Hyve Delivers a Range of Fully Managed Hosting Services Backed by a Bespoke, Customer-Centric Approach

Hyve Delivers a Range of Fully Managed Hosting Services Backed by a Bespoke

TL; DR: Hyve, based in england, provides mission-critical business hosting solutions which has a focus on secure individual cloud infrastructure. The company’s self-healing VMware foriegn platform is reliable, remarkably available, and supported by the dedicated customer service crew. Ultimately, Hyve’s engineers become an extension with their customers’ businesses, handling many methods from performance tuning and repository management to source rule support. 

Considering the rate from which the competitive global hosting market is maintaining growth — forecasters predict a new $76 billion valuation by simply 2023 — it’s baffling that attentive back-up and support remains a rare sector find.

To this morning, most hosting providers call for customers to navigate tier-based assist systems. This strategy could possibly be cost-effective for the number, but the customer pays the retail price in slower resolution periods and frustration.

Hyve, a new U. K. -based been able hosting provider, is the exception in the industry notorious for poor customer satisfaction. While the company’s functionality, pricing, and infrastructure possibilities attract customers, it’s the exceptional back-up and support that makes them need to stay.

Hyve LogoHyve’s managed web hosting service solutions allow companies to focus on what’s most important — his or her customers.
“We don’t want our customers to acquire passed around through a new tiered system of support where they must repeat their concerns continuously, ” said Leah Johnston, Sales and marketing communications Manager at Hyve. “Instead, we send our customers straight by way of our expert engineers.

In Hyve, clients receive support coming from a dedicated team of 3 to 4 representatives who are informed about the organization’s hosting commercial infrastructure and business needs. Trent Madders, Co-Founder of Hyve, said the assigned team is commonly the same group of men and women who helped with your customer’s initial migration.

“When the buyer puts in a priced, they will reach a similar team responsible for your project, ” Jake explained. “They know what they’re doing and what sort of customer’s business works. That’s a tremendous factor in the customer satisfaction experience we offer. ”

Evolving Coming from a Passion Project to a major international Cloud Company

The story behind Hyve starts back to 2001 when the founders started the corporation as a part-time venture over and above their day jobs. Hyve’s co-founders saw a gap inside hosting market for vendors offering quality hardware, full management, and dedicated customer satisfaction. To expand the organization, the team relied simply on organic growth, in lieu of investments.

“We started by giving shared hosting, ” explained Jon Lucas, Co-Founder involving Hyve. “We leased one server in the united states and one in England, and we offered global internet hosting where we set up shared hosting on dedicated servers. Before too long, we started serving customers with additional complex requirements, so we bought dedicated servers for all of those customers. Then, all-around 2010, the cloud arrived, and we managed to virtualize the full lot and generate income to support growth. ”

Hyve's back-up and support teamHyve puts a major emphasis on providing knowledgeable customer assist.
In 2013 Hyve’s co-directors build the first Hyve offices operating out of Crawley, Sussex, and started expanding various departments from the team. Hyve moved to Brighton in 2015 from a few prosperous years throughout Crawley.

“We started offering cloud servers, and then — much like with the business right from the start — we started to acquire bigger clients coming as well as more complex requirements, ” Trent said. “They didn’t need to share cloud resources, so over the last five or six several years, we built a nice private cloud platform.

The corporation, headquartered in Brighton along with California, now operates worldwide, with customers worldwide. Many of the company’s most recognizable buyers include British Airways, Carluccio’s, LG, Safestore, Southampton Y. C., Tesco, and TK Maxx.

Keeping up with Industry Shifts via Cutting-Edge Structure and Support

Today, Hyve continues to focus on mission-critical business hosting which has a specialty in secure individual cloud offerings.

The company’s self-healing VMware foreign platform is reliable, remarkably available, and boasts a new 100% uptime guarantee. Various other popular products include focused servers and SFTP alternatives. Security is top of mind for all those infrastructure solutions via DDoS minimization, intrusion prevention, and computer hardware firewalls.

Jon told us that Hyve has seen a pandemic-related uptick throughout customers seeking digital transformations. Other customers found them selves in difficult financial conditions. Hyve worked to support both sets of buyers however possible.

“It’s been quite a unique ride; we’ve negotiated payment structures to acquire some customers through the a down economy, ” he said. “And for the other end of your spectrum, we’ve had some customers scaling consistently. ”

While some clients move entirely faraway from on-premises infrastructure, others leverage a hybrid strategy to suit their needs.

“It’s information on usage; when clients get large files they’re expressing between employees, they usually want to keep issues local, ” Jake explained. “But as customers create the transition to operating from home, we’ve seen a wide range of them turning to solutions like our virtual computer’s desktop infrastructure (VDI). ”

Eradicate Infrastructure Headaches with Non-Tiered Assist

Hyve offers a comprehensive number of fully managed IT alternatives, including Secure File Expressing (SFTP Hosting), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Problem Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), along with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The company also offers an array of security and networking methods.

The commonality between these services, according to Leah, is the comfort they bring to clientele.

“It’s about taking the hassle out of your hosting and IT side in the business so employees have time to focus on their customers, ” the girl said. “We’re saving them occasion and money and offering a certain amount of hand-holding when they demand it. ”

Hyve also works to generate the lives of THE IDEA professionals easier. If there’s another thing sysadmins and developers concern, it’s being yanked beyond bed to answer a young morning support call.

“In the middle in the night, if there are any difficulty with their applications, our team perhaps there is to fix them, ” Jon explained. “You don’t have to acquire up at 2 a new. m. on a On the. ”

Customization is also an element of the Hyve customer expertise. The team works to serve just as one extension of its clients’ corporations while keeping prices reasonably priced.

“A lot of customers visit us after getting burned up by public cloud sellers, where they have to spend so much for your management layer, ” Jon explained. “We offer the operations and infrastructure for less. We’re cost-effective but also a lot involved. ”

The Hyve team also takes customer opinions seriously, using it for you to fuel future development. The corporation measures client satisfaction through Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in each ticket.

“We’re always investigating feedback, which gets fed into the business, ” Trent said. “All reviews are monitored with the account managers so we can continuously improve each of our service. ”

A Target Highly Available Global Individual Cloud Services

Moving onward, the Hyve team will continue focused on helping clientele reduce complexity without limiting security via the company’s entirely managed private cloud.

“Our global private cloud services include the main focus — perhaps the dedicated servers currently are almost a gateway in the private cloud — since, generally, when people desire servers, they want for you to virtualize them, ” Jon instructed us.

Customers can rapidly use Hyve’s private cloud from any location.

“We have very substantial availability and resilience that a majority of other companies can’t offer off of the cuff with a individual system, ” Jake explained.