IpHost Offers Nearly Two Decades of Experience in Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Servers, Plus Domain Name Registration

IpHost Offers Nearly Two Decades of Experience in Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Servers, Plus Domain Name Registration

TL; DR: IpHost, founded in 2002 just as one early entrant into your Greek hosting space, is with a mission to provide top-notch foreign infrastructure, datacenter, and area registration solutions. The company uses a forward-thinking approach to the buyer experience via continuous enhancements, an intuitive online operations system, and close buyer contact. Through tried-and-true word-of-mouth promoting and all-new marketing solutions, IpHost is poised to become the most renowned hosting and area providers in Greece along with beyond

Greece will be the birthplace of Western civilization, spawning many of your major conventions we miss today. The Balkan Peninsula’s southernmost land brought forth democracy, ground-breaking scientific and mathematical ideas, Western literature and theatre, and even the Olympic Online games.

And while the until recently innovative country isn’t known to the rise of modern internet technology — we’ve got Silicon Valley to thank with the — one company is helping make a local name for spectacular hosting infrastructure and customer satisfaction.

IpHost, located in Agia Varvara, Greece, was founded in 2000 by simply Charalampos Toulkaridis. The entrepreneur worked at Forthnet (now generally known as Nova), the first company to create internet service to Greece. After working for Forthnet for two main years, Charalampos moved to get started on his own web growth company, which he to begin with named Site Effective. He later evolved the corporation to the full-fledged web hosting service and domain registration firm IpHost, one of Greece’s most well-known IT agencies. There, he pioneered the automated, API-based method pertaining to creating orders for Greece’s top-level area —. gr.

IpHost logoIpHost is considered one of Greece’s largest and nearly all trusted hosting providers.
After being employed by Forthnet for nine several years, Charalampos moved to start his very own company, which he to begin with named IpDomain. He later evolved the corporation to a full-fledged web hosting service and domain registration company we have now know as IpHost, considered one of Greece’s most well-known IT agencies.

“IpHost is now one of several largest domain registrars throughout Greece, ” said George Angelopoulos, Promoting Director at IpHost. “The company is usually known for offering alternatives through cloud infrastructure along with datacenter services. ”

For the hosting side, IpHost currently offers shared, virtual, along with dedicated servers plus plans optimized for Joomla along with WordPress sites. Domain solutions include forwarding, transferring, and entry to hundreds of all-new common top-level domains (gTLDs), among all kinds of other offerings.

An Authorized, Infrastructure-Rich Provider inside Greek Hosting Space

Right now, IpHost has 25, 000 buyers, has registered more when compared with 65, 000 domains, along with owns approximately 600 hosts.

The company is one of several top three authorized registrants in the. gr and. eu website names, approved by the your Hellenic Telecommunications and Article Commission (EETT) and EURid. The corporation is a member involving RIPE NCC, the local internet registry (RIR) pertaining to Europe, West Asia, plus the former USSR headquartered throughout Amsterdam. IpHost is also the 1st official cPanel partner throughout Greece.

The company is further known due to the cutting-edge network infrastructure through Lamda Hellix, Greece’s most significant carrier-neutral colocation provider.

IpHost controls Lamda Hellix’s Athens-2 datacenter, a market-leading facility developed good Uptime Institute’s Tier 3 standards for datacenter access. Athens-2 also features expanded connectivity opportunities, rigid stability systems, and compliance using USGBC LEED v4 Platinum BD+C certification for natural buildings.

“It’s one of the most useful datacenters in Europe, ” George explained. “I haven’t seen everything else that compares to the idea; it’s ahead of a great many others. ”

According to your IpHost website, the company’s management system makes it simplallows you for customers to manage the two domains and the related free hosting services there is.

Beyond providing robust technological innovation, IpHost’s mission is to make available customers the best alternatives and customer experience probable. The company is acknowledged for delivering savings packages in conjunction with quality services and one on one support.

George said the company’s ultimate goal should be to free users of techie burdens and worries just for them to focus on what’s really important: growing their businesses. Your company’s tagline — Often There, Always ON — is very much in keeping with this mission.

Providing Modern Tech Solutions via Names & Cloud Infrastructure

George told us that will IpHost’s leadership is always eager to get the latest and ideal server technology available.

“I am amazed by IpHost’s procedure for infrastructure, ” he explained. “It’s updated frequently regardless if it’s not absolutely necessary to guarantee the best possible service. Charalampos is constantly researching the top hardware and software available. All of our HDDs are actually replaced with SSDs, along with we’ve moved from Gluster for you to Ceph storage. ”

Even the company’s shared hosting plans are run in SSD storage, with about three packages that vary throughout security hardening, web purposes, storage space, sites organized, and access to a web site builder, among other capabilities.

Icons for shared, foriegn, and VPS hostingThe company provides latest hardware and software package technology on all web hosting service plans.
The company’s virtual hosts are ideal for professionals searching for a scalable solution with a precise amount of RAM, control, and hard-drive space. IpHost customers can make a choice from four plans that fit their needs in this regard with a convenient VM cost calculator that will helps estimate final rates.

All packages include entirely redundant hardware, firewalls using VLAN support, hypervisor engineering, InfiniBand, built-in network stability, backup and snapshot possibilities, a dedicated IP, foreign server monitoring, flexible means, cPanel, and SSH gain access to.

The company’s dedicated hosts, housed in the very same world-class ATHENS-2 facility because virtual servers, offer users a single-tenant environment with increased electronic and physical stability. All dedicated servers incorporate an access control technique, a closed-circuit TV technique (CCTV), and redundant commercial infrastructure.

Charalampos always prepares to be sure our infrastructure is set, ” George said. “He’s the level of man who doesn’t desire even one bad assessment. He’s always there to the customer and will privately call them should a difficulty persist, ”

A Foward-Thinking, Customer-Centric Tactic

The IpHost website details the company’s support tactic as extreme: “Technical support is furnished by our experienced staff, who are always happy to respond to your request immediately via telephone, chat, along with our ticketing system. The tech team can be used not only to solve but in order to avoid any problem. ”

George, a consumer of hosting himself, has experience as being a user of multiple providers which enable it to vouch for IpHost’s stand-out assistance.

“I’ve used Hetzner, LiquidWeb, along with SiteGround before IpHost, ” they said. “The support was responsive at these other individuals, but they did certainly not help much. All ones could only get to your certain point and explained, ‘We cannot go outside of that. You should find another person for doing that for you. ’ IpHost always crosses that line and is also happy to help anyone. And this is how they treat a bunch of their customers. ”

Photo of support staff members against a wall using graffiti reading "EXTREME SUPPORT"The company’s support staff takes the buyer experience seriously.
George told us they joined the IPHost team in 2020 to help you advance the company’s promoting efforts. Until now, IpHost has relied only on word-of-mouth growing the company — an authentic testament to just precisely how happy customers are.

IpHost is growing without a single any amount of money to marketing — anything is inbound, ” they said. “The company have been able to succeed given it stands strong behind their support. In Greece, the line relating to the developer and DevOps is often a bit thin. Some developers have no clue how to manage a new server. IpHost helps them by offering management as well as hosting. ”

Scaled-Up Promoting Efforts and Lower Price ranges

The IpHost team is arranging a busy 2021 with a new brand-new marketing calendar along with, as always, continuous commercial infrastructure improvements.

“We’re starting out while using first marketing calendar coming from a hosting company here throughout Greece, ” George explained. “We are hoping to get additional influencers talking about people. ”

The easy-to-reference calendar is supposed to help the corporations IpHost serves to ramp way up their marketing efforts by way of strategic promotions around essential holidays and milestones.

As much as IpHost’s products and solutions go, customers can expect more value because of their money.

“We have just improved all our switches on the latest Cisco Nexus types and supercharged our central source network connections from 10Gbits for you to 40Gbits, ” he explained. “There’s also going becoming a price reduction for each of our VMs. ”.