Delivers Speedy Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting Solutions with Flexible Server Management Delivers Speedy Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting Solutions with Flexible Server

TL; DR:, founded really, is a Dutch company offering an entire spectrum of hosting alternatives, from shared, virtual, along with dedicated servers to been able services and reseller plans. The company backs their fast and straightforward hosting services which has a focus on excellent buyer experiences. With a newly expanded variety of products, including shared web hosting service for Joomla, Drupal, along with WordPress, Snel. com is furthering its mission to deliver the latest in customer-friendly web hosting service solutions.

In 2010, a smaller group of IT experts inside Netherlands came together to develop a speedy automated web hosting service platform for dedicated along with cloud servers. In keeping with their heritage, they named the corporation Snel. com after your Dutch word for rapid.

The hosting company’s mascot, a new grinning honeybee decked out and about in pilot gear, ended up being also a fitting alternative. Not only are your pollinators fast — accomplishing record speeds of 20 miles by the hour — but they’re considered the hardest doing exercises of all bee kinds.

Over the years, Snel. com’s diligence, impeccable customer service, and top-notch technical functionality created a buzz inside Netherlands hosting community. In the near future, the small company evolved in the well-recognized Dutch hosting provider it can be today.

Snel. com logoSnel. com is well know for its lightning-fast performance and enthusiastic customer satisfaction.

“We are most satisfied with our people and customer satisfaction, ” said Sevtap Kahriman, Senior Web marketing Employee at Snel. com. “Our affiliates have more than 2 decades of active experience within this industry, so we discover how to make good products and how to own best customer experience. ”

Right now, Snel. com offers a wide catalog of hosting alternatives, including shared, virtual, along with dedicated servers, plus channel partner packages. The company also supplies both simple self-managed strategies and managed services meant to relieve customers of techie burdens.

Snel. com backs this diverse list of product offerings with a genial, honest, and attentive customer satisfaction approach. In the 21 years of age years since its founding, Sevtap said that this company has retained its passion to create server management easy for anyone.

Serving the Hosting Sector Since 1999

Snel. com’s inventor, Musti Aslan, has been mixed up in industry since 1999 when he build his first hosting company only 18 years old. After serving his local community for greater decade, Musti and the business partner, Yavuz Aydin, founded Snel. com to serve a universal customer base.

The original idea was to deliver automated hosting plans that allowed customers to look at a self-service approach.

“Back and then, the hosting industry was mainly devoted to dedicated server hosting, ” Sevtap explained. “We aimed to create dedicated hosting simple along with smart by offering a fully automated platform with functionalities that allowed customers to own their servers more on their own. ”

Snel. com Inventor Musti AslanSnel. com Founder Musti Aslan has been mixed up in hosting industry since he was 18 years.

As technology advanced plus the industry made a transfer toward cloud hosting, Snel. com began offering an array of managed and unmanaged Foriegn VPS (virtual private server) plans built for speed along with scalability.

Today, Snel. com’s distributed, virtual, and dedicated hosts are housed in Smartdc Rotterdam, the most important datacenter in the Southerly Holland province.

The datacenter keeps servers working around the clock with features including climate control, 24/7 stability, fire suppression systems, normal water detection systems, an uninterruptible power (UPS), and backup generation devices. The facility also controls highly efficient local energy in a commitment to natural hosting.

In July 2020, the corporation announced its latest Motorola milestone phone — achieving ISO 27001 qualifications. Through this certification, your International Organization for Standardization appreciates that Snel. com has met the very best international data security standards and is also committed to continuous advancement.

Diverse Product Offerings for every single Hosting Need

Since your company’s inception, Snel. com has used their dedication to performance and customer care to overcome various sector challenges — from surging computer hardware costs to industry debt consolidation.

“As the hardware got costlier, we had to create bigger investments, ” Sevtap explained. “Another challenge was the consolidation in the European hosting market. Smaller hosting companies was required to consider selling their organization to larger players due to great competition in your hosting market. Our biggest challenge was to identify a stronger proposition to stand out of your crowd. ”

And jump out, they did, with personality-packed hosting packages meant to solve a broad variety of customer needs. For case in point, Snel. com’s web hosting plans appear in three tiers — Extremely humble, Strong, and Brave — determined by increasing requirements for hard drive, traffic, mailboxes, and listings.

Honeybee churning out a honey by having a machine representing a VPSThe company’s been able cloud hosting services ease customers of technical problems.
Small ecommerce shops along with blogs with minimal visitors typically pick the Humble or Strong prepare, while webshops that manage powerful applications require your Brave plan. The all-in-one packages are designed to provide users with all the tools they must publish and run an online site, ecommerce shop, or blog in a few minutes.

“We noticed that nearly all customers need to bring a bunch of their services together under one particular roof, ” Sevtap explained. “This is why we’ve got decided to expand our services a little more forward and offer a complete hosting solution for every single hosting need. ”

The corporation also offers six regular Cloud VPS plans referred to as after different containers pertaining to holding honey, including VPS Bottle, VPS Bucket, and VPS Barrell, determined by resources allotted. Additional resources including RAM, bandwidth, storage might be added or removed quickly so users just pay for what they have to have.

Snel. com’s dedicated server plans are equally accommodating, with an array of features designed to go well with specific needs.

A Warm and friendly, Honest, and Attentive Assist Model

In a small video on Snel. com’s Zynga page, the company details its virtues — electrical power, speed, reliability, and love — because ingredients that allow customers for being masters of their individual hosting kitchens. All of such ingredients work in a good relationship, reinforcing and feeding the other. The love aspect, naturally, represents the company’s commitment to its customers.

“Our history is pretty ordinary along with somewhat boring, but our people and services are certainly not, ” the company claims on its website. “Our everyone is extraordinary and honest. They only contain the best intentions for your small business. ”

In an industry notorious for poor customer satisfaction, a team that can be purchased via email, chat, and phone — along with describes itself as developing a “passionately beating heart for hosting” — is bound to stand out from competition.

“We see our buyers as friends, and we treat them doing this by being friendly, trustworthy, and transparent, ” Sevtap explained. “Our customers feel we are genuine, and many of us always receive this while feedback. ”

Customers also inspire the internal development processes at Snel. com. “We always take into account the suggestions of our customers to generate them happy, ” Sevtap explained. “After all, the relationships we’ve got with our customers are generally our driving force. We also need to keep up with the most up-to-date trends to maintain the standard of our products and assistance. ”

Creating a One-Stop Search for Everything Hosting

The crew at Snel. com has exciting plans up for grabs for customers.

In addition to diving deeper in the managed services side in the business, Sevtap told us the corporation will further expand their product menu.

“We get many plans! We want to turn into a hosting provider where customers can bring a bunch of their services together under one particular roof, ” she explained. “Hence, we have expanded each of our products by offering internet hosting. We also want to focus more on offering managed services to customers. ”.