LightWave Networks: Providing Fast, Reliable, and Personalized Hosting Solutions to Businesses Nationwide

LightWave Networks: Providing Fast, Reliable, and Personalized Hosting Solutions to Businesses Nationwide

TL; DR: LightWave Networks is known due to the high-quality dedicated servers, personal colocation services, cloud copy services, and managed network. The hosting company, containing datacenters in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New jersey, enables customers across the media to run their corporations on fast and reputable infrastructure. Through knowledgeable 24/7 support and also a considerate approach to creating to order, LightWave Networks offers a definite alternative to the additional commoditized hosting solutions of countless providers. 

The global public foreign market has flourished within the last few decade, growing from a new $15. 08 billion valuation really to an estimated $257. 9 billion dollars in 2020.

But even though big-name providers like Rain forest Web Services (AWS), ‘Microsoft’ Azure, and Google Cloud get their advantages — specially in scalability and benefit — they’re not the correct fit for every firm.

In addition to capricious pricing, the biggest disadvantage of such hyper scalars is their one-size-fits-all tactic. Every business has a unique needs, some more advanced than others, making it nearly impossible to find a fitting public cloud solution off of the shelf.

A lack of options isn’t a difficulty with private clouds. Contrary to public clouds, which third-party vendors own, private cloud solutions are dedicated solely with an organization.

LightWave Networks logoLightWave supplies tailor-made hosting and colocation alternatives.
Recognizing this, hosts like LightWave Cpa networks help businesses stay linked with customized solutions tailored thus to their needs.

“We’re a small company, but we’ve attracted a number of relatively large customers strictly as a result of way we deliver accurate, customized solutions, ” explained David Capone, VP involving Operations at LightWave. “We’re not gonna say, ‘Here’s our portion of oatmeal, chocolate chip, and sweets cookies — pick one particular. ’ We are additional about, ‘Here’s the flour, butter, along with sugar. Tell us what exactly you need us to make. ’”

Involving bespoke private cloud alternatives, high-quality dedicated servers, personal colocation services, cloud backups, along with managed networking, LightWave can serve a large customer starting. The company, which features datacenters in Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New jersey, also boasts the rapid and reliable infrastructure had to serve businesses nationwide.

Delivering Value Around Cloud-Centric Promotions

Before serving as VP involving Operations at LightWave, David told us he worked inside dedicated server and colocation spaces for approximately 15 years. He then took with a contract CIO role which has a large national company that will depended heavily on AWS foriegn.

“They did a good deal with Amazon’s Elastic Work out Cloud (EZ2) instances, i really saw first-hand the financial constraints and cost structures linked to that. LightWave was partially founded around knowing some of the metrics in the market place. I also have a great deal of friends that work in numerous tech industries that give you a finger on the pulse in the tech infrastructure space. ”

About leaving the contracting position, David was able to help you steer LightWave in brand-new directions. David said his expertise reinforced his view in the public cloud: It serves as being a good option for companies with applications that has got to scale in real-time along with early-stage organizations with huge growth potential. But greater options exist for firms with fixed needs.

Man with servers in datacenterThe company carries a datacenter presence in Boston ma, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New jersey.
“The company that My spouse and i was with was spending a lot of cash with AWS, but that they didn’t need scaling capabilities, ” he said. “Their requirement of compute and storage ended up being highly fixed. They weren’t at an area where they might need to add 100 new VMs every year to maintain up with demand. ”

David said he recognized that there would’ve been significant savings if your company transitioned from the population cloud to a focused private infrastructure solution that will offered flexibility in delegating permissions along with controlling resource access.

“That’s been our target with LightWave — drive an automobile value through customized solutions for businesses coming from all sizes rather than offering a directory of servers on our site that you just click to order on-demand, ” they said.

Cloud Server and Colocation Services Tailored on the Customer

Today, LightWave offers a wide selection of services, from dedicated and foreign servers to colocation, been able services, and monitoring assist.

“Colocation, dedicated servers, along with our cloud infrastructure are generally our core offerings, ” Brian explained. “The other ancillary services can be bundled together with these three to offer customers the best option for their needs and then the best chance of good results.

LightWave’s ancillary services include managed networking to compliment dedicated servers, virtual, along with cloud servers, as effectively as firewalls. The firm offers both physical along with virtual servers via their Boston and Dallas colocation features.

LightWave Networks logo along with datacenterLightWave offers colocation through its Dallas and Boston ma facilities.
The company in addition provides blended Border Portal Protocol (BGP) IP Transit, which manages how data is routed through the internet. Speed and bandwidth options are customizable determined by business needs.

Of study course, the LightWave team in concert with each customer to determine what exactly each customer requires. David said the company isn’t in the industry of piling on solutions to charge customers over is necessary — or accumulating numerous customers as possible to pad the lower line.

“We listen to your requirements, and we deliver the solution which you are required through the best fit in the product portfolio, even if that means providing a affordable solution than what maybe you have contacted us for. ”

A Target Customer Service and Storage

LightWave knows that retaining customers happy is the simplest way to ensure they’ll stick all-around.

“Our goal is long-term buyer retention, ” David explained. “We’re constantly staying in addition to our customer base, monitoring and ensuring they’re receiving the top value. ”

The alternative — determined by a revolving door involving customers — is high-priced and detrimental to making trust. Loyal customers in addition provide valuable feedback and help attract new customers.

Building a business where you’re devoted to delivering value to those people existing customers may cost somewhat upfront, but it gets offset for the other end, ” they said. “You’re not constantly spending promoting dollars to replace them after they decide to go a whole new route when they discover a better price elsewhere.

Even though LightWave’s guiding principles concentration primarily on providing price via private cloud along with dedicated server infrastructure, the corporation can also offer public cloud infrastructure which has a customized twist.

“We consult the customer; we know what they need, ” Brian told us. “If they’re a startup and they also just need one VM occasion, of course, we give a public cloud infrastructure which enable it to spin up that VM. If they need another VM, you can spin one up and monitor growth to view whether a more value-oriented solution may come into play. ”

Brand-new Raspberry Pi Colocation Alternatives

LightWave recently began delivering colocation and hosting solutions for Raspberry Pi, a smaller and affordable single-board laptop or computer. Though initially created pertaining to learning purposes, Raspberry Pi computers are getting to be more powerful and are used to provide web hosting service and run apps which have been not compute-intensive.

Customers can either provide their unique Raspberry Pi computer as well as rent one from LightWave at the low monthly price.

“Raspberry Pi colocation will be the new craze for low-power devices deployed inside data center, ” Brian said. “We are beginning roll out the service in any respect locations. ”

Fitting which consists of overall value proposition, LightWave provides customizable hosting services due to the Raspberry Pi service plans. Contact the company for the custom-designed configuration at a decreased monthly cost.