SentiOne: A Social Listening and Customer Service Automation Platform Hosted in the Cloud

SentiOne: A Social Listening and Customer Service Automation Platform Hosted in the Cloud

TL; DR: SentiOne is a company of AI-powered social listening and customer satisfaction automation tools designed to help you businesses better engage buyers. Social listening, data analytics, chatbots, speech bots, and omnichannel support support brands monitor and reply to the activities of the two clients and their levels of competition. These cloud-hosted services are especially vital this can ability to support brands in a very rapidly expanding ecommerce market place and remote workplace

Black Friday has never been to the faint of heart. You’re stumbling out of bed early to wait throughout long outdoor lines, keeping away from shouting matches between needy customers, and forking over money for things you possibly will not need in the name of an deal.

Set against the setting of this year’s ongoing pandemic and tough economy, the scene is a great deal more grisly. Packed lines create social distancing impossible. More restrictive budgets make needless wasting more reckless.

And those people yelling matches? According on the National Center for Biotechnology Data, forceful exhalations from the infected person, including coughs, sneezes, along with shouting, can cause a tremendous number of coronavirus particles to get lodged into the air flow.

SentiOne logoSentiOne empowers brands to be close to their buyers, even through a video display.
It’s no wonder a large number of retailers are shifting his or her Black Friday events on-line. Fortunately, a web-based Black Feb 5th doesn’t mean retailers can’t be closely associated with their shoppers.

Companies like SentiOne help it become easy to gather input from a customers and react thus to their needs via automation. The company’s platform gives a clear view of buyer conversations occurring on several web channels, including social websites, news sites, blogs, along with forums.

“It’s all about to be able to be closer to them, ” said Agnes Uba, Product or service Marketing Manager at SentiOne. “We can present you with data and insights about them, whether in terms of your respective brand, your competition, or the trends in the marketplace. Then we save anyone time and resources while using online customer service methods. ”

SentiOne’s online being attentive tools, omnichannel integration, and conversational bots help it become easier than ever to look at customer service to a higher level as shoppers migrate on-line at unprecedented rates.

The main Focus: A Social Media Google search

SentiOne was co-founded throughout 2011 by two computer science students the other business student on a mission to make the Google of social websites.

“They were looking to crawl social websites and analyze the many various mentions, comments, opinions, opinions, and customer communication on social websites, web forums, new internet sites, blogs — everything, ” Agnes explained. “So that’s what that they did. They decided to pursue the thinking behind online monitoring, and became one of several first Eastern European firms of its kind. ”

Social websites analytics screenshotSentiOne’s social advertising analysis helps users gauge performance determined by several variables.
The company has experienced rapid growth within the last few nine years. Today, the SentiOne can be found in 26 languages and boasts over 500 clients, mainly inside Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.

Angus told us that SentiOne serves as being a go-to platform for market place discovery. Say, for occasion, that L’Oréal Paris is the product development stage for the new type of lipstick.

“With SentiOne, they might scan for online ideas about any lipstick as well as any beauty product to discover what colors are trending, which packaging, branding, messaging, design — whatever it is — so they are able to see what’s selling, ” the girl said. “It’s part online research and market research, but without continuously and money spent in focus groups. ”

SentiOne substantially improves accessibility in a number of ways. Since it’s hosted for the cloud, there’s no should download software. Each user simply logs onto the system via their visitor. And, because a big selection of social media platforms might be integrated into the podium, it provides one convenient method to obtain customer truth.

Discover, Reply, and Automate via AI

Agnes told us that this customer service portion in the SentiOne platform came caused by customer feedback.

Thread management screenshotThe platform’s carefully thread management dashboard displays incoming request in a flash.
“They said, ‘Listen, it’s cool we can monitor online says of my brand, but I so want to reply to all those people questions, opinions, and opinions. I’d love to end up in the discussion, ’” the girl said. “So, a number of years ago, we launched our second distinctive line of products, SentiOne React, an online customer satisfaction tool where we combine various digital channels. ”

Using React, users can join online discussions on an array of social media channels, which include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, electronic mail and online forums, and also other outlets. Users can answer all channels through one particular brand management tool, so that it is easy to avoid downturn, build customer relationships, along with keep customers loyal.

EIT Digital Challenge Finalist GraphicSentiOne was selected as being a finalist in the EIT Digital camera Challenge.

After implementing your React tool, SentiOne users began asking about ways of manage customer requests. Many were overwhelmed with the volume of requests these folks were receiving across various routes. That’s when the company’s third production, SentiOne Automate, came one’s.

“We managed to risk-free public grant money pertaining to research, so we have your own team of 30 people specializing in AI and natural language processing (NLP) we use to analyze everything that’s happening in wording, ” Agnes said. “We in addition built voice and chatbots, which in turn typically handle 30% for you to 40% of customer asks. ”

A Data-Driven Company Dedicated to Accuracy

Spearheaded by laptop or computer science buffs, SentiOne has become technologically driven. “We are very proud becoming a deeply tech-oriented company — that’s the core in the business, ” Agnes explained.

In November, SentiOne announced that this company had been decided on a finalist in EIT Digital’s distinguished EIT Digital Challenge. The corporation was recognized for their cutting-edge chatbot technology, rapid growth in AI-based customer satisfaction automation, and ability for you to facilitate digital transformation throughout Poland’s top banks through COVID-19.

“We’ve been implementing AI in your software before it did start to get sexy, ” Agnes explained. “We have it in your technology and our cultural listening tool. We have sentiment analysis, where each of our algorithm can detect no matter whether an online conversation can be positive, negative, or basic. It can also find emotions. ”

SentiOne’s years in the marketplace put the company at a bonus data-wise. The company have been monitoring and measuring data sets of assorted emotions for nearly a decade. In the world involving AI, the more data you’ve got, the more accurate your results are going to be.

“We’ve integrated years involving publicly available data via social listening into each of our AI platforms, so our engine is quite accurate, ” Agnes explained.

SentiOne gathers data merely through official APIs. The company is fully compliant while using GDPR in its files handling and access permissions are managed with the platform owners and reviewed often.

“We are not encoding messages unless the company is has authorized their profile, ” she explained. “For the online buyer platform, brands have to authorize their accounts so you can collect data. But, all round, we are only checking and monitoring only what’s widely available. And also we are compliant tough API rules of Zynga, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ”

The corporation even offers various hosting options in order to meet GDPR requirements.

“All of our own social listening and our online customer satisfaction tools are hosted for the cloud, ” Agnes explained. “ However, the chatbot product might be hosted on a cloud service of your respective choice or on-premises on the infrastructure. Some of each of our clients, usually banks, specially in Europe, require a bunch of their data to be handled in Europe on the infrastructure. ”

A Target Expansion and Education

SentiOne’s ultimate goal should be to expand its customer starting, helping users worldwide check, react to, and automate the buyer experience.

“We’re trying to educate the market further precisely important it is to be very close to them, especially during a outbreak and lockdown, ” Agnes explained. “For us, that means commencing new markets. ”

SentiOne recently opened their first office in Mexico and is also conceptualizing a possible location inside growing MENA market.

“We’re currently raising a series A round, so I cannot reveal excessive, but we are expanding, ” she said.