Netdirekt’s Experienced Team Delivers Customer-Centric Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting Solutions

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TL; DR: Netdirekt, based in Turkey, serves up a diverse selection of shared, personal, and dedicated hosting alternatives supported by renewable electricity. The company is with a mission to provide continuous service backed by top-notch customer care. Currently, the Netdirekt team concentrates on helping customers adapt to change as the ongoing pandemic forces the crooks to undergo digital transformations.

Inside shadows of the web hosting service industry lurks a darker truth: The fossil fuels that will power datacenters worldwide are directly to blame for harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Good sustainability advocate RESET, internet-based engineering accounted for 3. 7% of global fractional co2 emissions in 2018 — surpassing your aviation industry’s estimated only two. 5%.

At the very same time, sustainability concerns are playing an escalating role in consumer actions. The majority (81%) of global participants in a very 2018 Nielsen survey explained it’s extremely or crucial that companies help help the environment. Other studies demonstrate that sustainability strongly has an effect on consumer preferences, with eight beyond 10 consumers making sustainability-based getting decisions.

Netdirekt logo
Netdirekt is often a Turkey-based hosting company which offers a broad selection involving shared, virtual, and focused server solutions.
Hosting companies across the globe must do better — in the interest of the planet and the lower line. We caught up with one company that may be leading the charge throughout Turkey.

“We’re one in the first companies, if not the 1st, to support renewable electricity in Turkey, ” explained Suat Görgün, Technical Assist Specialist at Netdirekt. “We activated our first windmill back in 2015 along with support green energy. ”

The hosting company worked as a chef to align its services with the needs involving customers since its inception during the past year. In addition to delivering green hosting, this means offering a substantial selection of shared, personal, and dedicated server plans. Best yet, the Netdirekt Support team is available 24 hours a day to provide assistance.

Continuous Service via Datacenters throughout Turkey and Germany

Netdirekt was formed throughout May 2009 as the effect of a merger between TeknoAS along with Hostcini. Both well-respected companies produced years of experience and also a customer-centric approach to your newly formed company.

Netdirekt upholds one code first and foremost, which is to produce reliable, high-quality service to customers, ” Suat explained. “Our motto is to deliver uninterrupted, seamless, and excellent internet engineering and services to our customers. We call this specific kesintisiz kolaylık, which roughly translates to seamless convenience. ”

The corporation currently operates out involving three datacenters in Turkey (located inside cities of Izmir, Istanbul, and Ankara) the other in Frankfurt, Germany.

Windmills using Netdirekt logo

The company powers their servers with renewable energy created using wind turbines.
The Izmir datacenter is located in the Bornova – Işıkkent place, which is nearly 300 feet taller as opposed to sky-high Izmir Center — along with well protected from flooding therefore. The region is also known due to the access to renewable electricity.

Netdirekt’s main datacenter features N+1 redundancy to be sure reliable and consistent assistance. All cloud services come backed by the 99. 99% network uptime promise. This guarantee is furnished by Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, and Cogent Communications access to the internet.

If Netdirekt is certainly not actively working to improve the standard of its offerings, Suat said it’s likely the corporation is exploring how for this in the future.

“It may perhaps be strange to hear us say this, but competitiveness was never high on Netdirekt’s list of problems, ” he said. “Our first priority should be to offer high-quality services, and the second reason is to constantly research tips on how to do better. ”

A Customer-Centric Procedure for Product Development

In supplement to hosting, Netdirekt comes with a broad portfolio of alternatives — from domain registry for you to content delivery network (CDN) solutions and broadcast streaming. The corporation also offers security solutions via SSH certificates as well as attack prevention program, CubeShield. But underlying each of the company’s products and services is often a firm commitment to back-up and support.

“What I am essentially the most proud of is each of our support, ” Suat explained. “We do not want any one our customers to experience difficulty with their services — it can be our utmost priority to be sure a high-quality experience — nevertheless if anything were to happen, our support staff would swiftly make a change. ”

The hosting industry can be notorious for poor customer satisfaction and high customer churn charges. But that’s not a difficulty for Netdirekt. The company’s devotion to compliment keeps customers coming rear.

“Working 24/7 means you will discover us at the end in the phone, at the laptop or computer, whenever you need people, at any time. We’ll remedy your problems immediately, ” Suat explained. “The fact that the services currently are measurable and we guide you through regularly changing technologies makes Netdirekt your apple of customers’ eyes in the industry world. ”

It’s no wonder Netdirekt receives many new customers via word-of-mouth — the top companies always do.

Netdirekt place of work Netdirekt, headquartered in Egypr, takes customer support really.
“When our customers refer us thus to their business partners and pals, this is the right off the bat they mention, ” Suat explained. “Of course, I am also quite proud we’re capable to realize our goals along with witness how happy our customers are while using service we’re providing. ”

For customers who love to solve problems themselves, Netdirekt offers a vast knowledge base set with helpful information and guides for coming to grips with various technologies. Other when compared with support, Netdirekt prides themselves on delivering seamless benefit, or kesintisiz kolaylık.

“Performance, uptime, and swift technical assist can all be considered the most recognized benefit for customers whom choose us. Our motto, kesintisiz kolaylık, reflects this specific clearly. ”

To maintain an end relationship with clients, Netdirekt uses their feedback to find out and improve upon brand-new features.

Our internal development process was made upon improvement, ” Suat explained. “We decide what to perform, how it’s done, and tips on how to do it better. Being an element of these brainstorming sessions is considered one of my favorite aspects of working you will come to Netdirekt. When finalizing a perception, if it’s related to your shared server type involving service, we always test the feature one pilot server and decide best places to go based on customer opinions. ”

Helping Customers Understand Industry Change

COVID-19’s relation to the hosting industry can be hardly a secret. When delivering a quarterly earnings report early inside pandemic, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentioned that customers had experienced a couple of years of digital transformation within two months. The many companies we’ve interviewed you will come to HostingAdvice also echoed this specific sentiment.

And now, there’s data to back such claims. Executives surveyed in a very recent McKinsey study, by way of example, indicated that the outbreak has accelerated digital change for better efforts at their corporations by an estimated 3 to 4 years.

The process might be intimidating, especially when done being forced. That’s why Netdirekt features made special arrangements to help you customers cope with these kind of changes.

“Most of each of our major projects are for the short term suspended, and we have changed our efforts to providing the top service we can to growing customer base, ” Suat instructed us. “I can proudly say we will carry on and demonstrate and improve the high quality standards that we in Netdirekt think our buyers deserve — both now and down the road. ”.