NuoDB’s Distributed SQL Database: An Enterprise-Ready Solution Featuring On-Demand Scalability for Cloud and Container-Based Environments

NuoDB’s Distributed SQL Database: An Enterprise-Ready Solution Featuring On-Demand Scalability for Cloud and Container-Based EnvironmentsTL; DR: NuoDB’s distributed SQL database is definitely enterprise-ready solution that provides the same on-demand scalability when the cloud. The platform-agnostic innovation is able of running in private together with public cloud environments and even on-premises. With customer-centric development and tricks for forging strategic partnerships, the NuoDB team will pursue to help enterprise organizations solve many of today’s most complex list challenges.

Despite any buzz around FinTech, the financial services community has garnered a good reputation for lagging behind others relating to tech adoption.

It’s easy to see why: The sector is complex and one of the most regulated worldwide. In certain cases, FinTech firms must address laws governing where they’ll store information. At the same time frame, the industry must supply seamless performance when going through massive numbers of transactions — in any case, a single crash might well have a devastating financial effects.

Still, today’s customers demand innovations designed to make it easier even more cost-effective to manage together with transfer money, get money advice, and purchase coverage, among other business decisions.

To deliver such solutions from a scalable and reliable process, developers in FinTech (and beyond) will need to seek solutions that encounter critical technical capabilities as they definitely move to the fog up. These include providing any scalability and elasticity based on fluctuations in demand together with support high-frequency online dealing processing (OLTP).

NuoDB logoNuoDB may be a scalable, distributed SQL database able of running in private together with public cloud environments and even on-premises.NuoDB, the provider associated with a cloud-native distributed SQL list, is on a mission based on those requirements. Until a short time ago, implementing scalable architecture meant using a NoSQL database, losing out on may enhance the traditional relational databases, or leveraging legacy database architecture that hinges on sharding and explicit replication.

By swapping outdated together with inherently limited databases utilizing NuoDB’s seamless scalability, endless availability, and transactional thickness, the company empowers developers to generate SQL mission-critical applications that fulfill the needs of today’s clients.

“High availability and uptime rates are definitely the top benefits that NuoDB generates to businesses, ” says Ariff Kassam, CTO for NuoDB. “In today’s world of almost instant access and always-on services, the database should be available. ”

Apart from remaining up and functioning despite failures and black outs, NuoDB enables operators to add to performance and throughput just by adding nodes. It also increases the flexibility to run on-premises, during the cloud, or in cross types cloud environments.

Moving in advance, the company’s customer-centric development and tricks for forging strategic partnerships should help NuoDB continue to solve many of today’s most complex list challenges, preventing organizations with holding back their online business operations and app enhancement.

Built by Visionaries during the Distributed SQL Space

“NuoDB was founded around 10 years ago by just Barry Morris and Jim Starkey influenced by a simple idea: Traditional SQL databases don’t scale well beyond only one system, ” Ariff says. “The original goal was to generate a SQL database the fact that scales easily (by adding more systems) and uninterrupted access when solutions are removed. ”

Regardless that Barry and Jim are pioneers during the database industry and shepherded NuoDB thru its early years, it took a major amount of hard work and a chance to build a database within the ground up. By June 9, 2012, the company released a Beta version within the database before releasing NuoDB 1. 0 regarding January 15, 2013.

“At about the same time frame NuoDB was started, NoSQL databases — also designed to address the performance together with availability challenges of old fashioned SQL databases — were definitely becoming popular, ” Ariff says. “However, to improve results and availability, NoSQL repository relaxed consistency requirements (CAP theorem), STOMACH ACID compliance, and rigid schemas, and likewise moved away from any SQL language. ”

Ariff said Barry together with Jim didn’t believe it was smart to sacrifice consistency or any SQL language. They were feeling organizations needed a width wise scalable SQL database on the other hand. Today, most NoSQL databases provide some volume of SQL compatibility and common transactional capabilities, but they still fail to address a defieicency of consistency.

“That is why our company is now seeing new startups providing what is referred to as distributed SQL capabilities, ” she said. “The fact that NuoDB has long been providing a distributed SQL choice since inception says something with regards to the vision of our vendors, our technology, and our team. ”

Supporting Cloud-Based Online Transformations

Today, more than the decade since the company’s founding, the NuoDB team has got observed several shifts during the distributed SQL and relational list space. The biggest, Ariff says, was the move that will distributed computing spurred by increased adoption within the cloud and related technological innovation. As more companies begun to move their systems into the cloud, providers worked to make sure that their operations could help support large-scale systems.

“This produced technologies like containers, bottle orchestration systems, and Endless Integration and Continuous Sending (CI/CD) pipelines, ” Ariff says. “The shift to given away architectures has impacted all numbers of system architecture, including any database. ”

Scale without compromiseThe revolutionary SQL database provides the benefits developers need but without the usual sacrifices.With the shift, traditional SQL database vendors were forced to add workarounds or add-ons to sleep in relevant.

But NuoDB’s fundamental architecture remained similar, and the company’s original mission — developing a solution that meets the wants of financial services establishments moving their mission-critical applications into the cloud — continues that will serve as its prime differentiator.

“For our users, I think that the reality that we’re a distributed database but still SQL is what lures and retains them, ” Ariff says. “Even today, people still don’t quite assume we’re truly distributed but still provide ACID compliance. Which means that essentially, the fact that people do what we set out to do is really what precisely defines us today. ”

Customer-Centric Enhancement from Seasoned Professionals

Depending on team at NuoDB, the database industry has reached an incomparable inflection point where any cloud, containers, microservices, and also general drive for innovation have created a major demand for new list technologies.

“Some of any newer social or web-based organisations, such as Netflix, already have most of their applications in any cloud, ” Ariff says. “However, traditional enterprises with essential technical debt have only moved one small portion. Right now, those organizations would like a low-risk way to take in newer technology, and NuoDB is uniquely positioned to present that because of how you were built. ”

To safely move to the cloud or simply distributed environments, these normal enterprises need an SQL relational list management system (RDBMS), which include NuoDB, that behaves as a traditional SQL database but is created on modern architecture together with technologies.

Ariff said that NuoDB’s success relies heavily over the company’s ability to develop your handmade jewelry using a customer-centric process.

“We’re singularly focused regarding our customers, ” she said. “Since we contain a good mix of old fashioned, complex enterprises as good as newer FinTech startups, we’re always balancing the requirement to adopt new technologies alongside iterating on existing skills. ”

Ariff credits the NuoDB team for rising into the challenge every day.

“When that you’re building something as hard as the distributed SQL database, many individuals contribute to your results, ” he said. “We value those many benefits and all the individuals who grown and learned with us during your studies. ”

New: A Partnership with Rancher Labs minimize the stress FinTech

The future is certainly bright for NuoDB.

During KubeCon Canada and America 2019, the company publicized a partnership with Rancher Labs, any industry’s most adopted Kubernetes direction solution, to help Hong Kong FinTech company WeLab set up a virtual bank.

The partnership will give the infrastructure needed meant for WeLab to revolutionize any banking experience for native customers.

“We’re excited that many of us can help challenger banks leverage the strength of Kubernetes to set up stateful SQL applications during and across clouds.