The ResellerClub: A One-Stop Shop for Everything Web Professionals Need — From Reseller Programs to Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting

The ResellerClub: A One-Stop Shop for Everything Web Professionals Need — From Reseller Programs to Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated HostingTL; DR: Any ResellerClub delivers a range of reseller programs, urls, and hosting solutions the fact that web professionals and businesses can implement to build and maintain an intense online presence. The India-based company serves around 200, 000 users internationally, including designers, developers, holding providers, and SMBs. By using a customer-focused approach to internal development in addition to a quickly expanding product range, ResellerClub aims to continually provide an array of relevant online solutions which is designed to fit every need.

In the U. Verts. alone, entrepreneurs launch more than half a million small businesses month for month in every variety imaginable, from gourmet bakeries together with coffee shops to doggie grooming and car service businesses.

The ResellerClub logoThe ResellerClub caters to web professionals.Despite your wildly different product together with service offerings, the owners of them startups typically have on thing in common: When it comes that will building and maintaining an online presence, they favor a do-it-for-me (DIFM) approach across the do-it-yourself (DIY) model.

“Most SMBs are impacted by web professionals, such mainly because designers, developers, IT service providers, and agencies, for your online needs, ” says Manish Dalal, Senior Vice Director and Managing Director, APAC, within the ResellerClub.

Launched in 2006, the ResellerClub was designed to provide various web-presence solutions to assistance these professionals better deliver their SMB clients. Glasses are designed the India-based business remains guided toward web professionals, it has evolved suitable full-service provider of web services which is designed to fit the wide-ranging necessities of 200, 000 users internationally.

As a one-stop buy for unlocking the power within the web, the ResellerClub offers everything its customers will need to build and maintain an online presence, from reseller programs, urls, and hosting solutions that will website builders, themes, together with plugins. As the provider approaches its 14th birthday, its overarching goal could be to continue to expand a product suite through customer-centric bodily development techniques.

A Range of Solutions Designed to Build as well as Online Presence

The ResellerClub’s history has long been one of continual growing. Soon after its unveiling, Manish said the company became also known as an affordable pioneer during the domain space — quite the feat at this time when such services came with a hefty price indicate.

“We quickly grew to generally be among the Top 10 Domain Name Registrars worldwide by 2007, ” she said. “We also expanded our product portfolio in adding web hosting and servers regarded as. ”

It wasn’t long leading to a company’s affordable goods and services attracted 15, 000 reseller customers hoping to enable their SMB clients to come back online. Each year helped bring forth more customers together with services.

By just 2012, the ResellerClub added shared hosting plans to better deliver its 40, 000 users. By 2016, the provider had introduced VPS, concentrated, and cloud hosting to the audience of 76, 000 users. And, in 2017, it unveiled website creation services to a client base of 91, 000.

At this time, the company aims to present more than 200, 000 web professionals with several products in addition towards a highly intuitive and economical management experience. Manish said to us that, over any years, the changing necessities of ResellerClub customers own prompted the company’s background.

“Over time, we pointed out that customers were no for a longer period merely reselling hosting or simply domains (the services we guided toward when we started), ” she said. “They began to present other web services alongside hosting and domains, together with development and design, together with add-ons like digital records and backup solutions. ”

Covering 200, 000 Web Professionals Internationally

The ResellerClub dubbed this new breed of online specialists “web individuals. ” To ensure the provider could continue to encounter their demands, Manish said the team began doing a redesign of a legacy control panel by using a focus on the fashionable user.

“After a year or so of development, which included a lot of time of interviews with some of our resellers and intensive operator testing, we unveiled our innovative WebPro Panel that contains easy management of requirements, quick billing, advanced prospect management, and more — perfect for the modern web professional player, ” Manish said.

Any project, which Manish said is on the hearts of almost most people on his team, will be updated with additional features next year — underscoring any company’s devotion to making web professionals at the middle of its brand.

Meeting every web professional's needsThe ResellerClub is devoted to providing designers, developers, and hosting providers the webs resources their clients have.“Our Reseller Program can help us take this philosophy forward simply because it provides web professionals by using a single platform to sell an array of products, ” he says. “We encourage them get started on reselling some or all these products and eventually put together their business toward many other web services, such mainly because design, development, IT direction, etc. ”

Part of being a good one-stop provider means empowering customers to choose between numerous solutions, as well mainly because educating them on coming through technologies. To that last part, Manish said the ResellerClub has launched programs which include Ctrl+F5, an India-based summit for designers and administrators; and SiteWars, a global website creation contest.

“All our products and services, services, events, content, and system updates happen to be rolled out with online pros as our projected audience, ” he said. “The biggest advantage that many of us provide is bringing together the appropriate set of goods and services as well as events and avenues to build web professionals to networking, learn, and form partners. ”

Customer-Focused Internal Enhancement

Manish said 100% within the company’s internal development progression, which includes updating products and services, adding features, and applying new ideas into construction, is based on adapting to industry trends together with listening carefully to comments from customers.

“Every new product unveiling, every new system advance, every piece of material, every event is done to either adapt to a trend or is driven by comments from customers, ” he said. “The WebPro Panel visited fruition after multiple sitdowns with customers to understand your business models, their necessities, and their pain-points. ”

Equally, the company’s blog material, event sessions, and workshops are structured influenced by careful consideration of customers’ necessities. The biggest testament to the current commitment, Manish said, was the 2018 launch within the company’s mobile app, which had been developed in response to one of its most numerous requests.

Rapidly changing trends during the tech sector also play a major role in product development within the ResellerClub. “Evolving with promote trends and changing prospect needs has helped individuals stay relevant, and a great part of this is continually updating and refreshing any suite of products that many of us offer customers, ” Manish says.

For example, he cited Big Data and also Internet of Things (IoT) — several trending technologies that request the scalable data storage containers facilities and efficient product management platforms inherent during cloud hosting.

“In 2016, ResellerClub took the plunge and added Cloud Hosting to your product suite, which comes along with the flexibility of scalable solutions like RAM and PROCESSOR, ” Manish said. “Since consequently, we’re proud to mention it’s been a top-selling product during the India market. ”

An anniversary Celebration and Expanding System Suite

The ResellerClub is a natural part of Endurance International Group (EIG), a Massachusetts-based category of international brands such mainly because HostGator, Bluehost, BigRock, together with LogicBoxes. “The vision at EIG is without question to empower small businesses to build online, which is similar vision that ResellerClub keeps going with, ” Manish says.

Specifically, the ResellerClub aims that they are the de facto choice for any web professionals by empowering them with relevant together with useful tools, such when the recently launched WebPro Board.

“You will continue to observe new and relevant product categories added across the next few years, ” Manish says. “We have also been working hard on improving customer working experience on all fronts alongside keeping our product infrastructure state-of-the-art. ”

The ResellerClub has reason to generally be excited about the near future. The company will be represented at among the many largest cloud and online technology-focused events in South east asia, Cloudbazaar, in Mumbai the December, where the squad will engage resellers, support learning sessions, and pass out swag.

And in Feb, the company will memorialize its 14th anniversary. “We can be back with pride for our journey, our enlarging product suite, and the resellers we’ve partnered with gradually, ” he said. “We’re hoping to build it an unforgettable gathering. ”.