Metawerx Delivers Nearly 25 Years of Experience in Java Hosting and On-Demand Support


TL; DR: Metawerx, based in Questionnaire, has pioneered the Caffeine hosting space since 1997. The corporation has fine-tuned its web hosting service and support service over decades to serve the needs of builders, their clients, and SMEs. Profiting its strong background throughout computer and network stability, Metawerx also provides asking services to hosted along with external clients. Ultimately, the company’s mission is to offer an array of flexible, developer-friendly hosting alternatives backed by solid know-how

Health club organizations, investment management firms, plus the makers of refrigerator keeping track of devices aren’t often lumped in the same category. But in relation to the internet, they’re certainly not exactly worlds apart.

All three types involving businesses require reliable hosting infrastructure to hold their operations working. Refrigerator sensors must stay online to shield perishables in dairy production facilities from costly temperature variations. Gyms and health clubs ought to ensure connectivity between a number of check-in systems via rural database hosting. And fund managers are obligated to deliver secure, consistent access for you to customer portals.

This unlikely trio has something else in common: They’re all represented inside unique customer base that will trusts the Australian company Metawerx to offer dependable, personalized, and remarkably performant hosting solutions.

Neale Rudd, Managing Director at MetawerxWe got an in-depth check out Metawerx’s Java hosting via Neale Rudd, Managing Director with the company.
“With a 99. 95% uptime guarantee and multiple degrees of failover, we have been successful at hosting most of these highly specialized customers that rely upon the availability of his or her systems, ” said Neale Rudd, Handling Director at Metawerx.

Launched in 1997, Metawerx uses its all day and years of Java and security experience in order to meet the needs of small- along with medium-sized enterprises, as effectively as those of builders and their clients. Customers who host his or her applications with Metawerx may shorten project delivery occasion by months while ensuring high degrees of security, stability, and uptime pertaining to development, staging, and generation systems.

The company also provides numerous secure, redundant hosting plans — via affordable shared servers to fully managed Java-based dedicated hosts and clusters. Other developer-friendly alternatives include open-source database web hosting service with support for SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, along with CouchDB.

Pioneering Australia’s Caffeine Hosting Market

Metawerx, based in Melbourne, Australia, first dipped its toes in the Java hosting market by serving a few local shops and builders.

“There were around nine other Java hosting companies worldwide back then, some also offering PHP, ” Neale explained. “We decided to concentration exclusively on supporting Java mainly because it was a great brand-new technology. It was clean to formulate in and had functionality and scalability advantages. As well as, our own software ended up being written in Java so there was fun supporting other Caffeine developers. ”

Metawerx became the 1st Java hosting company throughout Australia in 1997. Right now, the company serves because largest dedicated Java hosting provider near your vicinity, offering everything from affordable Platform as being a Service (PaaS) solutions for Apache Tomcat to fully managed Java-based dedicated hosts.

SSL security test resultsMetawerx usually takes pride in offering sturdy SSL security, as evidenced by its high marks for the SSL Labs test.
The corporation continued to trailblaze your Java hosting market throughout 2012.

That year, Metawerx became the first host on the globe to score 100% for the SSL Server Test — a no cost service powered by Qualys SSL Labs to provide in-depth analyses on SSL world wide web server configurations. “We modified the OpenJDK along with Tomcat source code to implement the specified features, ” Neale spelled out.

By November 1, 2012, there were still lower than five cases in which a site achieved a credit score of 100%.

The team is also known for setting up a Reference Guide for Tomcat to express helpful information with Metawerx users plus the Java community overall. “We have a common Java/Tomcat Wiki, which even Google features referenced in its Yahoo and google App Engine documentation for many years — listed above your Java Servlet specification themselves, ” Neale said.

Delivering Specialized Managed Services

Metawerx, currently in its 24th calendar year, has broadened its product portfolio after a while. Today, the company offers many methods from Java hosting and focused servers to Subversion web hosting service and IMAP mail.

“In earlier times, our dedicated servers were a fantastic match for customers who had to scale but wanted their data to be in Australia and always be managed by us, ” Neale explained. “Subversion and IMAP ended up popular for security along with privacy, allowing full-service offerings all from the same company, management, along with location. ”

Neale instructed us that today, many developers are checking out private GitHub repositories instead of the Subversion control system along with replacing dedicated hardware using virtual private servers — generating Subversion hosting less pertinent.

“Instead, we have moved straight into remote server management for a lot of of our larger buyers who host in-house pertaining to various reasons, ” Neale explained.

Cables on a serverSpeed, stability, and Java expertise come caused by Metawerx’s nearly 25 years in the marketplace. The shift toward virtualization along with cloud infrastructure has granted developers and companies to take care of their servers at a fraction of the price tag on leasing and colocating their unique hardware.

“As so many hosting companies were offering VPS plus the big players were entering into the space with foriegn offerings, Metawerx went down the way of remaining a specialist Java host which has a high level of assist, ” Neale told people. “Our goal was to allow for developers to focus exclusively on the project or ecommerce internet site and leave security, enhancements, monitoring, and network along with server administration to people. ”

This ultimately served just as one advantage for the firm, especially when developers moved to other projects, leaving their customers to deal with their hosting automatically. “Metawerx would keep these people running smoothly, ” Neale explained. “And often, the same developers would revisit with additional projects. ”

Tier-Free Support 24 hours a day

In addition to Caffeine expertise, a strong stability background, and automatic failover devices, Metawerx stands apart through the competition by offering seriously high-quality customer satisfaction.

“When you contact people, you’ll notice we have zero tiered or automated assist, ” Neale said. “You are going to be speaking directly with someone that can fix or assist using your problem with years of experience inside field. ”

Knowledgeable, trusted support keeps costs along, saves time on growth and deployment, and aids in averting downtime. (Remember — Metawerx comes with a impressive 99. 95% uptime guarantee).

“We charge over VPS hosts, but the main advantages of experienced support often aren’t realized unless you need it, ” Neale spelled out. “It’s basically high-level support on-demand at economical. Our number one benefit is we act as a hosting partner rather than hosting service. ”

Neale said the assist team recently exemplified the main advantages of this hands-on approach every time a business that hosts their ecommerce system with Metawerx placed a national sales advertising campaign.

“They had selected for you to host their images with a well-known content distribution multilevel (CDN) and their ecommerce system around, ” he said. “Unfortunately, the CDN had a maximum limit these folks were unaware of, and in the peak sale time — as their advertising became available — their images turned down to load. We had the ability to mitigate this quickly for the children. ”

Anticipating the Move to OpenJDK

Like everything in addition at Metawerx, the company’s internal growth processes largely revolve throughout the customer. Neale told people the team employs a new proactive and reactive tactic.

“Sometimes we come up through an idea we think could make things easier or safer for the customers, ” he explained. “Sometimes it’s a special requirement a buyer has, which we and then blend into our active offerings. ”

As for what the longer term holds, Metawerx is currently devoted to OpenJDK 17, the reference implementation of version 17 in the Java SE Platform.

“The move to OpenJDK involves challenges throughout migrating code, and the truly great teams at Tomcat along with TomEE are always employing new features, ” Neale explained. “I think it’s gonna be an exciting number of years in this space. ”.