Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction: SiteGround Delivers Seamless Hosting and Site-Building Solutions Backed by Expert Support

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction: SiteGround Delivers Seamless Hosting and Site-Building Solutions Backed by Expert Support

TL; DR: Since 2004, SiteGround have been devoted to helping buyers build fast and secure sites because of their personal, business, and organization needs. In addition to being devoted to top-notch technology crafted pertaining to performance, the company is intensely about customer satisfaction. Through rapid, competent, and friendly assist, SiteGround helps customers defeat the challenges inherent in constructing a successful online presence. 

The COVID-19 pandemic could possibly be relentless in its potential to devastate communities worldwide, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with the problem.

The hosting industry, especially, has a unique possibility to cushion the economic hit by helping businesses seek out refuge online. In this specific new environment, companies like SiteGround are stepping up to the challenge, welcoming business and actively supporting active ones.

Reneta Tsankova, Primary Operations Officer at SiteGround, told us her crew has successfully on boarded business and taken on increased demand for back-up and support since March.

SiteGround logoSiteGround is well know for the latest in hosting tech joined with incredible customer service.

“Our team was required to handle an unprecedented weight on all support routes, as well as greater hold times, which made us fear that the standard of our service might decline, ” Reneta said. “So, we initiated a few measures to mitigate and overcome task. During the peak in the quarantine, we hired roughly 70 new people for the customer service departments, and we also changed our support flows to further improve efficiency and reduce solution times. ”

To help business launch sites quickly, SiteGround ventured into its WordPress Starter, the automated wizard that books users through curated themes or templates, common site features, along with plugins.

“We are glad we had the tools for you to onboard everyone who had to go online during these kind of challenging times, ” Reneta instructed us.

Rapid and effective responses this way have helped SiteGround stand out of your competition since the company’s founding throughout 2004. Over the several years, the company has built a reputation due to the innovative technologies, unique in-house alternatives, and hands-on customer assistance approach. Moving forward, SiteGround will use feedback-fueled improvements and visionary tools to increase its mission to help customers make a successful online presence.

Aiding Clients Build Online Profile Since 2004

As evidenced with the company’s glowing customer testimonials, SiteGround has always collection the bar high due to the hosting service.

“We try and offer extremely high-value hosting packages which include knowledgeable and fast assist, powerful and frequently improved infrastructure for ultimate functionality and reliability, and plenty of features for a easy webmaster experience, ” Reneta explained. “All of that could result in various benefits, but maybe the key one for businesses specifically is we save them work along with time. ”

Last calendar year, the company unveiled a whole new client area and site tools meant to provide a unified along with efficient user experience.

Picture of hand-drawing bird while using words Web Hosting PlatformThe internet hosting platform has been tailored for power and user-friendliness.
SiteGround has become first and foremost an email finder service company, ” SiteGround CTO Nikolay Todorov said back then. “However, for many several years, our business growth have been tightly correlated with each of our technical evolution. The additional software we developed in-house, the more the standard of our service was soaring. ”

When the SiteGround crew realized that its underlying platform’s limitations slowed up many of its organization ideas, the company dared to consentrate bigger than the market place, recreating hosting and site management tools through the ground up.

The company’s remarkably customized solutions suite involves collaboration tools, white-label buyer access, options for one-click backups along with restorations, custom plugins pertaining to WordPress migration and medical, and a one-click jobsite set ups tool.

SiteGround’s infrastructure also gives speed-boosting solutions through innovations including SuperCacher, a robust in-house caching tool using the Nginx reverse proxy along with Memcached module; and the initial SG Optimizer plugin, which WordPress users will use to boost site speed more.

Fast, Proficient, and Friendly Back-up and support

The importance of customer satisfaction in the hosting industry is not understated considering that a number of analysts place annual churn rates among shared hosting customers at often 35%.

Realizing that one bad experience can send a buyer packing, the SiteGround team aims to deliver consistent and effective guidance via multiple help routes, including live chat, mobile phone support, and helpdesk passes. Users can also resolve issues over the company’s handy self-help methods, smart AI-powered Chabot, along with automated service solutions.

“We believe were in the service organization; our products are several base configurations that merely become unique through each of our service layer, ” Reneta explained. “Over the years, clients have demonstrated that they appreciate this philosophy and still have rewarded us with many reviews that are positive. ”

SiteGround graphic depicting known customer supportCustomer service is just not an afterthought at SiteGround, which trains its back-up and support team thoroughly.
SiteGround’s customer satisfaction strategy includes intensive coaching, mentorship, and evaluations of back-up and support representatives. The company strives to rent capable, well-prepared people who may have helpful and positive attitudes — regardless if times get tough.

The support team is usually trained to empower clients to unravel problems using the SiteGround Know-how Base, and other means, when convenient.

“I think the key aspect of our culture is we genuinely care; this has developed into core value for our team, ” Reneta said. “We love how the things many of us do impact our clientele, employees, the environment, along with everything around us. ”

She said team members overthink everything to be sure they’ve reviewed all angles and still have chosen the best plan, maximizing benefits and minimizing inconveniences.

Development via Feedback and an enclosed Vision

SiteGround uses customer opinions to fuel ongoing development according to its customer-centric philosophy.

“It usually starts which has a client need, which many of us take very seriously, and if we can’t respond to it at any given time, we would plan to accommodate it ultimately, ” Reneta said. “For case in point, our SG Optimizer plugin pertaining to WordPress initially started as being a plugin that allowed the WordPress application permit our server caching. Nevertheless, over time, it become a performance solution, influenced largely by user require. ”

As experts throughout hosting and web design, the SiteGround team in addition uses its years of experience to discover whether trends are worthy of adopting or better quit alone.

“After registering distinct demands, we have to generate a judgment call, ” Reneta instructed us. “We evaluate what sort of different groups of clientele would use, interact using, and benefit from a new potential new feature. ”

If there’s a real benefit with an idea that many customers could reap the benefits of, the SiteGround team prioritizes the thought in its development line. The team members in addition implement other changes determined by their vision money of the company.

“Examples on this strategy include moving each of our platform to Google Foreign or introducing our brand-new site management interface, Internet site Tools, which is slowly replacing cPanel on most our servers, ” Reneta explained. “We upgraded our podium from bare metal for you to Google Cloud and are quitting cPanel — not because clients are certainly not happy with these services when they were — but since we see opportunities pertaining to growth. ”

These opportunities include bringing out features and functionalities that this team either cannot develop or won’t are the same within the previous, cPanel-based framework.

Making your Move from cPanel for you to In-House Site Tools

The longer term looks bright for SiteGround as well as customers, who can expect this specific year’s Black Friday hosting sales to get as valuable as a final.

Beyond holiday discounts, Reneta told us she’s personally excited to finish the company’s migration via cPanel to Site Methods.

“It’s a very intricate migration, and we are working on it very slowly looking to spare our clients just about any inconveniences, ” she explained. “Once that is around, all clients will know more about our greatest work thus far, and we believe that can lead to even higher client achievement rates. ”.