WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Which is Better? (Comparison )

Did you know WordPress. com and WordPress. org are in reality two very different programs?

Often beginners confuse WordPress. com and also WordPress. org, which leads them to choose the wrong blogging platform for needs. Even those who know they are two different platforms have no idea of the differences between these.

We’re often asked by our users which can be the better platform: WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org. To aid answer that, we have created one of the most comprehensive comparison of totally free WordPress. com vs WordPress. org (self-hosted version).

Our goal is always to highlight the key distinctions between WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org, so you can select the right platform for your wants.

Self hosted WordPress. org compared to free WordPress. com

Since selecting the most appropriate platform is crucial to your online success, we have created one of the most detailed comparison of WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org (text evaluation, table-based comparison, and the full infographic).

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Having said in which, let’s take a go through the differences between self-hosted WordPress. org compared to WordPress. com.

WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org (Infographic)
Self-hosted WordPress. org compared to Free WordPress. com

Take note: This infographic and write-up compare the powerful self-hosted WordPress. org with all the free WordPress. com internet hosting service. You can discover additional functionality in WordPress. com by upgrading with their paid service. We have highlighted those features at the same time.

WordPress. com vs WordPress. org Evaluation

The best way to know the difference between WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org is to have a look at each platform individually.

WordPress. org

WordPress. org otherwise known as “the real WordPress”, is the popular website platform which you have heard all the great things about.

It is an open-source computer software, and it’s 100% free proper to use. All you will need is a domain name and hosting. This is why it is generally known as self-hosted WordPress.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of using the self-hosted WordPress. org to create your website or website.

WordPress. org Benefits

Together with WordPress. org, you have full control of one’s website. You are free to accomplish anything you want and customize it up to you need.

Here are a number of the benefits of choosing WordPress. org to create your website, and exactly why it is our #1 pick to find the best website builder.

  • The WordPress computer software is free, open-source, and super user friendly. (See why is WordPress totally free? )
  • You own your internet site and all its info. Your site will NOT be deterred because someone decides it is against their terms regarding service (as long while not doing something illegal). You might be in full control.
  • You can free, paid, and custom WordPress plugins / apps aimed at your web.
  • You can use customize your internet site design as needed. You can any free or premium WordPress theme that you would like. You can also generate completely custom designs or modify anything that you would like.
  • You can actually make money using your WordPress site by running your own personal ads without sharing earnings with anyone.
  • You are able to use powerful tools like Yahoo Analytics for custom analytics and also tracking.
  • You can use self-hosted WordPress to generate an online store to offer digital or physical goods, accept credit card repayments, and deliver / ship items directly from your internet site.
  • You can also generate membership sites and promote memberships for premium articles, courses, etc and build an online community around your website.

WordPress. org Downsides

There are a hardly any cons of using the particular self-hosted WordPress. org web site.

  • Like all websites, you will require web hosting. This is where your internet site files are stored on the net. Initially, the cost is just about $3-$10 per month. However as your internet site grows and gets a lot more traffic, the web hosting plan costs increase as expected, but then choosing making enough money to pay the costs.
  • You should install WordPress. Luckily hottest WordPress hosting companies offer you 1-click WordPress installation alternatives. You can also stick to our comprehensive tutorial on what to properly install WordPress.
  • You are responsible for updates. You can easily up-date your WordPress site by clicking on the up-date button (one-click), so it’s not a lot of work.
  • You are in charge of backups. Thankfully, there are a great deal of WordPress backup plugins that enable you to setup automatic backups.
  • The true cost of WordPress. org website varies according to what you are attempting to build (simple blog, collection website, eCommerce store, account site, etc). There may also be other factors like totally free templates vs premium web templates, free plugins vs quality plugins, etc.

On the lowest budget, you can build your website for as low as $46 per year. See our guide on what much does it really cost to create a WordPress website regarding full details.

For 99% regarding users, our recommendation is usually to use WordPress. org. See our guide on how to begin a website.

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WordPress. com

WordPress. com can be a hosting service created simply by Automatic, the company directed by WordPress co-founder, He Mullenweg. Because of the identical founder, often users befuddle WordPress. com with the favorite WordPress. org software.

The particular WordPress. com hosting program has 6 pricing ideas:

  • Free – Very constrained.
  • Personal – $48 annually
  • Premium – $96 annually
  • Business – $300 annually
  • Ecommerce – $540 annually
  • VIP – starting at $5000 each month
  • Let’s take a go through the pros and cons regarding WordPress. com.

WordPress. com Rewards

The free WordPress. com platform is an excellent choice for hobby bloggers and the ones starting a blog for family. Here are a number of the benefits of using WordPress. com:

  • It’s free for 3GB of space. After that you will need to switch to a paid policy for more storage space. (Personal plan $48 /year offers you 6GB, Premium plan $96/year offers you 13GB storage, or Business policy for $300/year for 200 GB storage).
  • You’ll not have to worry concerning updates or backups. WordPress. com will care for that.
    WordPress. com Downsides
  • There are several limits of free WordPress. com which usually differentiate it from WordPress. org. Below are a few of the disadvantages regarding using WordPress. com:
  • They will place ads on almost all free websites. Your people see those ads, and you don’t make money using it. If you don’t want your users to find out their ads, then it is possible to upgrade to a paid out WordPress. com plan (starting coming from $48 per year).
  • You’re not allowed to sell ads on your own website, which severely limits approaches to monetize your site. In the event you run a high targeted traffic site, then you can submit an application for their advertising program referred to as WordAds where you share revenue using them. Premium and Business plan users are able to use WordAds right away.
  • You can not upload plugins. Free program users get built-in Jetpack characteristics pre-activated. Business plan users can install from a selection of compatible plugins ($300 and year). WordPress. com VIP program allows you to install plugins, and it starts from $5000 each month.
  • You cannot upload custom made themes. Free plan users can only install from your limited free themes assortment. Premium and business plan users also can select premium themes. You can find limited customization options for your free version. Premium and Business plan users are able to use custom CSS.
    You are on a their stats. You cannot add Yahoo Analytics or install any powerful tracking platform. Enterprise plan users can put in Google Analytics.
  • Free WordPress. com sites feature a WordPress. com branded subdomain (e. gary. https: //yourwebsite. wordpress. com). You’ll need a paid plan to acquire a custom domain name (e. gary https: //www. yourwebsite. com).
  • They can delete your site whenever you want if they think which it violates their terms regarding service.
    Your site can display a powered simply by WordPress. com link. It could be removed by upgrading for the Business plan.
  • WordPress. com will not offer any eCommerce characteristics or integrated payment gateways until you switch to the online business plan.
  • You cannot develop membership websites with WordPress. com.
  • That you can see, the WordPress. com hosting platform is fairly limited when you’re around the free, personal, or also premium plan. To unlock a number of the more advanced features, you should be on the Business program ($300 per year) or around the VIP plan ($5000 every month).

WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org (FAQs)

Since it is a popular topic, and WPBeginner could be the largest free WordPress resource site for newbies, we get tons regarding questions regarding WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org.

We have done our far better answer the most faqs below:

WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org – Which can be Better?

If you certainly are a personal blogger, and you don’t value making money from your internet site, then go with the particular free WordPress. com.

In case you are a business or any blogger that wants to make money using your site, then we recommend while using the self-hosted WordPress. org. It gives you the particular freedom and flexibility to cultivate your website the method that you want.

While you will get several advanced features with all the WordPress. com Business plan ($300 / year per website), you can make in which money go much further over a self-hosted WordPress site which costs $46 annually.

In our expert view, WordPress. org is definitely the better platform. That’s the platform that all professional blogger, small company owner, and even big identify brands like Disney makes use of.

Can I Monetize Totally free WordPress. com Website?

WordPress. com does not enable you to run ads on totally free WordPress. com websites. In the event you run a high targeted traffic website, then you can join their particular WordAds program and discuss your ad revenue together with WordPress. com.

You can put some affiliate links on your own website, but that’s regarding it.

Basically, you have not a lot of options to monetize content on your own WordPress. com website.

Whilst with WordPress. org, you might have full control over articles management system, so you might have unlimited monetization options to your new website.

WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org – What type is better for Online business?

WordPress. org offers the best way to build an online business website. You can use WooCommerce to create your store or pick from many other WordPress online business, membership, and LMS extensions.

WordPress. com also offers a great eCommerce plan starting with $540 per year the hefty amount if you might be just getting started. It is still limited with regards to features, and you’ll must follow WordPress. com’s terms of services to your eCommerce store.

See our guide on how to begin an online store with out a high budget. It includes how to have your own domain for free along with all the current powerful features you need to grow online.

How should i start a WordPress. org Internet site?

To start a self-hosted WordPress internet site, you need a website and WordPress hosting.

A domain name can be your website’s address on the net such as google. com, wpbeginner. com, and so forth. Web hosting is where your internet site files are stored on the net.

We recommend using Bluehost regarding hosting your website because they’re one of the greatest web hosting companies on earth. They’re also an established WordPress. org recommended webhost. Last but not the very least, they’re offering our users a free of charge domain + free SSL + 60% away from on hosting.

For detail by detail instructions, you can checkout our own free guide on making a website.

If you will need help, WPBeginner team may also install WordPress and build your internet site for free. Learn more about how precisely our free WordPress website setup works.

Can My partner and i move from WordPress. com to be able to WordPress. org?

Often fresh users who don’t realize the difference between WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org end up you start with the free WordPress. com program. Once they see the limitations with the platform, they want to modify to “the Real WordPress” otherwise known as WordPress. org.

Yes, it is possible to definitely switch from WordPress. com to be able to WordPress. org and fairly easily move your entire content.

We have created a detail by detail guide on how to go your blog from WordPress. com to be able to WordPress. org, or you can benefit from our free blog create service, and we will transfer your website for free.

WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org – Conclusion

The best way to take into account the differences between WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org is the analogy of renting a residence vs. owning a residence.

WordPress. com is just like renting a house. You might have limited power and control over everything you can and cannot carry out.

WordPress. org is like having a house. Where you have got full control, no you can kick you out, and you may do anything that you need.

Below is the conclusion of everything we discussed above inside our self-hosted WordPress. org compared to WordPress. com comparison:

WordPress. com comparison
Final Thoughts

The confusion produced by similar domains: WordPress. com compared to WordPress. org is quite unfortunate for newbies. There is a lots of history behind the selections, and you can read more that in our article just how WordPress. com and WordPress. org are usually related.

Our hope is which you found this article beneficial in understanding the distinctions between WordPress. org and also WordPress. com.

We wish you good luck with your website and hope which you chose the right program: WordPress. org.

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