How John Nemo’s LinkedIn Lead Generation Advice can Help Sales Professionals in Hosting and Other Industries Make Meaningful Connections

How John Nemo’s LinkedIn Lead Generation Advice can Help Sales Professionals in Hosting and Other Industries Make Meaningful Connections

TL; DR: LinkedIn is a powerful tool for constructing a professional network — but it’s only a good choice for lead generation purposes the use of it in the right way. Author John Nemo explains precisely how for this with his free e-book, “Linkedin Riches: How to work with LinkedIn for Business, Income and Marketing. ” Whether you’re a business person starting a cupcake organization, a reseller of web hosting service services, or any other professional aiming to market your wares, Nemo’s advice may help you make lasting connections. 

Does your LinkedIn account feature general background home elevators your current and prior work experience, education, and achievements — searching for resumé, essentially? If consequently, you’ve followed in the footsteps of numerous other members on the widely used social media network.

However, according to John Nemo, those footsteps aren’t planning to lead you anywhere.

“The number one mistake I see professionals make is they have got a LinkedIn profile that reads as being a resumé, ” John instructed us. “It’s written inside third person, and it’s information on you. But your potential customer, your ideal client, won’t care about you. They love themselves morning, noon, along with after supper. That’s why you may need what I call a new client-facing profile. ”

Author John NemoAuthor Bob Nemo told us tips on how to use LinkedIn as a new profitable lead-generation tool.
Bob, a marketing consultant and list size expert, said the key should be to flip your profile the other way up, highlighting the audience you serve plus the service you provide. The book, “Linkedin Riches: Tips on how to use LinkedIn for Organization, Sales and Marketing, ” dives even deeper in the topic, and it’s on his website for no cost, as well as available at Amazon.

John also serves as CEO in the marketing consulting and list size company Nemo Media Class — though he wouldn’t dare describe himself doing this on LinkedIn.

“Almost everyone carries a professional headline on LinkedIn using job title, company brand, or some hyperbole similar to Sales Ninja, ” they said. “If you need to use your profile for you to earn business, you ought to instead outline the service you provide plus your niche audience. It doesn’t subject if it’s SEO pertaining to hospitals or HR solutions for Fortune 100 firms. ”

The same costs hosting providers. Rather over a description such as Bob Nemo is CEO brand of Nemo Media Class, John’s LinkedIn profile states: “Done For You” LinkedIn List size for Business Coaches, Consultants & Small businesses proprietors. That way, potential clients know what exactly to expect from Bob and his business.

Recognizing the benefit of One-on-One Engagement On-line

John said he knew it turned out time to strike out by himself in 2012 after sitting through one lots of frivolous business meetings in his public relations role at an relationship for nurses. The last straw was a prolonged business meeting focused in sourcing props — synthetic trees and male famous actors in tights, to be precise — for the tax demonstration with a new Robin Hood theme.

“I had an excellent day job, a six-figure earnings, amazing health benefits, plus the security of a job union — and My spouse and i was miserable, ” they said. “I just remember sitting in this meeting, and literally, my job was to discover men in tights along with like fake trees along with foliage for street cinema. I thought, ‘I can’t be accomplishing this for the next 40 years. There has to get more to life. ’”

With only with regards to a month’s safety net along with three young boys and also a wife at home, John said he observed the courage to do without his day job and run his very own business.

“If I been unsuccessful, I could just go and have another day job — at the least that’s what I instructed myself, ” he explained.

But John didn’t don’t succeed. Instead, he launched his very own marketing agency and used LinkedIn to get more than $135, 000 in sales revenue within ninety days. And he did the idea from his bedroom with just a MacBook, which he put on an empty Super Pretzels field atop a folding minute card table.

“I saw to be able to use LinkedIn, not pertaining to job hunting or acquiring employees, but as a new B2B tool for brings, ” he said. “LinkedIn had pretty much everything data on prospects and professionals i could instantly find totally free. I had one client then, so I got hopping. Within 90 days, I had immediately validated what I think to be true about LinkedIn — that you might use it to come across, engage with, and sell for a ideal prospects online. ”

“Linkedin Riches: ” How to Leverage the Social websites Platform for Sales

It wasn’t some time before John started attracting additional clients via LinkedIn.

“People would tell me, ‘You found me in LinkedIn and sold something in my opinion — can you make it happen same thing for our company? ’” he explained.

Soon after that, John was having lunch which has a friend who suggested they write a book to express his secrets with people. The result was LinkedIn Riches, which he published in 2014 and possesses updated annually ever considering that.

“I wrote ‘Linkedin Riches’ to see my story of precisely how, but more importantly, to express my secret sauce — tips on how to use LinkedIn to come across leads, engage them, and sell for many years without being sleazy along with spammy. The book removed, and it’s been a bestseller for countless years. ”

The free book provides home elevators common LinkedIn mistakes, income techniques, and templates for building the supreme profile.

“One tip that men and women find helpful is this specific: In the first distinctive line of my LinkedIn profile as well as the summary section, I state what I do and the main advantages of my product or assistance. For example, I used to use debt collectors, so I’d personally say, ‘I help lenders (target audience), increase sales and revenue (the benefit that they can want) by providing industry-specific promoting services. ’”

While it’s readily available a prospective customer amid 700 million LinkedIn single profiles, it’s not always easy to generate a sale. John said that the majority of people present sales gives without building rapport.

“If I were to take a moment with you at a coffee shop to sell you done-for-you LinkedIn solutions, I wouldn’t say, ‘I have a very product, and I want 15 minutes of your time to do a test. ’ LinkedIn tells us where you’re from, what you’re considering — it gives me the many icebreakers I could should connect on a laid-back basis. ”

The majority of the bucks earned on LinkedIn comes as the effect of one-on-one personal messaging that’s covert, friendly, and engaging, Bob said.

Stand Out Amid 700 Million People in LinkedIn with Free Means

John told us it’s required to keep your ego down when marketing on LinkedIn.

“Nobody knows who We are — I give an insane volume of content away for free because I realize how important it should be to demonstrate expertise, ” they said. “Everyone online could claim authority. It’s an incredibly different story to display it. Once people identify that your free material performs and gets them rapid wins, they’re more than happy to purchase the full enchilada. ”

Providing free content in addition helps professionals build trust using audiences. For hosting pros, this could mean giving an e-book on the main advantages of environmentally friendly hosting, or maybe tips for building along with hosting your first site.

Books by John NemoJohn gives away most of his content for no cost.
John said he also isn’t afraid to demonstrate off his big individuality online. It allows him to meaningful connections.

“You’ll see on my website a graphic of me with a new popcorn bucket on our head playing ‘Star Wars’ using my kids, ” they said. “You want to get unique. You’ll attract people who find themselves a good fit and repels people that aren’t. ”

The internet is often a distracting environment where it’s demanding to capture your audience’s awareness. John’s sales approach makes it simplallows you for prospects to cut over the clutter and identify why they’d need to connect with him. Immediately after building rapport, his next step is to ask for permission to make available free but valuable means.

“There are four parts to the present: asking them if they’re considering the benefit, offer something of value totally free, ask permission to mail it over, and get the pressure off by simply saying ‘If you’re certainly not interested, no worries. ’ In your mind, these steps help encourage people to raise their hand along with say, ‘Yeah, I’m curious — send it around. ’”

A Focus on Learning and Sharing the subsequent Great Thing

Moving onward, John plans to improve the opportunities presented to him in the increasingly digital business natural environment. He’s scaling up the consulting practice while implementing various online courses along with content.

“I love mastering and teaching — that’s our passion. We live inside greatest era in history to monetize your know-how and reach an endless audience. I grew up inside ‘80s, so if I want to to meet with a person, I’d have to get involved the car or gain access to a corded landline. ”

Obtaining resources like LinkedIn offered at one’s fingertips starts up previously unimaginable doors.

“Now we carry in your pockets a TV studio room, a radio station, a new newspaper, ” he explained. “It’s limitless. ”.