Skynode Offers Affordable No 1 Game Hosting Solutions and Hands-on Support to Clients Around the World


TL; DR: If you’re a fan of flash games like Minecraft, Skynode is a superb bet for a lag-free games experience. The game web hosting service provider, established in 2017, now provides over 15, 000 clients worldwide with an easy-to-use web hosting service platform backed by offered, 24/7 support. By cultivating relationships with customers by way of free competitions and are living events, Skynode has nurtured a new fiercely loyal following through its first four years functioning

The blocky, highly imaginative world of Minecraft was first introduced to the public in 2011 as a fairly easy desktop application. After quickly more popular, it was ported for you to various PC, mobile, and gaming console platforms.

Today, just decade later, Minecraft holds rank because best-selling video game in recent history, with 200 million illegal copies sold and 126 trillion monthly active users.

Principle Minecraft game for LAPTOP OR COMPUTER remains free. But for you to play online with pals, users have to invest in server space to number their gaming environment. While similar solutions exist totally free, almost all of these people have storage and employ limitations that force consumers to upgrade.

SkyNode logoSkynode gives a lag-free gaming expertise. Skynode is the exemption. The game hosting provider offers users approximately two gigabytes of space plus the option to renew their licenses provided that they’d like.

My favorite thing regarding the company is our no cost Minecraft hosting, ” explained Tycho Loke, Head involving Marketing at Skynode. “It’s unlike other free services available. Users must reactivate his or her servers every three a long time, but they can play for about 12 hours by seeing video ads. We have some users who’ve been on the same server for over few months now. ”

Today, Skynode performs a low-latency network spanning Canada, France, the British isles, and the United Claims. The global Skynode games circle is open along with engaged, with a Discord area of nearly 5, 000 active members — most of whom battle to get prizes in Skynode’s no cost competitions.

Put simply, Skynode doesn’t get its customers for naturally. From developing highly performant solutions to offering free solutions for the people with tight budgets, the corporation is committed to standing tall as being a champion for the games community.

A Seamless, Custom-made User Experience

While a lot of game hosting solutions deal products in standard cells, Skynode is invested in building systems which have been intuitive and easy for you to navigate. By creating such an experience, Skynode allows customers to focus on the thrill of the action rather than confusing server cells, high costs, and latency troubles.

Everything we build is made to order, ” Tycho said. “We need to provide unique options that provides our customers the ideal gaming experience possible. It’s information on the customer experience. ”

Skynode positions its customers as experts in relation to frontend development. Developers orchestrate the platform’s backend to be sure everything runs correctly, though the product team regularly generates new features and products determined by customer requests.

SkyNode graphicSkynode offers suitable methods of beginners and gaming authorities alike.

And while nearly every business claims to be handled by its customers, Skynode goes any additional mile. For example, the corporation recently expanded its free Minecraft storage since customers asked.

Our community suggested that particular gigabyte for the free server wasn’t suitable, ” Tycho said. “We took in and upgraded it a pair of gigabytes, ” Tycho explained. “We now have seven dedicated servers just jogging free game hosting. And our team takes the time to continually develop these servers and boost their quality. ”

That allows you to democratize product development, the corporation also set up a new voting system that allows members to effect true change. Moves like this are generally evidence that Skynode caters not simply to its highest-paying patrons — but to every person in its community.

Easily Offered Support via Discord

The hosting industry is notorious due to the lack of customer assist. But with Skynode, anyone can find a customer service adviser through chat.

In simple fact, Skynode created one in the first custom-built ticket spiders in Discord. The solution allows buyers to easily create support tickets directly over the platform. That way, they don’t ought to log in to multiple ways of resolve a simple matter.

For Skynode, bespoke development is central on the customer experience.

“We acquire everything ourselves, including our custom assist system through Discord — the most important gaming chat platform there exists, ” Tycho said. “Our CEO actually created the 1st ticket bot within Discord. We’ve got our own custom ticket system which has a web-based interface, but it’s most sent through Discord mail messages. ”

By meeting customers where these are, Skynode can provide greater service while building the engaged user community. Support through Discord’s live chat also brings about faster resolutions and speedier development timelines.

Our support is fantastic, ” Tycho said. “If you’re in live chat, we enable you to on live chat. There’s no going elsewhere to set a ticket. ”

Besides super-efficient support, Skynode offers extensive information on how to navigate the podium through its knowledge starting. The content covers virtually everything a user might need to know, including how to work with the Skynode panel, deploy plugins, and set way up servers.

Listening and Answering and adjusting the Needs of your Gaming Community

As perhaps the larger gaming community, Skynode recognizes that their success is directly in connection with the loyalty and opinions of users. As an end result, Skynode views satisfactory customer experience as being a more significant measure involving success than profit.

“We have a very suggestion box where we ask customers to generate requests, ” Tycho explained. “If 100 customers obtain Terraria server hosting, we’ll check into that. What the buyer wants, they get. That’s each of our philosophy. ”

This approach sets Skynode in addition to other game hosting providers — and yes it shows. Skynode has produced steadily since its 2017 kick off. Now, the company has even piled up enough resources to buy a servers. In doing consequently, the Skynode team hopes to better fulfill its mission to deliver the best gaming expertise available.

“We rent all our hardware right this moment, ” Tycho said. “But over the following few months, we’ll own ten dedicated servers hosted in your own datacenter. We’ll be capable of offer a better product or service and service to our customers for that reason. ”

With its individual equipment and data centre, Skynode will further its mission to make available all types of customers the top of game hosting. In the long run, the company’s goal should be to deliver the infrastructure along with hosting packages required by simply its growing and assorted customer base — from the teenager who would like to try Minecraft for liberal to the most serious Oxidation aficionado.