Kamatera Provides Enterprise-Grade Cloud Infrastructure via Thousands of High-Performance Servers Worldwide

Kamatera Provides Enterprise-Grade Cloud Infrastructure via Thousands of High-Performance Servers Worldwide

TL; DR: Kamatera leverages vast expertise in network infrastructure to offer enterprise-grade cloud services for you to organizations worldwide. The webhost uses its 13 datacenters and a huge number of servers to provide cutting-edge foreign computing technology to builders, startups, enterprises, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors. With a focus in flexible packages, high uptime charges, and around-the-clock service, Kamatera aims to serve an integral role in helping customers achieve their business online goals

Cloud computing is an excellent source of confusion for several nontechnical business leaders — and it’s clear to understand why. The name themselves hints at something hazy, outside of the reach of man touch.

In reality, the cloud is merely an amount of servers located in a new datacenter that users can access remotely over the web. And the benefits are generally enormous.

With cloud web hosting service, businesses can virtually budget for on-demand resources, including COMPUTER, memory, and storage, with no worrying about managing actual physical servers in-house. Since each virtualized machine runs a operating system, this setup provides users with a great deal more control than shared web hosting service plans.

Kamatera logoKamatera concentrates on cloud hosting, including been able packages that allow consumers to offload their technological concerns.
Add to that will affordability, security, and productivity, and you’ll see precisely why cloud hosting solutions are an outstanding option for sites coming from all sizes. When searching for the cloud provider, it’s often recommended that you find a host that concentrates on cloud infrastructure, rather than treating it just as one afterthought.

Enter Kamatera. The corporation boasts years of experience inside many facets of foriegn computing, from cloud-based hosts and block storage for you to managed hosting packages.

“We created Kamatera to make available a simple and entirely customized server platform wherever users can instantly range for ultimate savings, with virtually no commitment from their stop, ” said Yohay Azulay, Handling Director at Kamatera. “With your cloud, it’s all pay-as-you-go. Our users even get four weeks for free to examination the services and determine the correct configurations for their requires. ”

With a network infrastructure consisting of 13 datacenters and thousands of servers worldwide, Kamatera is able to deliver these cutting-edge cloud solutions to tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Intensive Experience in Global Foriegn Services

Kamatera operates parent or guardian company OMC Computers, a major international IT service provider founded in 1995. Yohay told us that will Kamatera began providing virtual private servers during the past year.

“Back in the morning, there were only a number of major cloud providers that will offered fixed packages with hardly any options for scalability, ” they said. “These packages would not include traffic, so from the client’s standpoint, it was almost extremely hard to predict what the monthly charge can be. ”

Solving that trouble was the inspiration guiding Kamatera, which was founded to deliver flexible cloud services along with convenient billing options.

Kamatera comes with a full menu of bespoke cloud solutions. Kamatera comes with a full menu of bespoke cloud solutions.
“The idea was to generate a cloud provider with unlimited scalability that permits clients to customize their services and clear pricing, ” Yohay explained. “Since day one, the company’s guideline was that clients will still only pay for the means they use — along with nothing more. ”

In comparison with shared hosting, a service where multiple users reside about the same server, virtual private hosts provide significantly better functionality. With shared servers, buyers with high bandwidth could negatively affect performance pertaining to other users. But virtualized machines have their unique operating system and software package resources.

“From the commencing, the company recognized the call to shift from web web hosting service to virtual private server web hosting service, ” Yohay said. “The biggest challenge was to generate the shift accessible for you to clients through affordable price ranges. Today, the market has reached an area where the difference throughout price between VPS and internet hosting is minimal. Clients like VPS hosting — your performance is incomparable, the value your money can buy is better, and they don’t ought to share resources with various other users. ”

Global Datacenters along with an Easy-to-Use Control Screen

Kamatera’s purpose-built datacenters, located across America, Europe, Asia, and the center East, were designed using security, surveillance, and disaster prevention planned.

All datacenters are regularly secured and monitored by simply authorized staff, and most third-party contractors and guests must receive security clearance for you to enter the premises. Each server is associated with an uninterrupted power present with N+1 redundancy along with instantaneous failover. For even more protection, all datacenters are duplicated with independent generators.

Kamatera makes certain all equipment is managed in optimized, climate-controlled environments within strong facilities meant to provide resilience against pure disasters, such as earthquakes. Every part of hardware is replaced after just several years of service to guarantee reliability and performance.

The hosting company features Tier-1 infrastructure positioned worldwide. The hosting company features Tier-1 infrastructure positioned worldwide.
Yohay told us that will Kamatera’s global presence is often a direct reflection of the host’s clientele.

“Kamatera operates 13 datacenters around four continents — and some datacenters were set way up per the requests of our own clients, ” Yohay explained. “If a client of ours requires a solution that will demand starting a new server in a very new geographic location, plus the numbers align, we wouldn’t hesitate for this. ”

The host’s user-friendly operations console was also beautifully made with the customer in head. The intuitive, web-based portal makes it simplallows you for sysadmins or various other employees to manage each of the elements of their company’s foreign infrastructure.

Kamatera also offers a fully managed cloud package for businesses that will not have the resources for the in-house sysadmin — or want to avoid the hassle. This cost-effective solution involves on-demand server management and 24/7 main system, database, and service support for the fixed monthly cost.

Staying touching Client Needs

When it relates to internal development, Kamatera’s prime priorities include staying attuned for you to client preferences and requires, whether it’s serving highly skilled developers or tech beginners.

“Developers created Kamatera, but our goal is in order that the platform is simple to operate for both developers along with users who aren’t actually tech-savvy, ” Yohay explained. “With time, we learned that our users wanted to be able to add services like WordPress, cPanel, and Kubernetes in a really simple way. ”

That’s precisely why, over the years, Kamatera added options to deploy over 40 apps and solutions to its servers with simply a click of a key.

Of course, the company also strives to deliver knowledgeable customer support at any hour, 365 days a calendar year, from humans — certainly not bots.

“Whether clients are managing difficulties setting up a whole new server or choosing involving a Linux or Glass windows VPS, our support team is actually there to assist, ” Yohay explained. “The combination of great services and also a great product at an easily affordable price is key for individuals at Kamatera, and it’s one of several things we’re most satisfied with. ”

Cultivating an Attractive, Family-Like Culture

Kamatera realizes that a strong company culture is necessary to success. It was nearly 20 years ago when two brothers founded Kamatera as being a family business, and the company still strives to take care of a warm and welcoming environment even today.

“The environment with the teams to all departments is very wide open — anyone can tactic the CEO or some other management executive with a new request or idea, ” Yohay explained.

The same courtesy gets to the company’s customers. “We feel that the combination of delivering our clients with wonderful services while being heedful and transparent is key to success, ” he included.

As for what’s up for grabs, Yohay told us the webhost is always hard in the office updating products and adding new ideas into generation.

“We are constantly improving our platform all of which will release new platform products inside following months, ” they said. “We also consider expanding to more files centers worldwide. ”.