IDCloudHost Offers Fast Web Hosting Packages and Affordable Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for Entrepreneurs

IDCloudHost Offers Fast Web Hosting Packages and Affordable Cloud Infrastructure Solutions for Entrepreneurs

TL; DR: IDCloudHost has earned a huge share of the Indonesian internet hosting market during its five years functioning. The company offers foriegn hosting, domain registration, and numerous services to help business people launch and thrive. The quantity of internet users in Philippines increased from 110 million to less than 185 million between 2015 along with 2020. And IDCloudHost has played a role in that national transformation and is constantly on the offer fast, reliable, and responsive hosting methods of more than 90, 000 buyers. 

Just five rice, 110 million out involving 260 million people in Indonesia had entry to the internet. By Come early july 2020, that number got grown to 185 trillion, which now represents about 71% in the population. Such a dramatic shift can make it clear that Indonesia will go through a historic digital camera transformation.

But many Indonesian hosting providers carry on and chase after the most up to date or expensive tech strategy to attract new customers, while many entrepreneurs discover how to use hosting services thus to their business’s advantage. IDCloudHost has remained in advance of its competition by following entrepreneurs, meeting their asks, and solving common troubles for startups.

In your rapidly expanding Indonesian market place, IDCloudHost differentiates itself via its competitors by giving affordable solutions, including VPS, focused servers, domain names, along with SSL certificates. And portion of its success is who’s remains responsive to customer opinions.

IDCloud logoIDCloudHost offers entrepreneurs everything they must launch and grow an online site.

“Feedback from users is very important in the web hosting industry because you can learn what our buyers need and make decisions that supply the solutions our customers are getting, ” said Muhammad Mufid Luthfi, Co-Founder along with CMO at IDCloudHost.

IDCloudHost was founded in 2015 and possesses grown to serve over 90, 000 customers. There is services at competitive price points in comparison with prices international hosts charge and supplies high speeds and robust back-up and support.

“One of the problems we see will be the high price for internet hosting services and cloud commercial infrastructure services in Indonesia, so IDCloudHost offers services at the better price because of the needed functionality, ” Muhammad explained

IDCloudHost offers packages which include all the digital services entrepreneurs should streamline a website launch and scale in the future. And its variety of products and entry-level price ranges have helped it become a global player in the democratization of such services for Indonesia. IDCloudHost in concert with early adopters and has helped influence the complete market in a beneficial direction.

Another way they have helped shift the market place is by offering freemium solutions for NGOs and informative institutions. That’s because part involving IDCloudHost’s mission is to make it possible for every Indonesian to access the technologies they must learn, grow, and grow.

Easy Implementation and Reasonably priced Hosting Packages

IDCloudHost gives price points that promote entrepreneurs to transition his or her businesses online. It has created a platform that’s all to easy to navigate, allowing even novice entrepreneurs to develop a website. With packages that include solutions for every buyer, IDCloudHost has helped take away entry barriers for numerous new internet users throughout Indonesia.

“IDCloudHost services are generally cheaper than international opponents, so it is easily the correct choice for startups in Philippines, ” Muhammad said.

Screenshot of IDCloud offeringsIDCloudHost supplies businesses with tools to further improve website speed and stability.
One of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs will be the steep learning curve that often incorporates digital technology. IDCloudHost removes that barrier which consists of easy-to-use website-building tools, customer satisfaction, and services offered in competitive and scalable price ranges.

IDCloudHost began as a new B2C business, which granted it to scale way up in its early several years. That background has made it easier for IDCloudHost build products for users of countless skill sets. When selling to your B2B market, companies may expect an IT department heading to the ground running which has a software solution. Still, IDCloudHost’s history has allowed it to take a more user-friendly perspective.

IDCloudHost continues to innovate along with constantly conducts evaluations to acquire feedback related to their services in Indonesia, ” Muhammad explained. “We made various changes, including simplifying transactions through an easy-to-use system, as well as raising local bank payments so users can pick a qualified payment method for them when generating transactions on IDCloudhost. ”

Businesses also don’t require an IT department or expansive budget to begin with IDCloudHost, and every perhaps the user experience is meticulously crafted. IDCloudHost aims to arrive at everyone and help them bring their business online.

Holistic Solutions From Website names to Website Building

Entrepreneurs may get discouraged by all the steps linked to building a website. 1st, they need a service provider and a domain brand, then they can start off designing the interface — nonetheless they can’t forget about stability tools and SSL certs. That complexity may get kept many new consumers from starting the voyage. That’s why IDCloudHost offers every step in the process in an spontaneous, affordable platform.

IDCloudHost also launched a whole new Private Cloud service where users just pay for what they have to have. That is just among the many valuable services aimed in its B2B customers.

Photo of IDCloudHost teamThe IDCloudHost team ensures customers contain the solutions and support they desire.

“Since its launch throughout August 2020, there will be more than 2, 000 users for the Private Cloud, and this will only carry on and grow as the quantity of servers increases at IDCloudHost, ” Muhammad explained.

IDCloudHost focuses on innovating and adding new releases that allow users to develop the solutions they have to have. And security is a top-notch priority in all involving its services. Since your COVID-19 pandemic began, cyberattacks get increased by 400%. Currently, every internet user and website owner should be more vigilant when navigating a new digitally connected world.

“From your security side, we learn a good deal from issues that arise, ” Muhammad said. “This brings about the continual improvement in the IDCloudhost technical and multilevel operations center teams. ”

IDCloudHost regularly upgrades and strengthens their servers, allowing users to focus on their product instead of worrying with regards to a breach.

Responding to Issues with Educational Resources along with NGO Hosting

IDCloudHost set out to make launching and web hosting service online enterprises easier pertaining to Indonesian entrepreneurs. Another central part of its mission should be to serve the needs of communities instead of just the bottom line. And in the COVID-19 pandemic, while a lot of students quickly transitioned straight into online classrooms, IDCloudHost assisted teachers and NGOs when they educated others.

“Even through COVID-19, we found brand-new opportunities, one of and that is in the education industry. Many schools in Philippines have begun digitizing along with developing advanced e-learning features and computer-based tests (CBT). IDcloudHost provides services schools need and supplies server packages built specifically educators. ”

But IDCloudHost doesn’t stop at building and streamlining those people services; it also offers them liberal to those in need. IDCloudHost understands the ancient moment that Indonesia is as it transforms right digital society, and as an alternative to focusing on money, the idea prioritizes helping people throughout need.

“We also have numerous free premium offerings by way of IDCloudHost social programs for example the Ekabima Program, which supplies websites for schools. We’ve got the NGO Go Digital camera program, which offers free websites for NGOs the other year of free hosting besides domains to help digitize educational facilities and NGOs in Philippines. ”

IDCloudHost understands its essential role right now, which is why they have taken an active role in helping every Indonesian. The internet is an excellent equalizer, and IDCloudHost is spending so much time to make access widespread.