Blog NetSource Provides SMBs with Enterprise-Grade Hosting and Tailored IT Solutions at an Accessible Price

NetSource Provides SMBs with Enterprise-Grade Hosting

TL; DR: NetSource, now part involving ConvergeOne, is a Chicago-based web hosting service and managed services provider which offers enterprise-grade IT solutions in SMB-friendly price points. The company’s offerings cover anything from web hosting and been able services to dedicated hosts and colocation solutions. NetSource is positioning SMBs pertaining to digital success by giving fully tailored IT solutions and also a single point of contact during the entire customer journey.

We’ve known for a long time that the ongoing pandemic has all of which will continue to play a tremendous role in accelerating digital camera transformation. Many businesses that were hesitant to get cloud infrastructure services previous to 2020 found themselves facing an ultimatum: take a technical leap inside name of business continuity as well as perish.

Now, a study from Synergy Research Group is providing data on the extent of COVID-19’s influence on digital transformation — plus the findings back up everything the industry has witnessed firsthand.

Your research shows that, as involving 2019, businesses were spending towards the same amount on cloud infrastructure services when they were on hardware along with software for on-premises setups. Nevertheless by 2020, cloud spending grew a stunning 35% — reaching virtually $130 billion. At one time, purchases of on-premises commercial infrastructure dropped 6% to less than $90 billion.

The data can make it clear that the hosting industry has taken a sharp turn to cloud and hybrid foreign infrastructure. For some folks inside space, the change has become a long time coming.

NetSource logoNetSource has signed up with forces with ConvergeOne to make available a broader product stock portfolio.
“In my early occupation, everything was on-premises, ” Bob McGovern, Senior Account Account manager at NetSource, said. “Then cloud technology did start to take off — that’s likely the biggest change I’ve witnessed. People don’t want to bother about whether their systems are working all the time. They want someone else for doing that for them. ”

NetSource is often a fitting hosting provider pertaining to current times, offering all-in-one solutions for SMBs wanting affordable enterprise-grade hosting solutions. The company’s services are be used up of two datacenters in Chicago and also a specialized disaster recovery center in Mississippi. With many methods from web hosting and been able services to dedicated hosts and colocation solutions, NetSource delivers an array of solutions for SMBs of all shapes and forms.

Hybrid Hosting Solutions Reinforced by Dedicated Support Providers

NetSource knows that the cloud isn’t for anyone. The company’s affordable hybrid hosting solutions provide you with the best of both on-prem along with cloud infrastructure for SMBs along with startups. Best yet, NetSource takes the time for it to build out the specific plan to make certain its customers succeed.

In the last year, NetSource merged using ConvergeOne, a global IT vendor of collaboration and technology solutions containing partnered with Cisco for greater decade. By building relationships inside Cisco market through ConvergeOne, the NetSource team is poised to arrive at an even broader buyer base.

One factor that sets NetSource in addition to many of its opponents is its support priced process. Instead of reaching some other support agent every time they contact the corporation, customers work closely which has a dedicated support agent during their entire user voyage.

Photos of NetSource datacenter along with staffNetSource, based in Chicago, has always taken a new customer-centric hosting approach.
This service model might make all the difference every time a customer needs help because it eliminates the call to explain and re-explain obstructions. By staying with a buyer from start to conclude, dedicated agents can quickly cut over the noise and resolve troubles fast. And speedy service is most likely the difference between getting a new server up in units versus hours.

“The biggest difference in your product is that you receive the same person for the phone every time, ” Bob said. “You don’t have to go into detail the problem or your environment frequently with support — because it’s a similar person from onboarding for you to rollout. ”

John’s history with NetSource commenced when he was a buyer himself. NetSource was so satisfied by the company’s services that he soon signed up with the team. It’s hard to assume a better story to communicate the significance of the product.

Through an approach that includes focused, long-term support, NetSource has carved out an exceptional name for itself inside hosting industry, growing steadily over the last 20 years.

Offering Been able Services and Quick Problem Recovery

In the 20 years since its inception, NetSource has continually worked to be sure its hosting solutions are generally accessible to customers. The company’s goal should be to simplify hosting by giving managed services for companies that don’t need to worry about IT.

Portion of that mission involves creating software solutions that leave disaster recovery easy.

John said that putting together a backup along with disaster recovery plan with the last minute is don’t a luxury businesses have enough money — especially in a new pandemic-affected cyber security landscape. As outlined by Security Magazine, online breaches inside healthcare sector alone greater by 8% in 2020 in comparison with the previous year.

“We’ve seen a great deal of disaster recovery initiatives and projects over the last six months, ” Bob said. “We’ve made these systems less difficult to manage so that will it’s as simple while flipping a switch plus the system is back working. We always listen to customers to see the way we can help them. ”

NetSource gives scalable managed hostingNetSource gives scalable managed hosting, including many methods from single-server to multirack alternatives.
Of course, NetSource is thrilled to take over every part of the IT puzzle pertaining to companies that don’t contain the budget or time to develop out internal teams. The company’s goal is just not to churn out the perfect product to produce, but rather to use years of expertise to develop out bespoke managed alternatives. Depending on the buyer, that could mean offering many methods from hosting tailored to your financial services industry for you to finely tuned compliance alternatives.

Ultimately, NetSource is meeting clients where these are. Demand for managed solutions is quickly expanding, with Business Wire predicting that this sector will grow by simply 6. 3 percent every year between 2020 and 2025.

It makes sense — firms are saving time and money ultimately by cutting out interior teams and shifting focus thus to their central value proposition. And not all managed services are set up equally. NetSource stands apart to the 20 years of expertise under its belt along with for offering consistent assistance at an accessible price tag.

Next Up: Partnering With ConvergeOne to supply Services

After merging with ConvergeOne recently, the team at NetSource can be excited to expand their customer base while even more building out its production. The merger provides a possibility for NetSource to strategically leverage the feeling and insights of their equally well-established parent firm.

The entire team can be excited to leverage the strengths that this ConvergeOne property has, specifically inside Cisco arena, ” Bob said. “We’re planning on profiting our partnership with ConvergeOne to produce a better product and reach a greater audience. ”

Instead of each one company dividing its area of the market, NetSource and ConvergeOne are generally combining the intelligence in the two teams to make a more holistic solution pertaining to customers.

Referring to ConvergeOne, Bob said, “They’re a big player out there; it’s nice to have that as part of your back pocket. ”

By partnering with a real prominent industry force, NetSource will carry on and offer a unique along with valuable service to businesses seeking nuanced solutions to his or her IT problems.