Mailjet: An All-in-One Platform that Merges Marketing and Transactional Email Delivery on the Same Server

Mailjet: An All-in-One Platform that Merges Marketing and Transactional Email DeliveryTL; DR: Mailjet is an spontaneous all-in-one email platform with solutions tailored for assorted communications types — via marketing messaging to financial transaction notifications. Its tools support companies follow customers by way of their life cycles by way of one integrated interface. Mailjet also provides an email builder called Passport to help you business owners create powerful, compelling emails. The platform happens to be Europe’s leading email solution by sending over 3 billion emails a month for its 150, 000 buyers. 

Communication is the most important aspects of a new relationship, and email has become the dominant mode of transmission between businesses and shoppers.

Companies that want growing and scale need for you to leverage email tools for you to successfully market, sell, provide, and bill their buyers. They also must operate to streamline those excursions as customers are don’t willing to wait pertaining to answers.

The rise in portable device use and switching consumer expectations have triggered a more complex electronic mail landscape than many businesses are designed for alone.

The Mailjet logoMailjet allows SMBs streamline correspondence using customers, including invoices along with marketing emails.
Mailjet was founded really to simplify email supply and collaboration for corporations. Now, 3 billion emails sent from over 150, 000 customers travel through Mailjet’s servers monthly. The platform’s intuitive program and integrated email designer put enterprise capabilities inside hands of even the particular business owners.

Mailjet has offices across Europe which has a headquarters in Paris along with teams in Barcelona, Berlin, Manchester, and the United Claims. The company has quickly expanded for being Europe’s leading email option, and it recently became an element of Pathwire, expanding its world-wide footprint.

Mailjet now offers transactional TEXT MESSAGE API for developers besides its email solution. On the other hand, the core of its product works with best practices on receiving emails from company hosts into customer inboxes.

“Sending messages sounds easy. We all undertake it, ” said Nicolas Garnier, Product or service Manager at Mailjet. “However, when you want to do it at scale as being a company, it gets tricky if you need all your emails to offer. ”

What began as being a technical answer to your riddle of email deliverability grew to be an easy-to-use software for even the lowest amount of tech-savvy users.

“We help it become easy for anyone to have success at email, whether these are technical or not, ” Nicolas explained.

Today, businesses compete for your fastest servers and solutions in which to stay contact with customers. Mailjet provides collaborative, compelling, and automated email tools they must keep those customers involved yourself.

Passport: A Powerful along with Intuitive Email Builder

Considered one of Mailjet’s biggest selling things is its email designer, Passport. The builder is set with powerful tools that allow one to quickly create professional, lovely emails. It also provides unique features including comments and approval workflows that provides marketers and designers space to collaborate instantly.

“We started working for the email builder, Passport, throughout 2015. Today, Passport is just about the best — if not the top — email builders available, ” Nicolas said. “It is just about the only builders to have the choice to lock sections in the email so that people cannot edit it. ”

Mailjet designed Passport with everyday users planned. Most people don’t want to know the technical processes forced to get emails from their server to your customer’s inbox. However, many need the instruments to help them create great content fast along with quickly send it.

Screenshot of Mailjet Passport electronic mail builderThe Mailjet Passport electronic mail builder allows entrepreneurs to launch compelling email promotions quickly.
Mailjet has heard those people needs from businesses along with used that feedback to further improve Passport even further.

“We try and respond to feedback wherever it emanates from, ” Nicolas said. “We have a very widget in the app where customers may offer feedback or suggest features they really want. So small and large customers alike might be heard. ”

That responsiveness has become a key driver of Passports success — and also a significant component of Mailjet’s climb, as well. By keeping customers in the loop, Mailjet can offer a new robust email service at the competitive price with the very best levels of deliverability.

Simplifying Email Distribution By having a Unified Interface

Following businesses through his or her entire life cycle of interactions using customers can often feel as if traveling through a maze. The corporation sends marketing emails, income outreach, order confirmations, back-up and support emails, and even debts. It’s hard to comply with the logic from will finish, especially when the chats may involve 10 folks within an organization. An exceptional aspect of Mailjet is its capacity to link marketing and income emails with transactional messages through one mail server.

“We work with many companies that need to send marketing emails and also transactional emails, and the idea is that they do both in one particular platform, ” Nicolas explained.

Instead of fumbling in the handoff between sales, assistance, and billing, Mailjet keeps email threads together a single view, which results in a very more streamlined customer expertise.

That process adds persistence to business communications plus saves time and income. One client had agents who had been each sending about 100 emails every day, but Mailjet automated nearly so much outreach.

“Keeping all these emails a single place adds two positive aspects. The first is throughout software management. It can make it much easier when everything is one platform. You can follow one customer in the life cycle of his or her marketing and transactional messages, ” Nicolas said. “And coming from a billing perspective, everything can be consolidated, so it makes losing an invoice a lot less likely. ”

Businesses can lose a tremendous amount of revenue in the most critical perhaps the sales journey: invoicing. One report revealed that small business owners have lost $825 billion dollars in unpaid invoices. That means small businesses leave typically $84, 000 on your table. Sometimes, payment might be difficult even with regular communication. However, many companies are not able to build a billing course of action that works, which can cost thousands — or occasionally millions — of us dollars.

Mailjet: Partnering with Pathwire pertaining to More Mail Integrations

Just lately, Mailjet and Mailgun, an email API solution for builders and product teams, joined forces within the Pathwire brand. Pathwire has opened the door pertaining to Mailjet to partner using larger companies, sending thousands and thousands more emails. Some in the companies Pathwire has caused include Wikipedia, Lyft, Dell, plus the National Hockey League.

Mailjet can also target its specific product offerings as an alternative to worrying about breaking straight into new markets now that it must be working with a more substantial company like Pathwire. Through an intuitive and easy-to-use podium for marketers and every day users, Mailjet can send more technical users onto Mailgun, where developers can control every aspect of the API.

Access to larger clientele and more freedom to focus on its unique service features helped Mailjet expand its growing portfolio of greater than 80 integrations. Companies can now use Mailjet without spinner their systems, and users can readily connect their workflows involving Microsoft Azure, Google Foreign, WordPress, and other software package suites.

Mailjet has been growing mainly because it first took on email deliverability really. Now, it is poised to earn a greater international market share since its intuitive email option delivers. When it number, and when it’s time for it to close deals, companies utilize Mailjet to provide smooth and consistent email supply.