MijnHostingPartner: Simple and Affordable ASP.NET No 1 Core Hosting for SMBs and Tech Entrepreneurs

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TL; DR: The actual hosting market isn’t usually known for excellent support. But Holland-based MijnHostingPartner, that has operated since the 1990s, maintains excellent client satisfaction scores thanks to it’s reliable support team. The organization offers ASP. NET Core hosting along with shared and managed WordPress options. Moving forward, MijnHostingPartner’s concentrate on innovation in the security space could keep customers continually protected towards emerging ransomware and DDoS episodes. Share

Many hosting providers only last a couple of years before being acquired or exiting the marketplace — but MijnHostingPartner may be the exception to the guideline. The Netherlands-based hosting supplier has operated independently because the early days of Home windows 95.

“We started with this industry about 25 in years past, and we’ve certainly earned our stripes through the years, ” said Patrick Brouwer, Overseer at MijnHostingPartner. “In add-on to private individuals, all of us also serve companies as well as government institutions. ”

The company’s portfolio includes three primary products: shared web hosting, OR NET. NET Core hosting, along with a managed WordPress solution.

MijnHostingPartner’s shared hosting product is available in four different flavors differentiated through storage space and the amount of domains associated with every account. The ASP. INTERNET Core product, on another hand, is offered through a variety of packages featuring varying disk space and use of MS-SQL databases. The company’s handled WordPress solution, also obtainable in packages of varying space for storage, allows users to offload specialized burdens like updates and backups for any stress-free experience.

MijnHostingPartner is known for its competitively priced shared, managed, and ASP.NET Core hosting solutions.
MijnHostingPartner is famous for its competitively listed shared, managed, and OR NET. NET Core hosting options.
MijnHostingPartner also manages domains and email-only accounts on top of Microsoft Exchange. The organization offers free domain deals; customers either transfer their own existing domains or buy new ones through MijnHostingPartner’s on the internet portal.

While the Nederlander company’s main website is actually MijnHostingPartner. nl, it also suits a global audience by way of additional language-specific domains for that major communities it facilitates. These include MyHostingPartner. com, MeinHostingPartner. com, as well as MijnHostingPartner. be.

“We distinguish ourselves on the market because we’re mostly of the hosters in the Netherlands who’ve their services on a Windows platform rather than Linux, ” Patrick stated.

Rising Above Challenges within Website Reliability

The most of websites were little a lot more than tech-forward business cards whenever MijnHostingPartner was founded within the 1990s. The public didn’t expect much when it comes to performance at the time — therefore it generally didn’t matter if your site incurred intermittent down time or frequent glitches.

All that changed after the dot-com bubble and also the growth of Web two. 0 technologies in the customer space. At that stage, a steadily rising share of consumers started to expect fast, reliable web sites, whether for informational or even commercial purposes.

While huge companies might afford massive servers along with high-bandwidth internet connections at that time, the majority of small companies couldn’t. Hosting companies created hosting that is shared to enable SMBs to get into the web affordably. Theoretically, a relatively modest equipment setup could serve countless low-traffic websites at seriously discounted rates.

The company offers an array
The company offers an array of options designed around the requirements of SMBs.
But not every hosting providers are produced equal. While the hosting market in particular has experienced several challenges during the last 15 years — believe spotty performance, support, and dependability — MijnHostingPartner aimed to supply consistently performing hosting.

“I believe that the biggest challenge for any web host is within providing reliable, fast, and secure hosting in the best price, ” Meat said. “By keeping expenses low, working with state-of-the-art gear, and closely following advancements in software and protection, we are able to stay competitive. ”

MijnHostingPartner’s specialty Windows providing also serves to differentiate the organization from its competitors. Relatively few hosting that is shared services offer ASP. INTERNET hosting, making this particular item an intriguing choice with regard to SMBs and indie developers devoted to Microsoft’s stack.

Windows System Core Hosting & Managed Options

Many shared hosting providers concentrate on Linux because it’s the operating system for which nearly all popular control panels tend to be optimized. Linux is additionally free and open-source, which helps spend less. But Linux is not the only real player in the online game — Microsoft, too, forces servers, as well as a few of the frameworks that make the net work. MijnHostingPartner is mostly of the budget-friendly shared hosting companies that deliver an uncompromising Home windows experience.

The company facilitates all versions of OR NET. NET Core, Microsoft’s open-source internet framework and successor in order to ASP. NET. This includes the most recent version, ASP. NET Primary 3. 0, which premiered in September 2019 along with significant performance improvements.

MijnHostingPartner. nl is recommended

MijnHostingPartner. nl is recommended through 94% of participants about the Kiyoh platform.
Beyond OR NET. NET Core, the company supplies a standard web hosting account which includes ASP. NET, five or even more domains, unlimited email company accounts and aliases, webmail interfaces, as well as unlimited MySQL databases.

MijnHostingPartner’s handled WordPress product, on another hand, delivers unlimited email addresses for a passing fancy domain plus unlimited visitors and MySQL databases.

“Managed WordPress is among a package in that we unburden the customer whenever possible so that he or she will keep the focus on managing this content of the website, ” Meat said. “In the Holland, we are one from the cheapest hosts even though we work on the Windows platform. Our customers really value us — see the reviews — and we’re quite proud of which! ”

MijnHostingPartner: An Affordable Partner within the Netherlands

MijnHostingPartner, which has operated for any quarter-century, has weathered the evolution from the hosting market via it’s support for ASP. NET Core and it is strategic location in holland, which enjoys strict data protection under Eu regulations. The company offers earned significant positive mindshare amongst its customers, as proved by its high suggestion rates.

Moving forward, the organization will remain focused upon providing high-quality hosting providers backed by attentive customer care.

“I think the focus we now have is good, and it is necessary not to stray from this, ” Patrick said. “Our specialty is hosting websites — which expertise flows through the veins. We will still innovate, improve our support, and maintain our high amounts of quality. Security in the shape of ransomware attacks as well as DDoS attacks remains challenging, but we are well prepared for future years. ”

Overall, MijnHostingPartner aims to assist SMBs save time as well as money developing and maintaining a very performant online presence. The organization has options for everybody — from customers who need use of an email server along with a website without more sophisticated cloud options to people who must access a located ASP. NET Core server. As well as MijnHostingPartner’s competitive pricing as well as corporate longevity are difficult to beat.

“We attempt to keep the hosting because simple and cheap as you possibly can, ” Patrick said. “And even though it is sometimes difficult to fulfill customers, we try to become as service-oriented as feasible. ”.