OneHost Cloud: A Global Hosting Service that Focuses on Security with Reliable Penetration Testing and Safe Development Environments

OneHost Cloud: A Global Hosting Service that Focuses on Security with Reliable Penetration Testing and Safe Development EnvironmentsTL; DR: OneHost Cloud may be a hosting provider that leverages around 12, 000 virtual servers that will help businesses scale securely. The host runs a blend of penetration testing servers, Debian, Ubuntu, together with open-source development environments all around its networks throughout Western world, Australia, and Asia. OneHost Cloud in addition has built a solid prospect base around its monitored servers and comprehensive shared web hosting services. And the company’s most desired offering — cybersecurity diagnostic tests servers running Kali Linux submitter — has propelled it all into market-leading status during the space.

OneHost Cloud ingests a more targeted approach than some other global web hosts by directed at secure penetration testing together with open-source development environments. And those services position it to take full advantage of two areas of affluent growth potential.

One analytics firm predicts the industry value of penetration testing (also also known as pentesting) to reach $3. a pair of billion by 2023, by using a 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through forecast period. Another analyst forecasts the open-source products market value to eclipse $32 billion by 2023 — a good 22% CAGR.

OneHost Cloud logoOneHost Cloud is poised to become a global leader in any pentesting and open-source economies.While OneHost Cloud is already qualified to capitalize on the commoditization for pentesting, Ben McGuire, any company’s Founder and Venture of Cyber Operations, still needs to build solutions for any long-term.

He said his company’s philosophy could be to put fundamental reliability earliest, and it rates 100% availability over rapid embrace of different technology trends.

Ben in addition has seen would-be contenders falter by grabbing at easy expansion opportunities prematurely.

“OneHost Cloud is constantly in need of solutions that other hosting providers either really don’t want to provide or may not be up to the difficulty of providing, ” Mary said.

OneHost Cloud ingests a grounded approach to market differentiation as well as being wary of falling suitable build-first mentality. That philosophy has helped the provider become a leader during pentesting and open-source holding and put it qualified to expand into new universal markets.

Customers Prioritize Uptime together with Performance over Trendy Mechanic

OneHost Cloud understands the fact that its customers need availability most of all — especially in the instances code development, cybersecurity, together with business hosting. That’s why the company offers such several specialized products, including VPS, cPanel, publish, and managed hosting opportunities, among other services.

And OneHost Cloud hinges on customer demand to contribute its direction.

“If our customers are interested, and we see the option, we will simply take the time to build a solution, ” Mary said.

Screenshot of OneHost Fog up bannerOneHost Cloud offers fog up solutions for enterprises the fact that value personalized and active security.OneHost Cloud also proactively addresses other factors that can impact its ability to present robust services to a clients. For example, the availability of experienced personnel can contain a limiting effect on all company’s ambitions. A lack of qualified employees lead to a stagnant customer trust, and that is a difficulty Ben sees as a major challenge for OneHost Cloud simply because it enters its next section.

To keep up utilizing customer demands, OneHost Fog up obtained $2. 5 million in secret capital investment and plans a worldwide expansion beyond its current locations during the U. K. and Queensland. The host has also begun to partner with international systems companies.

OneHost Cloud continues to recruit extra personnel to look after its growth and the popular challenges that lie into the future. And its company culture rewards flexibility but they are still willing to learn.

Those workforce investments and also latest round of funding mark a major step in OneHost Cloud’s excursion. The next phase enables the company turn what have already been niche specialisms into a good global-scale service operation, says Ben.

Leading the Promote as Penetration Testing Variations from Niche to Typic

Penetration tests — often known as pentests or ethical hacking — happen to be authorized simulated cyberattacks for an organization’s IT system. Companies have tried it to evaluate the security and resilience within their operations. The tests identify vulnerabilities and strengths and result in a full risk analysis, which allows organizations to fix several issues quickly.

OneHost Cloud shifted a focus to penetration testing eighteen months ago, and Ben said the provider is now the “go-to provider for penetration test providers. ”

Ben — who’s got a background in cybersecurity — saw the niche as being an opportunity that was affluent with potential. Organizations of the sizes started to keep in mind that vulnerability assessment was significantly important part of cyber shield strategies.

“We identified the reality that most IT personnel was not able to complete their pentest tasks remotely and at a high-speed network. So we created some of our Kali Linux VPS hosting platform based on that need, ” Mary said. “We now own 8, 173 virtual machines functioning Kali Linux deployed with our datacenter in France. ”

And also company’s technology is always evolving to better its penetration testing products and services. OneHost Cloud has quite possibly tested serverless computing together with how its functions will benefit customers.

The provider also builds custom areas that leverage its puncture testing products, including Kali Linux VPS Systems, Backbox, or Parrot OS. Clients can use various tools to use against vulnerable machines on their company’s hosted environment.

“That will assist those in the cybersecurity arena to display their skills to preserve corporate networks from disorders and vulnerabilities, ” Dan said.

Helping Small Businesses Scale based on Global Demand

OneHost Cloud strives based on the needs of any technologists in its prospect base. But the company doesn’t obsess over IT ready for its own sake — or as a minimum, not to the distraction for established businesses.

“We do not use the latest technologies to maintain with the norm during the hosting arena, ” Mary said.

The company want to run no-frills hosting utilizing minimal downtime than associated risk over-reaching its capabilities.

“We contain a small team of consumers, 90% of whom have already been with us since the start. Our staff is devoted to providing hosting solutions the fact that work, with zero down time and high-performance computing. Including, our Shared Hosting (cPanel) is actually not offline in more than eighteen months. ”

Screenshot from OneHost Fog up datacenter bannerOneHost Cloud has got datacenter locations worldwide as well as being looking to add even more in Canada, Poland, together with Singapore.However, the platform still should grow its workforce as demand increased ready for its services. And recruiting the right people to your job and the culture are an arduous task.

“We want staff when using the right drive and working experience with new technologies, together with Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Lua, a good lightweight, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language specially designed primarily for embedded used applications, Openstack, and VMWare. ”

OneHost Cloud plans to apply its $2. 5 thousand thousand funding injection primarily meant for growing its team. Many other objectives include strengthening a technology infrastructure, adding new client service features, and setting away new offices — likely in Canada, Poland, together with Singapore.

OneHost Cloud: Charting a Course for Market Growing

Since 2017, OneHost Cloud has made available Kali Linux virtual machines to 100s of cybersecurity vendors and puncture test professionals. Pentesting may be a rapidly expanding market, with steady projected growth across the next few years.

Many organizations want to build the practice part within their routine cybersecurity with the rise in threats and the requirement to comply with new regulatory requirements around data proper protection.

And OneHost Cloud continues to meet the needs of open-source developers that will be serving another booming promote. The company’s continued success during this diversified market will help the provider maintain focus, as the nature of open-source testing would mean continually evaluating decisions what is the right tools to support.

Ben has patiently led the provider into a market-leading job by establishing credentials in two within the hottest hosting sectors. And he accomplished that by using a steadfast focus on quality instead of chasing trends. And he said she knows that continued success relies on multiple factors — together with innovation and service superior.

And the recent finances OneHost Cloud secured will finance the other stage of the company’s enhancement. But the company plans to keep at it to use its solutions carefully, and ensure the fact that its reputation for high-performance, high-availability products aren’t compromised by improvement.