Professionalism First: Germany’s SIM-Networks Delivers Virtual, Cloud, and Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions with a Customer-Centric Touch

Professionalism First: Germany’s SIM-Networks Delivers Virtual, Cloud, and Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions with a Customer-Centric TouchTL; DR: SIM-Networks is a model of Netversor GmbH, a Germany-based IT ALL solutions holding. The provider provides virtual, cloud, and dedicated server holding solutions backed by a worldwide team devoted to applying customers first. The company leverages more than a decade of experience to result in enterprise-grade technology, an ironclad provider level agreement (SLA), in addition to a continuous innovation cycle. Advancing, the company will pursue to evolve in step with industry demand when using the introduction of flexible secret and hybrid cloud treatments.

It’s no secret that your global hosting market is certainly teeming with competition within the nearly 340, 000 service providers buying a seat at the meal table.

The industry’s $32 thousand market share — projected to contact $76. 2 billion by 2023 — creates the illusion that each player will get their joint of the pie. In truth of the matter, the seemingly insatiable appetites for industry giants like GoDaddy, The amazon marketplace Web Service, and Google Cloud leave other programs struggling to receive your fair share.

But Sergey Dolgushev, BOSS at SIM-Networks, has discovered a recipes for success for standing out among the many crowd: Quality infrastructure mixed with an unwavering devotion that will proficiency and innovation.

Sergey Dolgushev, BOSS, and company logoSergey Dolgushev, BOSS, gave us the scoop on SIM-Networks and also company’s customer-first approach.“A professional approach stands out as the basis of SIM-Networks, ” she said. “We, Germans, don’t for example dilettantism or sophomoric attitudes. That’s the reason people hire high-qualified professionals. That’s the reason that our tech support is capable of solve customers’ issues actually. They are the masters of the infrastructural nuances. ”

SIM-Networks, launched in 2009, operates under parent provider Netversor GmbH, a German provider today systems and infrastructure treatments for B2B customers worldwide which had been founded in 2006. At this time, SIM-Networks leverages its history and expertise to present customers with several virtual, cloud, and concentrated server hosting solutions by certified datacenters in Karlsruhe, widely perceived as the IT capital for Germany.

According to Sergey, customers can weather for innovations in secret and hybrid cloud offerings from now on. In the meantime, the forward-thinking company will pursue to back its enterprise-grade systems and innovative thinking by using a strictly professional business process.

13 Years of Working experience Evolving in Step utilizing Global Industry Demand

Anytime Netversor GmbH initially started in 2006, Sergey told us the provider focused on IT inquiring and web development to your German B2B market within brand SIM-Computers.

“It was a fun time for young, serious IT engineers in Western world, ” he said. “Amazon have just released its earliest public cloud in 2006, but no company knew exactly what fog up technology was or could predict that within just 10 years, the universal IT landscape would improve drastically. ”

After recognizing a gap during the German market, the provider added system integration, holding, and hardware-based infrastructure approaches to its product menu, being SIM-Networks. The company hired space in its earliest TelemaxX datacenter. Soon, SIM-Networks engineers featured a good fiber optic backbone networking of high-bandwidth channels connecting into the company’s infrastructure to biggest European internet providers.

Client mapThe company has customers in almost 100 countries internationally.Later, SIM-Networks rented space within a additional Tier-III+ TelemaxX datacenter. The provider offered dedicated servers, VDS, shared web hosting, and colocation services for both of TelemaxX DCs meant for six years. Then, during 2015, it built a good cloud solutions’ development.

“Our IT ALL hardware infrastructure expertise have grown, so we thought to move into cloud systems, ” he said. “In 2015, we started the development of your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution in line with the OpenStack platform. ”

SIM-Networks earliest released SIM-Cloud IaaS 1. 0 during early 2016, and it all quickly became the company’s flagship system (the latest edition, SIM-Cloud 5. 0, shall be released shortly). By the finale of the 2000s, Sergey said SIM-Networks begun to explore various markets all around Europe, looking beyond EUROPEAN countries.

“We saw the fact that Russian, Ukrainian, and some ex-USSR countries’ IT ALL markets were poor relating to quality and reliability, ” she said. “There were numerous ‘stealth’ hosting providers utilizing equipment of dubious superior, frequent downtime, and some other troubles that we could remedy with expertise and enterprise-class machines. ”

Today, SIM-Networks has customers on five continents during almost 100 countries.

High-Quality Mechanic, an Ironclad SLA, in addition to a Forward-Thinking Approach

Through any years, Sergey said any SIM-Networks team witnessed any hosting market evolve during sync with customer necessities. “We saw how its strategic concept were changed from local, on-premise providers, to remote colocation, consequently to datacenter locations, after which you can to the cloud, ” she said.

The rapid change forced the provider to determine its economical strengths, which Sergey said get started on first with high-quality technology created for businesses of any specifications, from SMBs to organisations. “Our equipment is hosted at large professional Tier-III and Tier-III+ datacenters, credentialed by European standards ISO/IEC 27001 meant for additional data and machines safety, ” he says. “For many of some of our customers, this provides very important value. ”

Secondly, any international company delivers personalised services to every clientele and project backed by just multilingual, around-the-clock support — you bet, even on a Tuesday at 3 a. d. The SIM-Networks SLA guarantees a response to all support requests within 1 hour, though representatives often be affected by chat requests within a particular minute.

“We hear from clients who have got come to us with previous hosting providers that most of the hosts just disappear anytime problems are detected, ” Sergey says. “But corporate values for SIM-Networks mandate high-level soft skills for our team. We are guided toward our clients and build our approaches to satisfy their expectations thoroughly. ”

One of was once the essential points to satisfy customers’ expectations of excellent service, Sergey claims, is a strategic full-cycle process. This means that the lifecycle within the project — from construction, design, equipment purchasing, that will installation the configuration, personalization, and servicing the customer’s infrastructure in data centers — is completed by the company employees with out outstaffing or outsourcing in anyway.

In addition to enterprise-grade tech in addition to a generous SLA, SIM-Networks operates by using a focus on continuous originality. For example, Sergey said the provider is keeping a shut down eye on emerging traits in multicloud architecture together with containerization. “We explore both individuals — likely, the next step of your evolution will be in those types of directions, ” he says.

An International Team Maintaining the top Levels of Professionalism

Despite the fact that SIM-Networks and Netversor GmbH happen to be headquartered in Germany, the provider also has an office environment in Kyiv, Ukraine, and employees internationally. Sergey said the team is made up of talented, competent, and productive employees that happen to be inspired by the company’s complete mission and corporate attitudes. The company strives to foster a reliable working environment that boosts continuous growth.

“We work hand in glove amongst each other regardless of geographical locale, age, gender, and etc, ” he said. “There is one criterion to become a part of our team — to generally be competent, honest, and self-motivated. ”

Part of the company’s look into professionalism includes a obligation to staffing employees 24×7, seven days a 7-day period, and 365 days each year, without ever relying on outsourced client service. The SIM-Networks SLA guarantees the provider will take financial job for poor service, so there’s no room to have any chances relating to staffing.

Staff photosSIM-Networks is run by just a friendly staff of focused, talented employees.Sergey said SIM-Networks places its full trust in its internal employees. “All for my employees, including B2B sales and profits managers, the marketing area, the HR department, the prospect care department, the management manager, project managers, any technical staff, are most of evangelists of SIM-Networks, ” she said.

In terms for corporate social responsibility, SIM-Networks works its charitable efforts regarding social programs, educational work, and nonprofit organizations the fact that work toward a nice and clean planet, foster a modern culture built on mutual adhere to, and help enhance any cultural values of civilization.

On the Horizon: Designs in Private and Cross types Cloud

The continuous internal enhancement process at SIM-Networks located mainly on the routine collection of customer feedback, as good as adapting to coming through industry trends and designs. For example, after the main release of SIM-Cloud, Sergey said the provider received questions from clients regarding backup tools.

After thoroughly researching the subject, the company’s infrastructure entrepreneurs designed SIM-Cloud BaaS, a Backup-as-a-Service solution for copying data into the cloud. Users have two options relating to data storage — the datacenter wherein their cloud infrastructure is certainly deployed or another Tier-III+ datacenter from a remote location.

“With the main option, BaaS Local, a computer owner gets a Recovery Point in time Objective (RTO) of 300GB to 600GB hourly and faster data healing period; with the second, BaaS Remote computer repair, the user gets RTO all the way to 150GB per hour together with enhanced security, ” Sergey says.

In addition to services, the company continually advancements its infrastructure when should ensure clients enjoy just about the most up-to-the-date, secure, and hassle-free treatments. Moving forward, Sergey said SIM-Networks will pursue to do what it should best: innovate.

“We arrange to pay more attention to generate private and hybrid fog up solutions — those are definitely the products many customers want in, ” he says. “We will also keep going enlarging our Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) past record, creating new products, together with intensively updating our commercial websites. ”.