Servers Australia Provides Hosting Solutions with Local Support and Uptime Guarantees to Help Businesses Scale

Servers Australia Provides Hosting Solutions with Local Support

TL; DR: Servers Australia launched in 2006 to make available businesses hosting with minimal latency, affordable price things, and receptive customer assist. When it was launched, many major players throughout Australia were charging substantial prices for offshore hosts. Servers Australia was confident who’s could offer superior assistance while fitting within a company budget. The company expanded its offerings to feature dedicated servers, colocation, and private cloud hosting through a datacenters. Servers Australia boasts an uptime guarantee, sensitive support, and scalable solutions for every single kind of client along with business. 

Totecs generates B2B and B2C internet commerce websites for clients offering anything from healthcare items to office equipment. Through its first four several years of operations (2001-2005), Totecs tallied $1 billion in sales over the sites it built. On the other hand, as it expanded, Totecs realized that B2B companies were hitting a ceiling on the online sales.

Buyers and suppliers still was required to reconcile purchase orders by way of invoices, complicating the income process. Totecs had systems available for the ecommerce internet sites it hosted, but the idea created SQUIZZ. com to completely automate buyer and supplier invoice transactions due to the B2B customers.

Totecs, operating out of Australia, hosted its data which has a service provider while managing a hardware when it presented SQUIZZ. com. The company quickly understood that it needed to identify a more efficient infrastructure option. It needed a web hosting service partner that offered prompt service and also a scalable growth model. The corporation also couldn’t afford just about any downtime or security weaknesses — especially while using types of clients the idea served.

Servers Australia logoServers Australia offers businesses comfort through robust support along with uptime guarantees.
Totecs researched international cloud agencies, but many of the greater companies wouldn’t guarantee 100% uptime, and their customer satisfaction didn’t get the ideal reviews. That’s why Totecs thought we would partner with Servers Australia due to the uptime guarantees, scalability, stability, and affordable price place.

“Our business continues growing, and I don’t have time for it to worry about server recovery time or managing hardware, ” explained Glenn Drew, Totecs CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, in a case analyze highlighting the company’s good results. “With Servers Australia, just about any issues are resolved speedily and effectively. We target what we do ideal, and we trust Servers Australia to perform what they do ideal. After six years, We’ve absolutely no complaints.

Servers Australia has created the most reliable and cost-effective Australian methods of dedicated servers, data copy, colocation, and private foriegn solutions. And it merchants data in its top-of-the-line community datacenters.

“We wanted to deliver 100% uptime, 24/7 assist, and not worry with what the market was undertaking. And so far, that’s paid back, ” said Jared Hirst, Hosts Australia CEO.

Servers Australia has surpassed its competitors by staying dedicated to affordability and in-country assistance. Today, Servers Australia provides Australian businesses which has a robust hosting option that’s safe and sound, reliable, and scalable.

Giving Support, Scalability, and Uptime Warranties

Three words describe your Servers Australia experience: assist, scalability, and uptime. It’s one thing for a company to experience a low price point or a modern product, but it’s rare to view a business combine both of people with excellent customer assistance.

The customer experience is the hub of Server Australia’s product or service. Not only can Australians get support from local providers that understand their troubles, but they talk for you to real Servers Australia employees who will be informed about the product or service.

In addition to assist, Servers Australia offers growth opportunities which consists of diverse options and scalable assistance levels. One of the initial ways it provides price for small customers can be through its cancellation discounted.

Screenshot of Servers Questionnaire servicesServers Australia has lots of features that can support clients from SMBs for you to enterprises.
“If a buyer cancels a server as well as we put stock throughout, the cancellation will move through, and then anyone in addition can just buy the idea. Developers can jump appropriate onto a bare-metal option without paying retail price ranges, ” Jared said.

Servers Australia makes sure that its products are available, and it has developed creative techniques for finding its products to people that care about reliability along with speed.

“Our private cloud offering will be the only solution in Australia containing 100% guaranteed uptime over multiple datacenters, ” Jared explained.

It’s hard to overcome 100% uptime guaranteed, especially when Servers Australia is really the only host in Australia which offers it across multiple datacenters even though keeping its prices cut-throat.

Australian Datacenters with Local Customer satisfaction

When Servers Australia entered the market industry in 2006, Australia had limited hosting choices — most with high latency. The 1st problem was that nearly all providers had moved his or her datacenters offshore. That ended in lower speeds and more slowly responses in Australia, and Servers Australia didn’t see why that needed to be the case.

Servers Australia built its datacenters nearer to its service locations in order to meet its 100% uptime goal — something hadn’t existed before throughout Australia. The speeds ended up higher, and the security was more robust than the on-perm alternatives used before.

“I’ve never got word of a server being stolen beyond a datacenter, ” Jared explained.

Screenshot of some Hosts Australia locationsServers Australia has datacenters located throughout the country to provide high-latency assistance anywhere.
That’s because datacenters typically give a higher level of physical security on a bunch of their servers.

Servers Australia has multiple datacenters disseminate across Australia. In 2015, the corporation began to focus additional on dedicated servers and built an avid datacenter to host 6, 000 for you to 7, 000 white packing containers. Servers Australia also widened its colocation services using other Equinix datacenters, dedicated dedicated servers and foreign solutions.

Servers Australia not simply built its datacenters throughout Australia, but it also hired local back-up and support representatives. While other hosts may make it harder to jump on the phone with somebody inside same country, Servers Australia customers know they might talk to someone who understands them which enable it to address their concerns along with questions.

American hosting firms have attempted to buy up Servers Australia’s datacenters and production multiple times, but the corporation has always turned those people offers down. Servers Australia strives to hold the interests of its customers as well as country at heart.

Hosts Australia: A Powerful Replacement for the Public Cloud

The population cloud offers acceptable solutions for several clients, but larger companies that need to manage vast degrees of data are often overcharged over the rigid plans of intercontinental hosts. Servers Australia in concert with those companies to build out plans that works for them and options that can scale alongside any company — from SMB for you to enterprise.

“Everyone is rushing to advance to the cloud as well as some centralized server, but we take a bit of a different approach along with say, ‘It’s great to advance to the cloud, nevertheless what’s your DR prepare? What’s your backup prepare? What if a user goes in and deletes the most essential piece of data your small business owns, ’” Jared explained.

Many companies don’t acquire backup plans until it’s way too late. With cyber attacks going up, having a backup plan is just about the most effective ways to handle ransom ware. If a company has a secure backup of the data which a hacker is holding hostage, it doesn’t ought to pay anything to access a data.

Servers Australia helps companies that need a long-term game plan for handling a substantial amount data. And those companies often see that Servers Australia’s price options make additional sense than the general public cloud.

“We know our product is often a niche. Nobody else is intending to do what we’re undertaking, ” Jared said.

Knowing that business model has played out out well for Servers Australia as well as Australian customers.