Drive Better Decision-Making with PipeCandy’s Market Intelligence for Ecommerce and Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Drive Better Decision-Making with PipeCandy’s Market Intelligence for Ecommerce and Direct-to-Consumer CompaniesTL; DR: PipeCandy tracks nearly one particular million ecommerce companies and a huge number of direct-to-consumer brands to provide users while using market intelligence they must make data-driven business judgements. The company makes the idea possible to track internet commerce companies, assess market probable, and map conversion effects via online merchant along with audience sensibility graphs. As PipeCandy is constantly on the build out its brand-new Customer & Market Analytics Podium (CAMP), the company is poised to deliver vast insight into on-line audiences, segments, their getting behaviors, and their opponent strategies. 

Ecommerce sales have increased steadily within the last few 20 years, with over 2. 14 billion people worldwide expected to purchase merchandise and services online by simply 2021, according to Statista.

Throughout light of recent situations, that figure will probable trend upward. After most, the fears of those people once hesitant to dive in the world of online shopping are actually usurped by a increased threat: the global coronavirus outbreak.

“A few years rear, ecommerce was still a rather new industry, ” explained Ashwin Ramasamy, Co-Founder along with CMO at PipeCandy. “COVID-19 has changed that will with everyone staying home wherever possible; it has essentially fast-forwarded the industry by seven or nine years. ”

PipeCandy logoPipeCandy supplies ecommerce and direct-to-consumer company research that helps buyers find sweet success.It follows that pros and brands from numerous industries — logistics, promoting, financial services, retail, technological, and beyond — are scrambling to generate sense of the latest state of ecommerce by way of merchant data, consumer files, competitor analysis, predictive analytics, and survey.

PipeCandy offers all of these and more, making the idea possible to track internet commerce companies, assess market probable, and map conversion tendencies via online merchant along with audience sensibility graphs.

“If you’re aiming to understand the ecommerce panorama, we have the ideal data, because we are exclusively devoted to tracking millions of internet commerce companies and brands, ” Ashwin explained. “Be it for market place intelligence, corporate strategy, as well as informing go-to-market positions, we’ve got the data you have to have. If you are beyond that period and want to expand, we have the analytics and customer data that may help you do so. ”

PipeCandy sits inside sweet spot between traditional survey firms that rely in focus groups and cells and analytics consulting firms which could only analyze data. The company helps makes with GTM strategies based without treatment data and analysis involving competitors and consumer portions (through its sensibility chart model). PipeCandy then extends that to your DIY model using their new Customer & Market place Analytics Platform (CAMP) while customers grow.

Track Internet commerce Merchants and Map Alteration Trends

PipeCandy, founded by simply Ashwin, Murali Vivekanandan, along with Shrikanth Jagannathan, officially popped for business in June 2016.

But the company’s story began in the heart of 2015 when Ashwin, and then running the B2B software developer marketplace ContractIQ, needed a means to find relevant leads for a huge number of developers. Just a number of miles away, his close friend Murali, the founder involving Ideas2IT, was looking for a means to gather data on leads.

At the end involving 2015, Ashwin and Murali traveled to Bangalore in order to meet Shrikanth, Ashwin’s colleague via grad school. By March of 2016, the trio conceptualized PipeCandy and officially registered the market industry intelligence startup.

Today, PipeCandy is much greater lead-generation service. The firm scores prospects for objective signals, boosts returns through account-based marketing campaigns, tracks ecommerce and direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands over the world, and provides countless insights on everybody.

PipeCandy shown on a new MacBook ProThe company supplies in-depth predictive analytics, survey, and lead generation.“You can imagine us as similar for you to ZoomInfo, but specifically devoted to discovering ecommerce companies along with D2C brands, ” Ashwin explained. “We started PipeCandy because we saw to be able to really map out the industry and help sales distributors better pitch their stories to these lenders.

PipeCandy casts a broad net in relation to collecting data on internet commerce businesses. The company’s Insights Platform was built through the ground up to deliver home elevators revenue, market positioning, buyer experience strategies, shipping plans, distribution strategies, price setting, and assortment strategies, among a number of other metrics and benchmarks.

“Our interest is tracking everything you have to know about an ecommerce firm, covering all the intricacies, ” Ashwin said. “Do they have curbside pickup, do they have subscriptions? Are they a new multi-brand ecommerce company? These are just a few of the 70-plus attributes we track. ”

Customers seeking answers relevant to distinct ecommerce categories or home elevators competitors can receive tailor made research and reports tailored thus to their unique business needs.

On-line Brand Insight and Viewers Sensibility Graphs

In Drive, PipeCandy announced the kick off of its Brand Awareness Graph API, a tool that will aid ad networks, financial solutions firms, D2C brands, client packaged goods (CPG) firms, and retailers capture thorough data on ecommerce along with D2C segments.

“This graph notifys you about the ecommerce company — what these are selling, where they sell it, how much these are selling, who they are working with for payments along with fulfillments, et cetera, ” Ashwin explained.

In addition to your Brand Insights Graph API, PipeCandy is usually launching Consumer Perception along with Sensibility Modeling datasets. This specific resource will identify matters that matter to shoppers, segments targeted by opponents, and product ideas the person might be losing — ultimately adding a whole new dimension to customer files.

Graphic reading: Unlock unique intel in every ecommerce company you're aware about, and the ones anyone aren'tPipeCandy allows users gain access to new sales and promoting opportunities.“If you’re acquiring, for example, KIND Watering holes, it’s likely that you love consuming natural ingredients and living proper lifestyle in general, ” Ashwin explained. “Essentially, when you come up with a purchase, you’re projecting your values over the brand you’re buying. Your brand choices give you a shortcut to your valuations. ”

That’s where PipeCandy’s brand-new Customer Data Platform (CDP) also comes in, helping users understand all the about their audiences as it can be.

“CDP helps customers discover lookalike audiences, ” Ashwin explained. “If you’re selling pilates pants, you might need to sell them to a similar audience buying KIND Bars — given that they also care about wellbeing. The CDP is letting you do things like that will. We don’t just present data about brands; this site offers data for brands. ”

Continuing to formulate a Cutting-Edge Customer Files Platform

Moving forward, PipeCandy is continuing to focus on CAMP, which the company predicts will build a paradigm shift in your ad tech space, especially regarding the ability to learn segments and target audiences without depending upon cookies.

“If you are an ecommerce company or possibly a brand, you should be capable of market to a segment of a single, ” Ashwin said. “You want to know the propensity of a buyer segment’s interest in your product and discover why they buy your product or service or their substitutes. You have to know the channels they by now hang out in and be able to talk their language. Doing this today is left on the expertise of the professional. But there is enough data to reach at these insights. That’s what CAMP enables but with the fraction of the price tag on a consulting firm or possibly a complex mix of third-party files and analytics solution costing over the quarter million — which in turn a D2C brand are not able to afford! ”

“Within a couple of years due to phasing beyond third-party cookies, you are not able to advertise for a audiences by tracking their actions online, ” Ashwin said. “That’s why were building out a market place analytics and audience message sensibility solution that assists you to understand who your buyers are, identify lookalike audiences by having a private marketplace, and boost your acquisition strategy. ”.