Oryon’s Web, Email, and Office 365 Hosting Empowers SMBs and Enterprises to Move Operations to the Cloud

Oryon’s Web, Email, and Office 365 Hosting Empowers SMBs and Enterprises to Move Operations to the Cloud

TL; DR: Modern hosting providers generally compete on services along with features, not necessarily price tag. That’s why Singapore-based Oryon delivers a handy mix of services, including web and email servers and in many cases integrated Office 365 along with Google Suite licenses. Oryon’s structure focuses on customer assistance first, with exceptionally high satisfaction scores over over 16 years in organization. Looking forward, Oryon aims to cope with the automatic scaling involving servers and high-available means — two enhancements that could benefit SMBs. 

Although most businesses don’t think it over, the technical infrastructure underpinning present day hosting industry has evolved considerably over the last two decades. Perhaps the most important change has been your commodification of services.

Price points for normal configurations have largely standardized through the market, so hosting providers must find various ways to differentiate themselves along with add value.

Oryon, launched in Singapore in 2004, concentrates on the enterprise and SMB markets which has a comprehensive product offering that will helps businesses move seamlessly on the cloud. Ryan Chua, Account manager Director of Oryon, said he believes that will service and features — in lieu of price points — are actually the key driver pertaining to his company’s success.

Oryon logoOryon offers SMBs comprehensive hosting services to relieve their move to your cloud.
“Hosting prices have been falling everywhere in the market, ” he explained. “It’s almost absurd to argue that you just gain value by cutting the prices of your services. We trust quality service for each of our members because customers like developing a partner instead of doing everything themselves. ”

The migration to cloud computing have been slow but steady over the last decade. It started with technological companies and progressed with other enterprises aiming to shed their in-house datacenters pertaining to managed solutions.

The challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic hastened a number of companies’ adoption of cloud-based computing given it allows them to deal with a virtual infrastructure via anywhere. There are zero on-prem servers, so no employees are needed on the job to manage them. The pandemic disruption prompted nearly 18% growth in consumer investing in cloud-first solutions.

Many providers offer a stock list of tools targeted at most common business use circumstances. Oryon, by contrast, provides various solutions for different requires, including licenses for widespread productivity tools from ‘microsoft’ and Google.

That means Oryon can support SMBs which has a broader range of services over a typical cloud provider, which include provisioning and managing volume-based software package licenses.

Optimize Workflows By way of Cloud-Hosted Business Components

A number of hosting providers tout his or her hardware ownership, implying that will companies using upstream seller cloud offerings can’t remain competitive on service and creating to order. Oryon takes a distinct approach — one the corporation believes is aligned which has a broader shift in your cloud-provider ecosystem.

“The biggest trend we’ve found thus far is moving almost all of the hosting providers from focused servers to cloud hosts, ” Ryan said. “Many hosting providers run in addition to the macro providers, which include Google, Microsoft Azure, along with AWS. So this will be the main difference, where the regular web hosting company actually jumps for the cloud itself. ”

Oryon in concert with customers and major cloud infrastructure providers to offer a more diverse variety of services that help organization and SMB clients. By way of example, Oryon’s managed-cloud service gives transparency regarding macro vendors (Equinix or AWS), supporting various CPU, disk, RAM, along with bandwidth choices. That includes the venue of the servers, that could be necessary for customers throughout regulated industries or international locations with strict data-privacy legal guidelines.

Screenshot of Oryon internet hosting bannerOryon offers the internet hosting services businesses need, which include cloud email and place of work tool integrations.
However, a firm that owns its individual hardware may never make known the locations of its datacenters or maybe reveal which specific server residences that customer’s data — at the least, not without a assist ticket.

That transparency extends to each of the software in Oryon’s stock portfolio. The company’s web web hosting service product runs WordPress and scales to the quantity of websites managed by your account.

Its email along with office products include the in-house, standards-based email server as well as pass-through configuration and ‘microsoft’ Office 365 Exchange Server as well as Google Workspace email operations. The managed VPS product or service offers Windows- or Linux-based personal machines, plus a cloud-based SQL server along with an enterprise hosting meta-package optimized using load balancers, auto-scaling, and shared Elastic NFS file systems furnished by AWS, Huawei Cloud, as well as Microsoft Azure.

Oryon in addition manages domains, SSL certs, SEO and discovery tips, and volume licenses pertaining to Microsoft Office 365. A standard company can use Oryon while its complete vendor lover, simplifying the tech commercial infrastructure and minimizing cost along with complexity.

Because all of Oryon’s tools work effectively for enterprise customers, SMBs utilize the partnership with the major providers plus the company’s service-first approach with every one of its customers.

Service is often a Key Differentiator in a new Crowded Hosting Market

Web hosting service providers often vary in product quality, service good quality, and feature sets. Oryon delivers niche sets and robust customer satisfaction. It’s rated 4. 6 beyond 5 stars on Trustpilot, while Google users provide company 5 out involving 5 stars. Many public reviews highlight just how long the reviewer has always been an Oryon client.

“Our customers seek out great service, and because a great deal of hosting products are consequently similar, the only thing that will differs between hosting providers is the standard of the service itself, ” Jones said. “So we pride ourselves on the we think of as being a hosting concierge service. ”

Portion of that strategy includes multi-channel transmission. Oryon offers 24/7 entry to support through Whatsapp, mobile phone, web chat, email, and even Facebook Messenger as well as a knowledge base on the world wide web,

Screenshot of Oryon on-line review scoresOryon has stellar customer ratings on many of the most popular online review internet sites.
“We try to get numerous channels as possible for customers to find us, ” Ryan explained.

Multi-channel service meets customers where these are and reduces the scrubbing in accessing help pertaining to common problems. One common criticism in the hosting industry is that customer satisfaction is often an afterthought. Many hosts offer ticket-based systems with limited entry to personal, dedicated assistance unless users pay now more for it or article a scathing review on the company’s Twitter account.

“We show the buyer that, regardless of precisely what they pay, we will certainly exceed their expectations, ” Jones said.

He suggests that this biggest value driver of Oryon is that this service, and not the items, are what matters. Because many cloud providers give a commodity, individual customers search for the vendor that will certainly streamline the setup process and reply to problems quickly and constantly.

Oryon: A Complete Organised Solution for Efficient Surgical procedures

The sheer variety involving services that Oryon sustains — virtual servers, Yahoo and google and Microsoft productivity bedrooms, email, DNS, databases, enterprise intranet systems — puts the corporation in a different market position than alot of cloud providers. Oryon integrates business-essential services in a way that most blank-slate providers are not able to.

Because cloud services get converged on industry-wide rates tiers for similar solutions, hosting providers often differentiate on aspects aside from cost. Oryon emphasizes customer satisfaction. The company has been in business since 2004, making it a seasoned player out there. Its emphasis on multi-channel assistance, coupled with high achievement ratings reported by Yahoo and google and Trustpilot, suggests that its clients may be happy with its assistance.

The product road road for 2021 doubles along on enterprise features, which include automatic scaling and high-availability hosts. SMBs also benefit from that a higher level high-end fine-tuning. A small enterprise may not need a fix that scales automatically while load increases, but substantial reliability works to every single customer’s advantage.

“The direction we are moving toward insures auto-scaling and high access, ” Ryan said. “This is what I believe almost all of the enterprise customers are seeking. ”

The solution relies upon technologies like Kubernetes, the open-source framework for orchestrating a number of containers. The value of Kubernetes is who’s automates the management, deployment, along with real-time scaling of containerized purposes.

Every additional unit involving efficiency that supports the enterprise customer also benefits SMBs that depend upon Oryon’s platform to manage a streamlined business inside cloud. With Oryon, businesses coming from all sizes find a complete cloud partner which has a concierge-service philosophy.