PeoplesHost Takes a Tailored Approach to Ecommerce Hosting with Consistent Service and Competitive Prices

PeoplesHost Takes a Tailored Approach to Ecommerce Hosting with Consistent Service and Competitive Prices

TL; DR: PeoplesHost was founded to make available fast, reliable, and competitively charged solutions for SMBs. While hosting companies compete drive an automobile prices lower, PeoplesHost actively seeks business customers that price service and reliability in the cheapest price point. PeoplesHost also provides free site migrations, a part of why they have seen steady year-over-year expansion since its launch. 

Many hosting companies launch with the objective of growing as fast when they can. That may include rental servers and stretching themselves thin to arrive at every corner of your global market.

Those companies can also compete directly with various other value hosting providers that try and increase access and lessen price — all even though service and support fall with the wayside.

PeoplesHost takes some other approach to hosting by utilizing the right business buyers and providing robust service at the competitive price. The host owns every one of its infrastructure, which allows it to take care of higher levels of assistance and fulfill its pledges.

It also doesn’t tackle hosting providers that offer unlimited plans with the lowest price points. After a while, customers with those plans know that, without restrictions, servers could possibly be jammed up at certain times of the day. As can often be the case with web hosting service, things that sound too good to get true usually are.

The PeoplesHost logoPeoplesHost supplies its clients with reputable hosting and support at the reasonable price.
In supplement to receiving free internet site migrations, businesses that help PeoplesHost know and they might always reach a real person after they call for help. Because hosting customers still find it hard to get someone at stake, PeoplesHost provides real associates to help you solve problems.

“We were only available in October of 2015, so we’ve been at it for assorted years. There are a million internet hosting companies out there, and we’re devoted to providing our ecommerce along with business customers the fastest and quite a few reliable services, ” explained Adam Bryner, Founder involving PeoplesHost.

Because it doesn’t try and cater to every probable customer, PeoplesHost has built a reputation for utilizing discerning customers who propose its services to various other businesses. PeoplesHost lets its services speak for themselves as an alternative to developing big-budget marketing activities and aggressive sales approaches.

“All of our options are scalable for every single kind of business option, and our customers are widely-used to no downtime, ” Adam explained.

Businesses understand that high-quality solutions often come at the price. But PeoplesHost keeps its prices competitive given it owns its servers along with infrastructure. That ownership also allows PeoplesHost to utilize easy-to-reach, informed customer assist representatives.

Hosting options that compete solely for the lowest price typically start their race to your value price by sacrificing speed and back-up and support. PeoplesHost provides both — as well as reasonably priced plans — by staying out of your fray and focusing in steadily growing its promotions and infrastructure.

Attracting Customers Through Service and Word of mouth marketing

It’s not often that will online service companies market place their services through word of mouth marketing, although that is often the simplest way to find the right firm. Marketing departments can create anything sound good, but real users can simplify their experiences and what others can get.

“We get our customers from word of mouth marketing. There are a wide range of big hosting companies around, but it’s hard to acquire on the phone through an actual person there every time a question does come way up, ” Adam said.

Hosting providers that target selling at the lowest possible price are getting to be notorious for being impossible to arrive at. It shouldn’t surprise folks that, if a company directs almost all of its resources to automation along with acquiring server space, there isn’t much left inside budget to implement a good customer success program.

Screenshot of PeoplesHost websiteBusinesses that use PeoplesHost recommend its services to people.
PeoplesHost was founded to generate a great product alongside a new stellar customer experience, which is the reason its clients have remained so very pleased with its service.

“We make sure to keep up our customers. When you call us, you’re not going to get on hold, ” Adam explained.

Some larger hosting firms have tried to reduce the human aspect by streamlining a product or service and building out written content flows to answer individual questions through chatbots along with AI technology. However, every time a unique problem or question happens, the customer may wait a very long time for a real reply. Though technology can remedy many problems, dedicated support staff can make users comfortable navigating brand-new systems.

Partnering with the correct Ecommerce Businesses

Many companies find that building a successful operation isn’t just about the services they offer. It is usually about the customers and vendors they help. Business is about human relationships, and both ends really should have the same level involving commitment.

That’s why PeoplesHost have been selective with its customer base in the first place. The company doesn’t shy away from the belief that it primarily serves SMBs and ecommerce companies but not every internet user which has a website.

“Our customers almost never write to support since they’re not running straight into lag, and the product is not hard to navigate, ” Adam explained. “We don’t work using blacklisted IPs, and so a great deal of our strategy is to just help the right customers, that happen to be mostly businesses that know what exactly they’re looking for coming from a hosting service. ”

Screenshot of PeoplesHost servicesPeoplesHost offers lots of features for its SMB buyers.
By partnering with decide on customers, PeoplesHost keeps their network clean and dissociated via blacklisted IPs. That approach also allows customers to acquire what they paid for because no single customer uses up a tremendous portion of the bandwidth.

PeoplesHost has generated a customer base of businesses that determine what they want, and they aren’t overloading the support staff given that they often receive even greater service than they estimated. For many companies, a hosting service is only as well as its uptime, and PeoplesHost also shines with 99. 9% uptime.

PeoplesHost: Sensitive Support and 99. 9% Uptime

Slow and steady growth has triggered more reliable service along with support, but a large portion of PeoplesHost’s success is prioritizing building the correct team.

PeoplesHost’s founders had ages of combined hosting expertise under their belt after they started the company. Possesses continued to invest in talent to develop the best product.

“We have a very small team, and everybody is well covered. And this leads to amazing customer satisfaction. But it also signifies that things run smoothly during the entire whole process because the team is purchased and maintaining our hosts, ” said Adam.

Service remains excellent because the people whom answer calls and emails are purchased the product and dealt with well, and that gets to each member of your team. There’s a different a higher level responsibility and care when employees feel as if they belong, and that is reflected in each of the host’s offerings.

From support to your near-perfect uptime rate, PeoplesHost still concentrates on the end goal of developing a great product at the competitive price. Instead to be distracted competing for customers which will only pay the most affordable price, PeoplesHost has built a premium hosting service, offering rapid speeds, stable servers, and friendly back-up and support. It’s a different structure than that of virtually all hosting providers, but many ecommerce companies still find it a breath of outside.