IKOULA Has More than Two Decades of Experience Providing Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting Backed by Strong Customer Relationships

IKOULA Has More than Two Decades of Experience Providing Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Hosting Backed by Strong Customer RelationshipsTL; DR: France-based IKOULA has long been on a mission that will highlight the humanity associated with technology since its founding during 1998. Around-the-clock customer support stands out as the highest priority for the provider, which offers a a wide variety of managed shared, confidential, and dedicated hosting treatments. IKOULA’s emphasis on care is illustrated in its philanthropic past record, which is centered regarding sustainability and education.

Google asks me as a minimum three times a week to verify that am not, in inescapable fact, a robot. At the same time frame, it seems I’m were all around by unsettling AI technological innovation masquerading as humans during the name of customer provider.

IKOULA, a France-based issuer of shared, virtual, together with dedicated hosting, is bucking this trend with solutions specifically for people, by people. Any company’s tagline, “We Host carefully, ” reflects this customer-first process.

“We like to underline the human behind the slicer, behind the server, associated with the support services, ” says Lucas Fourre, in bill of communications at IKOULA. “This is how you forge our own path from your market. ”

IKOULA logoIKOULA centers on high-performance hosting and monitored support.Founded in 1998, IKOULA now supports customers in around 60 countries via a passionate team with a longer history of expertise that is on-hand 24×7, seven days a 7-day period. To that end, the provider offers four tiers for managed support that customers can leverage as being an extension of their workforce.

IKOULA’s commitment to brilliant support includes its promise to guarantee a continuous, high-quality service via redundant systems become depleted of two fully-owned datacenters during the French cities of Reims together with Eppes, plus additional tips of presence internationally. The provider also cares about giving back in the communities it serves by using a focus on eco-friendly infrastructure and educational initiatives.

The schooling would include biology high-performance hosting, responsive client service, and corporate social responsibility initiatives appear to be a winning combination to your host, which is well-positioned to keep at it delivering innovative technology for decades to come.

High-Performance Hosting Solutions Delivered carefully

When IKOULA first entered the industry in the early days within the internet, its sole focus was initially providing dedicated servers — a specialty that your company has honed over around 20 years. Today, the company’s dedicated server brochure is grouped into five tiers and includes multiple configuration options which is designed to meet specific needs.

IKOULA’s Basic plan, for example, is recommended for people seeking a small, commitment-free data backup or storage solution. A Agile range, on and the second hand, features servers when using the ideal quality-to-price ratio meant for gaming, storage, emails, and testing artificial intelligence together with blockchain projects.

If you’re hoping to host more critical products, IKOULA’s Power collection of professional servers is an efficient bet, all of which unfortunately feature RAID cards together with built-in IP-based KVM converting. For virtualization or great computing projects, the provider recommends selecting from a Xtreme range, which gives you ample power, RAM, together with storage.

At last, IKOULA rounds out its solutions set having a Master range, a array of high-performance dedicated services utilizing powerful graphic cards together with Flash storage.

Lucas said to us that, over any years, IKOULA has broadened its hosting offerings in adding affordable shared plans, adaptive virtual machines, and pay-as-you-go fog up platforms.

“We just refreshed your whole customer path for any cloud, so when you create your free account, you receive 100 euros worth of credit offers to develop your first virtual systems, which you can consequently manage or close utilizing the Plesk control panel, ” she said. “It’s similar into the credits AWS offers. ”

Distinct from Amazon, however, IKOULA’s infrastructure comes respected with personalized support with a dedicated professional. “We like to create a personal relationship based regarding confidence and communication, ” Lucas says. “For instance, if people perform an update, we will look for in to ensure all the things is OK. ”

Buy Four Levels of Monitored Services on Each System

All of IKOULA’s hosting products can be bought via an intuitive ordering system making it easy to select products that precisely fit your business needs.

“It’s like a common ecommerce company — you want your product and decide an outsourcing level, visit, receive a confirmation email address, and get your sending in 48 hours or simply fewer, depending on your handmade jewelry, ” Lucas said.

Any company’s managed outsourcing provider includes 24/7 maintenance, watching, and support, documentation for reversibility clauses and stress increase tests, reporting applications, advice, and personalized gives you. Lucas said outsourcing those tasks to IKOULA affords customers the assurance to focus on your core business objectives, ınstead of worry about the highly-priced impact of downtime.

The IKOULA team is well-versed in the security conditions that commonly affect businesses as well as being dedicated to protecting users from online threats. At last, via a secure Extranet, the service allows clients to monitor the performance within their platforms and infrastructure in real time.

Depiction of the IKOULA client service teamThe IKOULA team resides and breathes its tagline: “We Host carefully. ”The company offers five tiers of outsourcing support every product. The Liberty point, included with all IKOULA products, includes basic monitoring. Any Prime level adds specialized supervision and platform watching, while the Business point includes personalized monitoring together with interventions.

There’s also a Shared option the place that the client maintains infrastructure each day, and IKOULA ensures provision during non-business hours. At last, the all-inclusive First level encompasses your whole scope of management together with administration.

“Every product consists of a basic outsourcing level, but our highest tier provides the most support — we proactively manage your whole path, and you don’t must do anything, ” he says. “In terms of solution times, we generally respond within just some minutes. ”

Lucas told us IKOULA provides these services towards a broad customer base this includes everything from small together with mid-sized companies to great enterprises, such as any French Basketball Federation. IKOULA’s talented associates leverage their ability that will speak 13 languages anytime serving clients across around 60 countries worldwide.

Getting Back: A Focus regarding Sustainability and Educational Work

IKOULA’s philosophy on consideration doesn’t end with paying customers — this also involves hosting with a good conscience. Environmental responsibility is near and dear into the company’s heart, and it works hard to lower its carbon footprint by just limiting energy consumption during its data centers and utilizing green energy sources.

The provider also goes out of its option to highlight and promote any innovative, sustainable, and instructive organizations it serves by its Boost Your Financial services Program, which awards businesses 1, 200 euros price of free cloud base credits. The program also consists of a free, one-year hosting plan, five hours of zero cost migrations, the help for dedicated sales and help support agents, and premium the means to access managed services at any Prime level.

In component, IKOULA will train the provider on how to properly leverage the cloud and market the provider using various communication avenues. Any business with fewer than five years under its belt that does not currently use IKOULA’s cloud services may create the free program running a simple online form. Inside three working days, the IKOULA team will contact the provider and move the method forward if all necessities are met.

“Our goal could be to show both customers and prospects that many of us care about giving back and aim to form true relationships with clients.