NowSecure: Comprehensive Security, Compliance, and Privacy Testing for Your Mobile App- and Site-Building Projects

NowSecure: Comprehensive Security, Compliance, and Privacy Testing for Your Mobile App- and Site-Building Projects

TL; DR: NowSecure, a Chicago-based portable security provider, is with a mission to save the globe from unsafe mobile software. The company delivers the instruments and data necessary pertaining to users to verify protection on apps they’ve developed, apps they use, the ones on the devices with their customers and employees. By giving a fast, easy, along with cost-effective solution, NowSecure allows businesses and mobile software and site-building teams identify and grow scalable stability programs. 

In 2017, the media analytics firm Comscore announced that portable app usage had basically surpassed that of web applications in the us.

Just two years after, in 2019, the company presented files showing that mobile software — not browsers as well as desktops — account for 70% almost daily Americans spend with digital camera media.

Unfortunately, where consumers go, hackers follow. Inside mobile arena, they’re leveraging vulnerabilities to steal personal data from smartphone users around the world.

Brian Reed, Chief Freedom Officer at NowSecureBrian Reed, Primary Mobility Officer, gave us an internal look at NowSecure.
“The bad guys are really going correctly out there, shriveling consumers and collecting data via smartphones, ” said John Reed, Chief Mobility Policeman at NowSecure. “The volume of data they can harvest from a phone dwarfs the data on the laptop. Think about the idea: Apps have geo location operation, they have sensors, and they share information against each other. ”

NowSecure, a mobile-first software security provider, is fitting in with make rapid, consistent mobile security assessment both cost-effective and reliable for all those. Users can determine the safety in the apps they’re building and using while using company’s full suite involving mobile security solutions, meant to provide a fast and reliable route to continuous security.

The company’s variety of options include everything via automated security testing from the software development life never-ending cycle (SDLC) to intelligence with a broad array of stability threats, compliance gaps, along with privacy issues. NowSecure customers can decide on automated software hosted inside cloud or on-premises, specialized penetration testing and been able services, or a combination of services.

Enterprises, financial institutions, stores, healthcare providers, and government agencies around the world currently trust NowSecure to generate mobile app security assessment easier to scale than ever.

Pioneering the Mobile Software Security Space Since 09

NowSecure has specialized throughout mobile security for over 10 years. The firm was founded by Phil Hoog and his partner, Chee-Young Kim, in 09. At the time, iPhones and Android units were just making a splash on the globe of IT communications.

“Our founder was working as being a CIO inside of a huge global packaging and distribution firm a role focused on early technological innovation adoption, ” Brian explained. “At the time, finance institutions were very BlackBerry-centric, so he began utilizing iPhones and Androids to learn what the technology for the purpose of the business. ”

In his role with the firm, Andrew realized the extent in the data being collected along with shared through mobile apps — and deficiency of protections. Determined to take matters into his very own hands, he left the corporation so he and the wife could establish NowSecure as being a mobile forensic company.

“At that place, he was working using federal agencies and banks on many methods from lost-device data recovery for you to corporate employment and legalities, ” Brian said. “He realized there were a real business generally there he could grow along with scale, so he evolved your mobile forensics business right mobile pen-testing business.

While banks and retailers commenced building mobile apps pertaining to transactions, NowSecure started generating penetration-testing software.

“The team used wide open source and created your own open-source tools until 2015 every time a light bulb went off of, and they decided to develop commercial software, ” John said. “Today, we can be a full-service mobile application stability testing company. We present software services, pen-testing, forensics, coaching, and automated testing methods. Our customers use these tools to find out the security, privacy, and compliance in the mobile apps they create, as well as that in the mobile apps they acquire from Google Play™ as well as the Apple App Store™. ”

Using Pen Testing to express to Better Software Automation

The NowSecure team grew in step while using expanding app scene in the past. As of the last quarter of 2020, Google Play was the most important mobile application store, using 3. 14 million apps for Android users available. Coming in second position, the App Store gives 2. 09 million iOS purposes.

“There are approximately 5 million apps inside App Store and Yahoo and google Play alone, ” John said. “Then there are anywhere between 20 and 40 trillion mobile apps built by simply companies for internal use that never help it become into an app keep.

Faster, more agile development cycles mean some apps are updated often. While multiple releases necessarily mean new features and annoy fixes, Brian said additionally, they present new risks.
“With every single software update, you could also get new security divots, new backdoors for problems, and bad guys going after new exploits, ” they said.

NowSecure helps deliver risk-free mobile apps fasterThe company’s stock portfolio of mobile security services can be leveraged throughout strategic combinations.
Brian said it wouldn’t be possible to get started on a business like NowSecure today given it took 10 years while travelling building a giant repository of security, privacy, and compliance home elevators more than 5 trillion apps.

“That’s a huge a higher level intelligence that we have therefore built into our software package solutions, ” he explained. “And some of our technology appeared when iOS and Android mobile phone were less locked along, so it would be difficult to get the same secret sauce we have. ”

NowSecure’s vision should be to become somewhat of a universal safety organization — as Brian use it, the Underwriters Laboratories in the mobile technology industry — that will mobile developers and site-building teams can make to for guidance.

The SOC2-certified company is well on its way with recognition as a universal leader via the 2019 IDC MarketScapes pertaining to Mobile Application Security Assessment vendor assessment. NowSecure ended up being also named a DevSecOps Transformational chief by Gartner in 2020.

Expert-Driven, White-Glove Solutions Around Advanced Tech

NowSecure comes with a wide selection of solitude and security testing automation methods and risk assessments. Strategic combinations of these tools enable you to create mobile application stability programs tailored to every single customer’s needs.

“We’re not only a drive-by product technology firm — we’re here to deliver our customers with expert-driven, white-glove solutions wrapped around very complex technology, ” Brian explained.

“For example, I was just with a call with a firm that we’re helping upscale what’s been an incredibly piecemeal approach to portable security. Our goal is to ensure a bunch of their development teams have an excellent security baseline. ”

The corporation works with its clients’ active infrastructure, whether they’re running in legacy systems or wish to leverage combining cloud solutions. Banks, by way of example, may have a setup when a mobile application is communicating which has a more traditional backend.

“The hypothetical Massive Bank Inc., for case in point, is still not transferring its customer transactions on the cloud, ” Brian explained. “But we have some other clients like iRobot who creates Roomba, where the mobile app foretells my device through wifi by having a cloud service. All of that should be secured. ”

 Up coming: A Focus on Portable IoT and Autonomous Stability

As for what’s on the horizon, Brian predicts an increased target securing the internet involving things (IoT). He said that sensible home automation and units have skyrocketed in popularity on account of pandemic-related lockdowns.

“The amount of household IoT in 2020 roughly doubled than the year before in terminology of purchase and deployment, ” they said. “So now you’ve acquired a bazillion endpoints in your house, and even companies are generally deploying IoT infrastructure pertaining to office management because nobody’s generally there. The same applies for you to production lines — companies are putting robots run by simply mobile apps in factories to help you with social distancing. ”

Businesses leveraging such technology will likely need to turn to companies similar to Now Secure to mitigate sophisticated attacks for the mobile apps powering these people.

“Unfortunately, there are bad guys chasing mobile IoT also, ” Brain said. “You have take into consideration the implications if a person is intercepting my autonomous auto or remotely turns off of electricity to damage freezers holding vaccines. The attackers are getting a lot more sophisticated. We have to be sure everyone stays safe. ”.