Hypernode’s Affordable Magento, Shopware, and Akeneo Hosting: Built to Meet the Ecommerce Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Hypernode’s Affordable Magento

TL; DR: Hypernode, a cutting-edge internet commerce cloud hosting platform pertaining to Magento, Shopware, and Akeneo, provides users which has a highly secure and performant environment for web shops. The Netherlands-based company is with a mission to make their customers’ ecommerce stores faster plus much more secure while cutting growth time. Hypernode’s automated scaling solutions, intuitive user program, and enthusiastic approach for you to continuous development make the platform the right choice for SMBs along with enterprise customers of all shapes and forms

The day immediately after Thanksgiving, also known while Black Friday, has long been one of several busiest shopping events in the year.

Philadelphia traffic police coined the phrase inside ‘60s to describe your miserable task of handling increased pedestrian and motor traffic on that morning. But while the event proves troublesome for the people managing crowds, it has traditionally served as being a bright spot for your retail industry, in a number of cases accounting for 20% involving annual sales between brick-and-mortar along with ecommerce channels.

Last calendar year, in the face in the COVID-19 pandemic, that income dynamic quickly shifted.

“Usually, we see peak ecommerce sales throughout the end of the calendar year and specifically on Dark-colored Friday, ” said Sanne Bolkenstein, Professional Manager at Hypernode. “But approximately three months since your lockdowns in mid-March of recently, every day was while busy as Black Friday. ”

Sanne Bolkenstein, Income and Marketing Manager in HypernodeWe got the deal on Hypernode from Sanne Bolkenstein, your company’s Commercial Manager.
No ecommerce retailers would have anticipated Black Friday-like require in Spring of 2020. The good news is for Hypernode customers, adjusting on the change was surprisingly straightforward: They didn’t have to handle anything other than a number of upgrades to server means.

“We don’t like for you to boast, but our platform was made for growth, so our customers didn’t experience much change aside from some server upgrades — and there was the resources readily offered, ” Sanne said. “We got no outages, no troubles, no disruptions of assistance whatsoever despite significant improves in traffic. We’ve always said that our platform is built for growth — this became trial by fire. ”

The Netherlands-based company is continuing its mission to diversify ecommerce by giving SMBs and enterprises alike which has a managed cloud platform designed to fulfill their changing requires.

Providing Market-Leading Ecommerce Alternatives Worldwide

Hypernode, part involving team. blue, is one of several leading managed hosting providers inside Netherlands. Byte initially created Hypernode to help you development agencies and devices integrators build and work secure Magento shops inside Dutch market.

“We noticed that there wasn’t a great deal of competition in terms involving highly specified but reasonably priced Magento hosting, ” Sanne explained. “The choices were between unspecialized hosting that may be relatively cheap or a new high-end, specialized hosting solution that will need quite an extensive finances. ”

By 2018, Hypernode had successfully filled the hole inside Netherlands market for reasonably priced, specified Magento hosting and did start to pursue growth internationally. For this, the company embraced bilingual assist, extended its operating a long time, and introduced new settlement methods.

Hypernode headquartersHypernode, operating out of the Netherlands, serves a major international customer base.

“We was required to work hard on finding ambassadors and constructing a brand abroad, ” Sanne explained. “But we now have a substantial amount of international customers, and the response have been overwhelmingly positive. ”

Sanne pointed out that Hypernode’s tagline — A final E-commerce Hosting Platform You’ll Ever before Need — captures your company’s value proposition pretty succinctly. That’s because your team regularly provides stability patches, performance upgrades, along with new features via ongoing integration and delivery.

“Because we’ve got this high level involving standardization and automation, you can roll out new features obtain, ” she said. “This signifies that you’re constantly running for the latest software versions, the most up-to-date security updates, and the latest features. The platform grows around our customers’ requires and wishes. ”

Keeping Developers’ Most Precious Reference: Time

The ongoing scarcity of skilled workers around the world has made hiring technological talent a challenging along with expensive prospect. Researchers predict that 85 million jobs worldwide may go unfilled by 2030 due to talent crunch. If this shortage persists inside U. S. tech sector, the country could overlook $162 billion worth of annual revenue a year.

To make matters more serious, employee turnover in your U. S. IT sector has reached 13. 2%, with employers often forced to spend 50 to 250% in the previous employee’s salary to identify a replacement.

“We all be aware that developers are scarce, and their time is more scarce — so you don’t want the crooks to spend it on similar tasks, ” Sanne explained. “We’ve automated so much for the platform to allow developers to focus on their core competencies. We manage the rest. ”

For example setting up infrastructure, adding and updating software, mending security issues, and troubleshooting server troubles, among other DevOps responsibilities. Without worrying about configuring or tuning a world wide web stack, developers have added time building new features along with formulating innovative solutions.

“An investment in Hypernode is surely an investment in your potential growth, ” Sanne instructed us. “Because our remarkably advanced hosting platform can be standardized, we offer the many customizations and features in every plan. So start with a lower plan and scale due to our underlying configurations. ”

A new Flexible New Customer Program

From high-performance SSDs and a semi-pro software stack to sturdy security and support, Hypernode is already a value-rich solution.

But since we last involved with the company, it’s included a convenient and clear-cut interface for managing web hosting service environments. The solution allows customers to make and manage multiple SSH consumers and keys, create instantaneous backups, tackle PHP variation management, and enable built-in caching to further improve performance.

“We have these different roles, ” Sanne explained. “You, as a buyer, have total control around your hypernodes, but it’s also possible to assign access to developers as well as to agencies that you help. And as an firm, you have your own overview of all the so-called hypernodes in your command. ”

Through its firm program, Hypernode offers agencies a new progressive recurring commission that can be found at a glance over the browser-based control panel.

“Agencies could view a progress tavern to easily visualize his or her progress, ” Sanne instructed us. “We thought hard about integrating features which have been interesting for our customers plus the agencies that we help. For instance, we’ve also integrated server metrics in the control panel after observing a better emphasis on monitoring and alerting than ever. ”

Hypernode is known for listening closely about what customers want and deciding appropriate priorities for interior development. The company allows buyers to directly influence Hypernode’s road map by leading to an online feedback library.

“We listen to precisely what our customers want and need in relation to determining priorities for each of our road map, ” Sanne explained.

On the Horizon: Programmed Scaling Solutions

The Hypernode team has big plans money of the platform. “For occasion, we’re integrating our Dutch customer interface with his international one, which could make it much easier for individuals to maintain our interior systems. ”

The company is in addition adding features to enhance flexibility regarding scaling up or along.
“You can schedule determined by demand — so that you can say, ‘From 11 s. m. to midnight, upgrade to the present plan, and then about three days later, go rear. All of it can be automated; you don’t have to be awake in the heart of the night to force a button. ”.