Bob Ruzinov Built RoseHosting and LinuxHostSupport to Offer High-Quality Server Solutions that Drive Business ROI

Bob Ruzinov Built RoseHosting and LinuxHostSupport to Offer High-Quality Server Solutions that Drive Business ROI

TL; DR: In earlier 2000s, Bob Ruzinov saw that this hosting industry was lost vital services, including assist and custom managed VPS alternatives for businesses. That’s why he designed RoseHosting and LinuxHost Support to deliver clients with a well-rounded procedure for maintaining their web profile. RoseHosting offers fast, safe and sound, and secure managed Linux VPS options to help you its clients easily range. And LinuxHost Support gives corporations robust support tools because of their Linux servers hosted using any provider. 

Inside early days of internet hosting, many individuals and companies devoted to getting the space they had to run their websites with the right price point. But gigabytes and monthly cost are simply two aspects of a complete strategy for building a site or an internet commerce business.

Speed, security, and support are merely as vital to good results. And that is something Bob Ruzinov found early on in your hosting industry. Bob had a good amount of experience with hosting vendors, and he saw that a majority of offered few benefits for you to customers who weren’t by now tech-savvy.

That’s why Bob set foot in to develop the services he thought were lacking in the marketplace.

When I launched Went up by Web Services in 2001 for the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, the principle objective was to give you a new hosting experience which has a focus on quality along with user-friendliness, primarily through each of our fully managed support crew, ” Bob said.

RoseHosting along with LinuxHostSupport logosRoseHosting and LinuxHostSupport present businesses with holistic web hosting service and support services.
Went up by Web Services includes RoseHosting, which has been the first provider to make available Linux VPS hosting. What’s more, it includes LinuxHost Support, which helps those running Linux hosts on any hosting podium.

Both RoseHosting and LinuxHost Support combine to fulfill Bob’s goal of giving a holistic hosting experience which could guide customers all over the country process — from website names to server maintenance.

“Before many of us launched, web hosting along with web support were clunky along with limited experiences, ” Chad said. “You often had to watch out for solutions yourself and discover things as you select minimal support from the webhost. I wanted to change that by giving a simple, premium hosting experience where we put the buyer before everything else. ”

Knowning that mission continues as the two RoseHosting and LinuxHostSupport employ feedback from customers to formulate new services and put the advanced infrastructure businesses should thrive.

RoseHosting Offers VPS Possibilities and Managed Services

Linux servers are well-known for their stability, stability, and flexibility, and RoseHosting was the first on the globe to offer commercial Linux VPS web hosting service services. And the company has added many options as the web web hosting service landscape has shifted in the past.

“The continuous evolution to faster servers plus the transition from hard computer storage to solid-state hard drive was a drastic adjust in how servers ended up priced, advertised, and obtained, ” Bob said. “The very same shift happened when issues moved to NVMe (Non-Volatile Recollection Express) recently, although the general adoption in the marketplace is still very minimal. ”

NVMe increases server performance by speeding up access to data. As it has applications in a lot of industries, NVMe can be transformative for the people dealing with data analytics as well as emerging technologies.

Screenshot from RoseHosting websiteRoseHosting gives businesses confidence which consists of managed solutions and uptime promise.
RoseHosting’s adoption of NVMe followed its forward-thinking procedure for SSD hosting when the idea emerged.

“We always target providing the highest good quality hosting services, which is why we were one of several first to offer entire SSD hosting, ” Chad said. “And now, NVMe is just about the fastest hosting options offered. Our latest-generation high-end computer hardware ensures a consistently substantial performing experience for our customers. ”

The right hardware is merely half of the situation, though. RoseHosting completes its motivation to customers with support and also a customized approach that applies their interests and requires first.

That personalization is vital to Bob, who set out to differentiate his business through its hitting the ground with customers.

“We don’t take care of our clients as figures or statistics, but rather as individuals with their
unique wishes and expectations of our own service, ” Bob explained. “They can focus in running their business along with let our Linux authorities run their servers. ”

LinuxHost Support supplies that for RoseHosting buyers, and it is incorporated into every package sold with the host. But its support is usually available as a standalone service to help you any business running Linux servers — regardless of where they’re hosted.

LinuxHostSupport Provides Linux Server Assistance for all those Businesses

Bob understood early on that a majority of hosting companies only provided taking care of of what individuals and businesses needed to be successful online. While RoseHosting is often a holistic service that comes with a well-rounded hosting experience, LinuxHost Support delivers the missing part of the puzzle for corporations hosted elsewhere.

If a firm already has an founded relationship with another web hosting service vendor, they can still control the expertise of LinuxHost Support to hold their operations running effortlessly.

“I have been within this industry for more than 2 decades, and I have yet to view another hosting company while using same — or comparable — a higher level personalized technical support, ” explained Bob.

LinuxHost Support has various options for businesses, including its monthly server management plans — cover anything from basic to all-inclusive assist. And for businesses which may have rare but urgent assist needs, LinuxHost Support provides per-incident services which include server migration, SSL installing, and PCI and submission audits.

Screenshot from LinuxHostSupport websiteLinuxHostSupport supplies clients with expert-level support regardless of where they host their hosts.
It also provides additional granular server management along with support services, including starting and configuring WordPress internet sites. And after sites are working, LinuxHost Support takes care involving updates, backups, security, along with optimization.

More than 65 hosting companies leverage LinuxHost Support to help their customers as well as experts manage over 6, more than 200 servers. Support experts are available 24/7/365 to support ensure servers run in maximum efficiency and troubles get immediate attention.

And RoseHosting customers have LinuxHost Support at no further cost, streamlining their workflow even more and adding efficiencies which could positively impact their net profit.

“Most of our web hosting service customers very quickly realize they just don’t need their own in-house server management team if your same is provided by simply our expert Linux admins no cost, ” said Bob. “Additionally, that will arrangement can significantly enhance their ROI. ”

Developing Responsive Tools and Solutions Determined by Customer Feedback

RoseHosting and LinuxHostSupport combine to generate a safe, fast, and supportive foundation pertaining to businesses that enjoy the main advantages of Linux servers. But both carry on and research trends and develop features determined by both emerging technologies and customer opinions.

“I’d say it’s break up around 60% to 40% involving client requests and sector trends. We always need to hear what our consumers need from our solutions, and we learn precisely what matters most through our frequent hitting the ground with them, ” Bob explained. “Sometimes, we run customer surveys to help you us understand what that they expect and what changes they really want. That, combined with our ongoing monitoring of trends in internet hosting, gives us an idea of what we should instead focus on next. ”

Bob said RoseHosting is now developing features and services due to the product line to provide businesses more hosting flexibility. And LinuxHost Support plans to remain offering the most sturdy Linux support entrepreneurs can find — regardless of where their servers are based.

And while the company is actually focused on the potential, it also has a number of significant developments coming rapidly.