Protect Data and Avoid Costly Repairs with Advanced Host Monitor’s Scalable System Management Software

Protect Data and Avoid Costly Repairs with Advanced Host Monitor’s Scalable System Management SoftwareTL; DR: For nearly 2 whole decades, Advanced Host Monitor has got provided sysadmins with scalable networking management software that continuously keeps track of server availability and results. The powerful, reliable, and flexible solution comes along with responsive support at affordable price points as well as being surprisingly easy to put up. Over the years, Advanced Host Monitor’s endless development cycle has helped your handmade jewelry evolve into the stronger yet easy-to-use tool it is actually today.

When it arrives at time-tested network management treatments, Advanced Host Monitor without doubt fits the bill. The system monitoring software has been that can be purchased for almost two quite a few years — long enough the fact that its founder, Alex Kozlov, only recalls a few competitors when the software’s original let go.

Today, the market is full of similar products, but Advanced Host Keep tabs on still manages to be prominent among the crowd.

“From the start, we wanted to establish a flexible tool with a vast selection of options together with monitoring methods while keeping the solution compact, fast, and easy to arrange, ” Alex said. “Now, nineteen years later, we have software that offers numerous choices and requires basically 20MB of disk room or space (not counting manuals, samples, reports, and additional tools). ”

SuperMatrix windowAdvanced Host Monitor empowers sysadmins to dab multiple test items, each represented by just a single cell.Advanced Host Monitor works with Windows XP, Windows xp 10, and Windows Server 2019, and even Windows 2000, with certain limitations. Alex told us that onboarding may be a breeze. It’s easy to transfer settings in system to another and simultaneously arrange basic monitoring tests for 100s of similar servers. At the same time frame, users are free to adjust any test item or simply alert using custom words and phrases.

After nearly 20 yrs of continuous development, Advanced Host Monitor has evolved suitable reliable management solution meant for network administrators featuring reactive support at affordable expense points. And with a zero cost 30-day trial period, a person with a PC can look at for themselves how easy the solution is to install, manage, and use.

A Well-performing Management Solution for Networking Administrators

Since Advanced Hold Monitor’s founding, Alex has accumulated a large amount of knowledge in the networking monitoring space.

He knows exactly which unfortunately transmission control protocol ports has to be opened in a firewall that will monitor specific services. He can tell you easy methods to modify a registry that will monitor Windows services at a remote system that does not belong to a Windows xp domain, and what sorts of encryption is used meant for data exchange. The list keeps growing.

Ultimately, Alex has used the extensive knowledge to style Advanced Host Monitor within the extremely reliable and versatile software it is today.

“Network administrators require stable monitoring software which can work 24/7 and assistance them fix problems regarding unstable software or apparatus, ” he said. “It should make the of a network administrator not as difficult, not harder. ”

Online interfaceThe system features some sort of easy-to-navigate online interface.Advanced Host Monitor are often used to keep track of test Windows and UNIX operating systems, Cisco and Juniper routers, Hewlett packard Enterprise (HPE) servers, NetApp Networking Attached Storage (NAS) tools, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) tools, and VMware host together with guest systems, among many other networks. It can at the same time check remote hosts, also directly or through remote computer repair monitoring agents.

It monitors network together with server functionality using around 100 test methods that encompass just about every parameter. To name just some, the software can monitor a ping a bunch; check domain and official document expiration dates; monitor environment, voltage, and fan popularity; check available disk room or space; monitor free physical or simply virtual memory and PROCESSOR usage; monitor network customers; and test SQL providers.

The software also allows users to look after their tasks by organising test items into numerous folders with uniquely determined settings. Users can at the same time dictate when tests happen to be performed, such as regarding regular intervals or reserved dates.

Advanced Host Monitor’s flexibility also extends to the ways the software programs responds to failed products, offering a choice for 36 distinct actions that is initiated in response towards a specific test result.

Including, a sysadmin could arrange actions in the adhering to way: When some very important service fails, the software programs will first reboot any server. If that does not repair the problem, it will email any specified on-call technician. Consequently, if the server remains silent through next three probes, the software can get directed to text the technician constantly until the server is validate.

Responsive Support and Reasonable Price Points

Alex said Advanced Hold Monitor is proud to serve several customers spanning 82 areas. To date, thousands today companies and hundreds for government organizations, banks, and universities have leveraged the solution to serve various sysadmin necessities.

“Our customers often say we offer the best tech help support, ” he said. “Normally, we can fix a reported bug and provides an update in 1-2 days. Sometimes, its more difficult to get a non-reproducible error, and we need much more time, but which is a rare occurrence. ”

Performance chartPerformance charts together with other visual indicators make it easy for users to interpret data generated by way of the system.Alex said Highly developed Host Monitor’s easy unit installation process, highly intuitive vent, and thorough online support forum helped the solution earn many awards, together with Hosting Advice’s own Developers’ Solution Award. Customers also appreciate the reality that such a robust networking monitoring tool is offered for affordable price tips.

Advanced Host Monitor may very well be purchased through several licensing opportunities, including Starter, Professional, Highly developed, and Enterprise. The top-shelf possibility, Enterprise with Long-Term Help support, is available for fewer than $2, 500, while the Starter license costs fewer than $200.

If you’d plan to take the software for that spin before making all commitments, have no panic. A 30-day free trial download is offered through the company’s website with out credit card entry necessities. Note that the software is not going to alter any system configuration settings or dynamic link libraries (DLLs) making sure that you can remove it in minutes without having hassle.

Improved Performance Thru Continuous Development

As a completely, Alex said that network monitoring software is sort of conservative, requiring few updates not to lose the status quo. “We don’t will need to implement new encryption ciphers each and every month, ” he said. “Sometimes code really should be redesigned in order to the office better on a different version of Windows — including, some GUI-related functions during Windows 10 work much slower than Windows xp or Windows 7. ”

In due course, the company is concerned mainly precisely how to continuously improve your handmade jewelry by making it sooner, easier to set away, and more user-friendly.

“We plan to come up with redundant monitoring easier to arrange, add network visualization opportunities, redesign logging for quicker processing, improve the GUI, together with add more test tactics in Version 12, ” Alex says.