MCProHosting Offers Expert Support and Deep Technical Expertise for Clients Running Game Servers

MCProHosting Offers Expert Support

TL; DR: Over the last several years, MCProHosting has grown coming from a two-person operation offering Minecraft servers to your respected host for endless weeks of frustration server-based games. The company is deeply dedicated to high-quality support and uncomplicated onboarding, making it suitable for customers who need somewhat guidance to run their unique servers. MCProHosting continues to further improve its products with a new custom control panel, support for at the least several new games, along with improvements to its site. 

Since its kick off in 2011, Minecraft has become the most successful games of in history — and it is maintaining growth. The game had over $200 million in sales and nearly 126 million monthly avid gamers in 2020.

It has also spawned a full ecosystem of services that support gameplay.

While Minecraft began seeing good results, two early players thought we would launch MCProHosting, a firm to host private Minecraft hosts.

“We’re a market within just that market, ” explained William Barlow, Brand along with Marketing Manager for MCProHosting. “Not anyone who plays wants a new server, but we’re trying to switch that because even the word ‘server’ is usually a bit intimidating to a lot of people. ”

MCProHosting bannerMCProHosting creates private game servers offered to more players.
Right now, MCProHosting supports many various other games, including Valheim along with Terraria, with 23 datacenter spots across six continents. The corporation prides itself on a new 99. 99% uptime rate and serves over 670, 000 satisfied buyers.

MCProHosting recently launched a control panel, moving away from your vendor-supplied solutions it offered for countless years. That will give players more control over their games experience.

“We’ve entirely switched onto our own custom command panel, which is getting quite a awesome redesign currently, ” William said. “It’s currently live, and we’re awaiting offering it to additional people. ”

The value of simple entry to reliable servers isn’t exclusively for the hard-core gamers, sometimes. During the COVID-19 outbreak, online gaming became more popular all over the world. That’s why MCProHosting is convinced its fundamental value proposition as being a private game server firm is making its products accessible to your global base of focused players.

Minecraft Servers Create Memories, Not Just Online games

MCProHosting has seen a tremendous increase in traffic over the last year. According to Bill, there was a are powered by servers across the industry partly on account of hardware shortages.

And it’s not simply the game hosting market place. A spike in require for remote servers and cloud solutions caused by the pandemic has made sure storage solutions more elusive — plus much more expensive.

Still, MCProHosting encourages gamers to own private servers.

“It doesn’t subject what game you’re participating in, ” William said. “You can establish memories, fun times, and in many cases communities by building throughout Minecraft for days and days using your friends. And it’s rescued forever. That’s not necessarily something a great deal of providers offer. ”

It’s not at all the server, but each of the information it can keep, including various modpacks along with plugins, that contribute to your personalized and memorable games experience. Different combinations of these kind of extras generate a very different appearance and feel for the game.

Screenshot of MCProHosting gamesMCProHosting initially devoted to Minecraft but has expanded to feature other titles.
When everyone is isolated, the joy of playing an sport with friends may boost mental health in periods of pandemic lockdowns along with social distancing.

By building a server rather than joining a huge public one, the history and camaraderie which a small group of pals enjoys while playing the action is preserved.

That is just about the main reasons why MCProHosting tries to take out the complexity to support less tech-savvy gamers enjoy the main advantages of a private-server ecosystem using minimal friction.

“It’s a growth industry, ” William explained. “The biggest challenges are always being sure that we keep up and look after our customer service quantities. ”

New Server Owners Supported by Experts and also a Welcoming Service Team

Many budget hosts depend upon knowledge bases and sometimes checked ticketing systems to deliver customer service. That implies customers do the hefty lifting of troubleshooting ahead of a support agent measures in.

Even then, the agent might not exactly work for the firm and require customers for you to troubleshoot basic functions until they desire “second-level” support — and that is often code for someone who works to the host.

MCProHosting takes some other approach to service.

“We target making sure we receive the best customer experience, ” Bill said. “With cheaper opponents, you’re not going to have the service that we may offer, just because of what number of staff we have, and what number of experts, and our in-depth know-how base. We want to make certain we don’t lose people inside fog of not understanding how to run a server. ”

The final results of that philosophy are evident inside company’s excellent ratings in TrustPilot, with 85% of greater than 5, 000 reviews being released at the five-star amount.

The goal is in order that customers have several assist options, regardless of their a higher level technical expertise, to feel confident building a server. However, in your game-hosting space, there’s an added complexity available as modpacks and other specific tweaks that go above traditional game deployments.

MCProHosting employs several modpack experts who realize how to incorporate popular mods straight into games and troubleshoot exceptional mods.

The company’s support approach also refers to its road map pertaining to future enhancements. MCProHosting has recently ramped way up its community outreach effort by setting up a team of beta testers from a customer community — mostly people who’ve had servers for countless years. Their feedback provided MCProHosting with insight in the user experience.

“Getting their ideas and views have been invaluable, ” William explained. “We had a distinct perspective on some things about our control panel when compared with someone who runs a new server for 100 men and women. Their feedback on precisely what we’ve been developing has triggered a dramatically better closing product. ”

MCProHosting: Complex Game Hosting Made Straightforward

In a decade, MCProHosting is growing from a labor involving love run by two Minecraft gamers to your full-fledged game-server host that emphasizes excellent customer satisfaction.

MCProHosting’s approach follows via its ethos that gaming is often a social activity that generates meaningful memories. And private servers are very important to their preservation, so MCProHosting makes it simplallows you for people with no technical skill to run a sport server successfully.

The rapid increase throughout gaming activity in 2020 stunted all hosting providers to perform more in an natural environment where hardware became additional scarce and expensive. MCProHosting’s response is aimed toward helping even more people succeed at building a private gaming server. Their site redesign complements your company’s extensive service crew, including modpack experts and also other support agents who may help customize game experiences.

And MCProHosting still looks forward with an aggressive product road road.

“In 2021, we’re gonna add at least numerous games, more panel capabilities, and more products, and also enhance our support crew, ” William said. “The new panel design have been tremendously collaborative. ”

For individuals that are eager to consider using a hosted gaming server, MCProHosting comes with a great value proposition, specifically aspiring gaming leaders who feel uncomfortable building a server of their individual.

“It really does dropped to the support team we have here, ” Bill said. “It’s unlike a great deal of places I’ve worked with during the past. The staff here have a very different level of devotion to understanding what we’re looking to do and to constantly work to generate it better. ”.