LitExtension Delivers Streamlined Shopping Cart Migrations Between Ecommerce Platforms — No Matter Where They’re Hosted

LitExtension Delivers Streamlined Shopping Cart Migrations Between Ecommerce Platforms

TL; DR: LitExtension, founded in 2011 by a gaggle of development experts, provides seamless shopping cart solution migrations between ecommerce websites, whether they’re hosted on-premises or inside cloud. The company’s comprehensive migration solution supports over 100 carts and includes methods of transferring everything from product or service and customer data for you to order information and accounts. Not every ecommerce solution will be the same — and LitExtension’s goal should be to give users the freedom to switch between platforms as had to meet their business aims.

You’d be hard-pressed to discover shopping cart migrations for the bucket lists of most trusted online stores, and it’s easy to view why. They’re time-consuming, sophisticated, and error-prone — perhaps one wrong move may snowball into reputational destruction.

Still, it’s important to discover an online shopping cart that works in your case. As the software that facilitates purchases on an ecommerce store, shopping buggies directly affect business task and income.

Therefore, it’s important that web owners can switch between alternatives as needed. But the data migrations required for this are best left on the professionals.

LitExtension logoLitExtension offers a stress-free shopping cart solution migration service between over 100 platforms that could be hosted anywhere.
“Migrating your current ecommerce store, whether it’s for the 1st time or the 100th occasion, is a stressful course of action, ” said Mara Drijbooms, Company Executive at LitExtension, a shopping cart solution migration provider. “We want our customers to never worry about their migrations in any respect — they can just leave the crooks to our experts and concentration instead on selling along with growing their businesses. ”

The corporation empowers ecommerce merchants for you to migrate their stores to more robust ecommerce platforms, regardless of the place that the data is hosted. LitExtension’s technology — works with more than 100 searching carts — transfers many data, including product data, customer data, order documents, and passwords. And it lets you do so automatically, accurately, along with seamlessly.

Established in 2011, LitExtension’s team of keen migration specialists has delivered over 150, 000 successful migrations pertaining to over 50, 000 buyers worldwide. The company regularly works to evolve their technology in step using customer needs while delivering exceptional support.

Delivering Seamless Shopping cart solution Migrations Since 2011

LitExtension signed up with the ecommerce market in an opportune time. Inside U. S. alone, internet commerce revenue totaled $194. 3 billion dollars in 2011, up 07. 1% from $167. 3 billion really.

“We launched in 2011 while ecommerce platforms were beginning become more popular, ” Mara instructed us. “Data migration was simply a small segment in your ecommerce industry, but we saw potential because there are so few competitors in data migration in connection with ecommerce. ”

Because the market industry was growing so rapid, LitExtension had the possibility to study the shortcomings inside offerings of their competitors and still provide better alternatives.

“We took that possibility to offer solutions that would likely surpass our competitors throughout price, in the selection of features, and inside usability of the plugin, ” the girl said. “We evolved based on the our competitors lacked along with what our customers had to deliver a seamless migrations experience that is as fast as possible. ”

Right now, LitExtension offers multiple features and packages meant to make migrations easier. While using company’s Basic Migration assistance, migrations are as easy as three simple measures backed by customer assist. A handy calculator makes pricing transparent using the number of products, buyers, and orders on a new user’s current store.

The company also offers an All-in-One Migration Package handled entirely by the personal assistant who will manage the project from starting out end. The dedicated assistant will certainly regularly update customers for the migration progress and answer any questions they will often have.

Building Professional Long-Term Buyer Relationships

Mara told us she’s extremely satisfied with the customer support service that this LitExtension team delivers.

“Apart via delivering exceptional technical benefits, we go above and beyond to be sure their satisfaction, ” the girl said. “We have an avid professional support team through tickets, phone email — anyone name it — even in the holidays. ”

She said the crew is genuinely happy to answer just about every question they receive coming from a customer. After all, close communication often allows you ease any concerns.

“We always devote the necessary time to be handled by our customers and recognize their business-specific needs along with goals, ” Mara explained. “It doesn’t matter if your company is small, channel, or large — we give each the identical amount of devotion. ”

Photo of LitExtension teamThe team is firmly dedicated to keeping customers happy along with informed.
While a wide range of tech providers claim to deliver superior customer service, it’s clear that Mara and her team are derived from a genuine place.

“We position our customers above anything, ” she said. “We know that every business is exclusive, and therefore every client comes with a individual requirement or have to have. We work together with these to understand their organization and help them achieve the top results. We will present them customized solutions — no matter what suits their needs ideal. ”

Mara told us that this company’s most important goal should be to achieve total customer satisfaction by having a confident and enthusiastic tactic.

“We hope to create reliability, trust, even a friendly relationship through honesty and honesty, ensuring healthy, long-term alliances, ” the girl said. “And of study course, we wish to accomplish that while maintaining professionalism in your work and our steps. ”

Alleviating Migration-Associated Problems in Times of Strain

The rapid adoption involving web-based technologies proved challenging for several companies throughout 2020 when they began to navigate business inside pandemic era.

The LitExtension team was fortunate to function remotely for only 8 weeks before conditions improved throughout Vietnam (the country ranked second best on the globe for its successful management in the coronavirus pandemic).

Once they returned on the office, the LitExtension team took the means to help clients around the world improve their ecommerce technological innovation.

“The number of projects we were implementing increased, ” Mara explained. “A lot of people stayed home in the pandemic and were browsing online oftener. The number of men and women shopping online also greater, which then led to store owners needing to improve their store and platform around. And that’s how we managed in which to stay business. ”

The company’s endless free remigrations, 30-day money-back promise, and 24/7 dedicated assist undoubtedly helped ease buyer tensions during times involving change.

“Everything we do is when considering providing our customers using reassurance, ” Mara explained. “We want to improve goodwill, offering total satisfaction inside pursuit of our eye-sight. ”

Providing Expertise while Industry Thought-Leaders

When it relates to developing new features and putting new releases into production, the LitExtension crew relies heavily on insight from its customer starting.

“We develop a wide range of our software based on the they need, ” Mara explained. “If we see that there are requests for features we have not yet furnished, we try to put them inside software.

As pertaining to what’s next, LitExtension plans to remain leveraging its team’s experience in shopping cart solution migrations to give users the freedom to switch between platforms and website hosts as needed.

“We are generally world-leading data migration authorities, ” Mara said. “LitExtension will certainly always provide outstanding solutions, and we want our customers to watch us as experts inside field — not equally a service provider. ”.