Mythic Beasts Delivers Practical Hosting Services Designed to Make Life Easy for the Technically Proficient

Mythic Beasts Delivers Practical Hosting Services Designed to Make Life Easy for the Technically Proficient

TL; DR: Mythic Beasts is often a hosting company offering straightforward server ways of developers and other formally oriented professionals. The firm, started in 2000 which has a focus on shared web hosting service, expanded over the years to feature Raspberry Pi hosting, SSL provisioning, along with server management, among many other services. With expanded Raspberry Pi points of presence on the horizon, Mythic Beasts is furthering its mission to deliver the latest in developer-friendly web hosting service solutions. 

The convergence of software development and yes it operations — DevOps — has garnered a fair amount of attention inside tech industry within the last few decade or so. This sort of practices are certainly valuable where appropriate, but they simply aren’t a fit for several development teams.

“For DevOps to function, your development team should be big enough to double as being a 24/7 operations team, so it will need to have at least eight users of staff for suitable on-call rotations, ” explained Peter Stevens, Executive Director with the hosting company Mythic Beasts. “The second thing can be, you can never file your product finished if you move your development team onto a whole new project, you no longer offer an operations team. ”

Mythic Beasts logoMythic Beasts comes with a broad portfolio of distributed, virtual, and dedicated server solutions to the technically inclined.
That may be okay for companies that focus solely for the continuous development of one software package. But for smaller organizations that require the agility to go from one project to a higher, DevOps may not certainly be a feasible approach.

What these organizations often need is often a developer-friendly managed hosting provider that functions just as one extension of their surgical procedures teams. And that prospect isn’t longer a fantasy due to Mythic Beasts.

“We serve the role associated with an operations team on any one our dedicated and personal server or colocation solutions, ” Peter said. “So should your web service stops working plus your website returns a 500 miscalculation, our phones start ringing, not yours. We take care of anything that goes wrong in this regard, not your interior development team. ”

Recognizing there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for you to managed hosting, Mythic Beasts will take on varying responsibility quantities as needed. This range of services includes many methods from ensuring that servers are working to providing the intensive monitoring, security, and assistance important to keep custom web purposes functioning reliably.

Founded throughout 2000 by Oxford along with Cambridge University Graduates

Mythic Beasts was launched in 2000 by a gaggle of Oxford and Cambridge University or college graduates offering shell accounts on one shared host as a new pastime.

“We essentially couldn’t afford to acquire hosting from someone in addition, so we started your own hosting company, ” John p said. “We planned it becoming a kind of part-time interest, running a good assistance for ourselves, but we inadvertently kept growing by giving hosting services that men and women wanted and were willing to purchase them — no people, no billion-dollar valuations, none of these tech unicorn stuff. ”

Peter told us that this company’s otherworldly name is often a product of the group’s extremely humble beginnings. The company ended up being originally hosted at beasts. org — one in the few one-word domain names the corporation could buy back then — before evolving straight into mythic. beasts. org then when they started selling solutions, mythic-beasts. com.

logos pertaining to WordPress, Raspberry Pi along with virtual serversMythic Beasts features several solutions built all-around WordPress, Raspberry Pi, along with virtual servers.
“It turns out there’s a flip side to having a name as abnormal as Mythic Beasts, ” they said. “Firstly, people will come and pay attention to what we do, even though they’re curious. Secondly, we’re unique. ”

In the conception, the Mythic Beasts crew named its servers immediately after legendary creatures — feel centaurs, ogres, gremlins, etc.

“After a list involving maybe 400 mythical beasts, we started getting into names there was never heard of along with were difficult to tap out, including Welsh mythical beasts with strings of Cs along with Ls, ” Peter explained. “Eventually, we had to go forward to some boring names in the interest of functionality. ”

Over your years, Mythic Beasts used their profits to implement an excellent acquisition strategy. The company acquired the shared hosting services of Black Kitten Networks in 2007, as well as hosting provider Bluelinux really, hosting and virtual server company Retrosnub in 2017, along with virtual server providers BHost along with VMHaus in 2018.

The company also slowly expanded its infrastructure coming from a single shared machine to numerous servers housed in six datacenters in England, the United States, plus the Netherlands.

Highly Secure Been able Application Services

Mythic Beasts has evolved its services catalog over the several years in step with appearing technologies and changing client needs. For example, via 2002 to 2008, the corporation introduced dynamic DNS, server operations, virtual dedicated servers, focused servers, and colocation.

Via 2015 to 2020, the idea added IPv6-only hosting, web hosting service on Raspberry Pi, transit for you to third parties, web along with email hosting using Sympl, along with, most recently, APIs pertaining to DNS management and Raspberry Pis. From an ROI standpoint, these offerings present a new multifaceted value proposition, delivering everything from occasion and cost savings to comfort and operational agility.

John p likened the company’s server operations, introduced in 2006, for you to AAA roadside assistance.

Managed hosting barThe company’s been able solutions take the headaches beyond app hosting.
“You pay a smaller annual fee, and then regularly, when your car fights, a specialist with a van brimming with tools rolls up within a half-hour, fixes your car, and you’ll carry on, ” they said. “It’s much cheaper and preferable to pay a subscription to someone much like the AAA than it should be to either attempt to put together your entire nationwide roadside assistance or go without. Mythic Beasts provides not simply the infrastructure but in addition a layer of operations and staff skill ahead.

Mythic Beasts will be able to compete with tech the big players like AWS and Rackspace by giving services tailored to SMBs and by determined by human intelligence rather when compared with automation alone. Peter said the company could also offer highly competitive rates on many occasions because they don’t pile on enterprise-grade add-ons that smaller sized organizations simply don’t have to have.

“Smaller to medium-sized business leaders have a very much keener sense involving cost control — it’s their unique money they’re spending, ” they said. “They understand there exists an entire Porsche worth of money they might end up spending in hosting services. Whereas large enterprises have to focus on multilevel server access and the like, if you’ve got a new tech team of a few people, you don’t should spend two weeks configuring extensive roles for the team of five men and women.

Implementing New Features by way of a Feedback Loop

Mythic Beasts looks to its customers in relation to internal development ideas. If 3 to 4 customers all leverage a similar tool or system, that will resource could likely profit others.

“We automatically deploy server graphing on our managed servers after seeing a number of customers implement a Munin buyer themselves, ” Peter explained. “It provides all varieties of metrics, including CPU along with disk usage, system weight information, memory use, repository queries, and disk task. ”

The company also executed free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt within a month of the non-profit qualification authority’s 2016 launch.

Straight out, we added a button in your control panel reading, ‘Enable TLS, ’ which offers a simple, one-click option. ”

Several of these kind of intuitive, built-in solutions come contained in the company’s managed hosting strategies, from configuration and preservation of essential backups along with security patching to monitoring by way of a disk health reporting technique.

Regular audits are yet another such benefit.

“Every Mondy, we pick a datacenter along with complete an automated audit of the single customer, email these people, and tell them updates are going to be done at 7 a new. m. on Thursday, ” John p said. “That way, they have got time to object. Thurs night morning, we apply your updates, which takes about 1 hour, to hundreds and numerous servers in parallel. Our entire staff can be purchased to monitor for just about any problems. ”

Up Up coming: Expanding the Raspberry Pi Web hosting service Service

Peter told us Mythic Beasts is just about the only companies to properly implement a Raspberry Pi foriegn hosting solution that consumers can provision remotely.

“Quite a number of companies will plug a Raspberry Pi of their datacenter for you, but we’ve got 144 in every a number of rows of rack place, ” he said.

The Raspberry Pi web hosting service service gives users entry to a dedicated, 64-bit quad-core SUPPLY processor with 1GB as well as 4GB of RAM reinforced by network storage. The Raspbian operating system comes pre-installed for the server and can be working in just two units.

Mythic Beasts recently included additional network capacity throughout Amsterdam, including comprehensive direction-finding control for customers through BGP communities. Routing security is improved by RPKI in order to avoid the hijacking of net addresses.

Improved and more APIs are on how. When we asked if your company would consider Raspberry Pi clouds in more sites, including inside U. S., Peter explained: ‘We’ve already done an individual Raspberry Pi cloud, much of the work is already done, ” before introducing solemnly, “We can’t spend on adding regions because involving COVID-19 related travel limits — but that’s something we’re definitely considering. ”.