Softsys Hosting Helps Build Web Presence with a Range of Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Solutions Plus Stellar Technical Support

Softsys Hosting Helps Build Web Presence with a Range of Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Solutions Plus Stellar Technical SupportTL; DR: Softsys Hosting is with a mission to help firms worldwide fulfill their IT requirements just for them to focus on their key business competencies. The company gives a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade web hosting service services, including shared, personal, and dedicated servers plus url of your website registration and security solutions. Throughout its 15-year record, Softsys Hosting’s commitment for you to honesty, transparency, and partnership has brought a personal touch on the IT industry, and the company plans to take care of those ideals for a considerably long time. 

Today, free hosting sites for students who want to build an online presence or discover how to code are fairly widespread — allowing educators using notoriously tight budgets to get learners working online without breaking the lending company.

But back in 2006, while Ruchir Shastri started Softsys Web hosting service, that certainly wasn’t true.

“The goal at that period was to provide individuals a web-based hosting environment totally free, ” Ruchir told people. “The market back and then was extremely limited regarding services, and with few providers around, the pricing was also for the higher side. ”

Because company evolved and widened, it maintained that same needs-based procedure for serving customers. The company’s staff often keeps one question planned: What can we do to unravel the business needs of our own customers?

Softsys Hosting logoSoftsys Hosting provides an array of Windows and Linux web hosting service services via datacenter facilities worldwide.This people-first mentality serves as being a critical differentiating factor pertaining to Softsys Hosting, which has served the industry pertaining to 15 years. The company’s primary goal should be to help customers manage their It, improving performance, security, submission, and ROI so his or her business can flourish at an easily affordable price.

Softsys Hosting gives a comprehensive catalog of web hosting service solutions, from cloud along with VPS hosting to WordPress alternatives and managed services. And with multiple SSAE 07 SOC 2 Type only two certified datacenter locations worldwide, the company is happy to provide low latency and fast access in spite of customer location.

Throughout their history, Softsys Hosting has used a commitment to honesty, transparency, and partnership to create a personal touch on the IT industry, and the company plans to take care of those ideals for a considerably long time.

Adapting to Shifts in the marketplace over 15 Years

Granted the company’s vast sector experience, Softsys has witnessed several shifts over the years inside hosting space and is actually adapting to stay one step before game.

“The biggest change was the move to virtualization, which brought many options for customers regarding enhanced services, high access, portability, etc., ” Ruchir explained. “Considering the recent tendencies — with many businesses migrating entirely on the cloud — data stability and disaster recovery for cloud services are going to be in high demand. ”

Ruchir explained that, for businesses that are not able to realize the importance involving protecting business-critical data, it’s simply a matter of time ahead of malicious actors start exploiting whatever loopholes they might to bring their devices down.

Icons representing features and servicesThe company gives a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade web hosting service services, including shared, personal, and dedicated servers.“Our team is actually evolving in this reverence, ” he said. “We are keeping customers updated while using latest trends by analyzing challenges and fitting in with create solutions around them that leave their businesses more risk-free and profitable. ”

Softsys Hosting’s enterprise-grade startup doesn’t hurt. The company owns every one of its equipment, which provides the team while using ultimate control regarding setup and maintenance. The system is truly redundant, using multiple backbone connections, electrical power distribution units, cooling devices, and 10Gbps uplinks, as well as onsite spare components pertaining to immediate replacement.

The company’s commercial infrastructure also features an around-the-clock keeping track of solution through PRTG Multilevel Monitor. In addition on the latest equipment, Softsys Hosting’s capacity to offer customized services is often a major part of their value proposition. Fully managed services are available, allowing customers to cast away worries regarding the maintenance and management involving servers.

“Our personalized approach of utilizing our customers, irrespective with their services with us, understanding their requirements and challenges to generate a solution specific to his or her needs and budget, is something attracts our customers for you to us, ” Ruchir explained.

Helping Customers Protect Data On-Premises and inside Cloud

From a wide-ranging perspective, Softsys delivers many benefits to businesses, that is dollars saved, hours rescued, and high-performance rates.

“We present competitive prices, and we perform almost all of the cloud service tasks for the customers — saving these people and their team a long time, ” Ruchir said. “We have never compromised on top rated and uptime rates and still have achieved near 100% uptime over the last several years, which makes ROI better for the businesses that help us. ”

In terminology of internal development, Softsys generally adds new features along with expands its product package through customer-focused techniques.

Shots of Softsys employeesThe team operates which has a focus on honesty, transparency, and partnership.“We help customers to understand the way they are utilizing our solutions, ” Ruchir said. “This helps us to develop solutions that help these people run their business additional smoothly, with less hard work, and at a less costly cost. Once we get identified ideas, we communicate them which has a few customers and then, roll out these ideas into production for all those customers. ”

Softsys Hosting’s next major push is to provide numerous services centered on aiding customers protect their data no matter the device or location — portable, desktop, on-premises, in your cloud — or, as Ruchir use it, “just about anywhere. ”

“In supplement, we are also giving unique replicated cloud VMs that happen to be auto-replicated across multiple hypervisors, ” they said. “This specifically helps corporations achieve 100% uptime by way of built-in business continuity as well as data protection, as four copies with their data will be located.

Softsys Hosting’s Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service(DRaaS) along with Enterprise Data Protection Copy Service (BaaS) offerings stand because first line of defense in the matter of a power outage, annoy, or simple human miscalculation, minimizing the well-known fiscal hazards of downtime. (Gartner estimates that 62 seconds of downtime costs the normal business roughly $5, 800. Depending on the sector and operational model, downtime can cost just as much as $540, 000 an hours.

Dedicated to Honesty, Transparency, and Partnership

Softsys Web hosting service takes pride in their three ideologies — credibility, transparency, and partnership. “These are generally our foundation, and we strive in order that we never compromise with any one them, ” Ruchir instructed us.

This underlying philosophy drastically influences the company’s procedure for support. Softsys has staff available 24/7 to help you customers via multiple routes, including a ticketing technique, email support, live chitchat, and emergency phone assist. The company vows not to ever outsource support services.

These kind of customer-focused techs are accredited engineers in Microsoft, RedHat, and also other technologies. They work closely with customers in the initial installation and startup and follow-up via on-going support with flexible server along with network management plans.

Ruchir told us he’s satisfied with the company culture and office dynamics which may have taken root at Softsys Web hosting service.

“Our team is exclusive, and I wake way up every morning thanking everybody for the wonderful work that they can put in, ” they said. “All of our affiliates understand and implement our ideologies and they are always available without notice of day to support customers. They know almost all of our customers by brand, and that shows how much personal touch that we bring on the table. ”.