on its goal to help you the automation community buy and sell in repetitive tasks pertaining to simple and intuitive workflows. By simply 2017, TestProject released a shut down beta with 50 business partners located worldwide.

The platform was set for public launch throughout 2018, quickly attracting a new following that included consumers from Fortune 500 firms. TestProject also caught a person’s eye of Tricentis, a company of continuous test automation alternatives. In 2019, Tricentis acquired TestProject and pledged to hold the company’s powerful test automation liberal to the community — once and for all.

Last year, TestProject earned Gartner’s Peer Insights Customers’ Choice award to get the best free tool based in ratings from its individual community. Today, the company remains dedicated to its goal of delivering an end-to-end solution to the largest group of consumers possible.

TestProject’s community-driven nature is surely an important aspect of your platform, accelerating innovation by empowering members to express their work easily along with efficiently, benefiting everyone engaged.

A Simplified Solution Built in addition to Selenium and Appium

Selenium and Appium ended up considered best-of-breed solutions while TestProject launched publicly throughout 2018 — and they’re more popular today. With TestProject, they’re also accessible to users coming from all skill levels, from the tech novice on the experienced developer.

“We’re supplying you with access to the engineering that everyone likes, but no one wants to get or maintain, ” Level said. “There’s no question the are the best tools out there, but again, they call for expertise. So we simplify your entire installation process. ”

Developers can reap the benefits of TestProject’s advanced scripting functions and tools, including a wide software development kit (SDK), cross-platform assessment, continuous integration and ongoing delivery (CI/CD) integration, along with remote execution, among various other add-ons.

Technological newbies, on the various other hand, will benefit from to be able to execute, analyze, record, and store automated tests without writing much as a line involving code.

“The goal was for you to democratize open-source test automation to the average user while in addition providing tools for techie experts, ” Mark instructed us.

Getting started is not hard. After creating a no cost account and adding affiliates, users can simply acquire the TestProject agent and handle the installation on their machines. The TestProject agent involves all necessary libraries and allows users to provide servers and frameworks while needed.

“Once you handle the installation, you create a web hosting service account in TestProject Foriegn and register your adviser, ” Mark said. “From that will moment, you have your entire test automation framework — and it’s not simply local. Since the orchestration involving everything is inside TestProject Foriegn, you can collaborate which has a distributed team and implement tests and artifacts virtually anywhere. ”

Accelerating Good results through Rich Features along with Collaboration

TestProject is as flexible as you can actually use, with a full variety of features that the total test automation community can access totally free.

The built-in TestProject recorder, by way of example, allows users to leverage an effective playback tool with an acceptable learning curve. TestProject’s testing repository provides for team collaboration while in your neighborhood creating, running, and inspecting test automation. Users could also develop coded tests employing TestProject’s OpenSDK, which sustains Java, Python, and C#.

A library of shared addons makes it simplallows you for teams to expand TestProject’s default functionalities. Users could also create their own addons while needed.

TestProject's reporting feautesTestProject involves built-in reporting features that could be easily shared among squads via cloud hosting.
TestProject features combining different tools that every single organization can mix and match to fit their own needs, ” Level said. “For instance, maybe you have a team of developers trying to create some exams, a DevOps team that would like to use Docker containers along with simplify the CI/CD stream, and a separate team of testers inside U. S. With TestProject Foreign, they can all communicate, sharing tests and executing them derived from one of location. ”

TestProject’s reporting features give teams entry to real-time data that they use to gain a wide understanding of testing pursuits. Teams can examine along with share regressions, failures, along with flaky identifiers (resulting throughout seemingly random outcomes), amid other variables.

The podium also ensures compatibility using existing continuous integration workflows through an API.

New: Ground-breaking Free AI Tools pertaining to Appium

In January, TestProject presented its newest offering, a collection of free artificial intelligence tools to the mobile test automation instrument Appium. The release generates upon the company’s active AI tools for Selenium, which are released in August 2020.

Much like the TestProject platform itself, the toolset was meant to be usable regardless involving prior programming skills. The thought is to help users overcome common difficulty with mobile automation testing, which include complicated setup processes, factor locator maintenance, iOS dependencies, along with test flakiness.

“These include the first advanced AI-powered automation methods for iOS and Android tests intended for free worldwide, ” Level told us. “The paid options available provide day-to-day solutions, nonetheless they are quite expensive. This can be big news for your test automation community. ”

For more info on the free Appium toolset and also other new developments, be sure to travel to.