Dutch Hosting Provider HOSTKEY Delivers High-Performance GPU Servers Built for Data-Intensive Workloads

Dutch Hosting Provider HOSTKEY Delivers High-Performance GPU Servers Built for Data-Intensive WorkloadsTL; DR: HOSTKEY, based in Amsterdam, has furnished competitively priced equipment rental, colocation services, and cloud solutions for you to customers across Europe along with North America for greater decade. Now, the company’s high-performance GPU hosts are helping data scientists improve the efficiency of compute-intensive unnatural intelligence and machine mastering workloads. The company is usually offering a new support package meant to lend customers a aiding hand through outsourced on-site datacenter assist. 

Data science jobs will be in high demand — and they also continuously rank the most effective sources of employment in the united states.

According to Glassdoor, one of several world’s most extensive employment and recruitment sites, those pursuing careers throughout data science enjoy not simply ample employment opportunities and also triple-digit median base earnings and favorable job achievement ratings.

But life as being a data scientist isn’t most roses. In many approaches, the emerging industry can be outpacing the IT infrastructure had to support its compute-intensive workloads, bringing about high costs and inadequate efficiency.

HOSTKEY logoData scientists can improve the efficiency of compute-intensive workloads through HOSTKEY’s high-performance GPU hosts.Dutch hosting provider HOSTKEY is aiming to change this with their GPU servers, which employ graphics processing units throughout tandem with CPUs for you to accelerate scientific computing in affordable price points. These kind of servers come pre-installed using machine learning and neural network libraries, including PyTorch, Keras, Theano, along with TensorFlow.

“It can be difficult just for this audience to cover a bunch of their costs using similar GPU websites from Microsoft Azure, Rain forest Web Services (AWS), along with Google Cloud, which may be expensive, ” said Dmitry Asafyev, Senior Marketing and sales communications Manager at HOSTKEY. “They’re always thrilled to get affordable service along with support through us. ”

HOSTKEY is usually currently receiving applications due to the GPU Winners Grant Software, which provides free GPU servers going for selected scientific projects, offering startups, and winners involving big data-related competitions.

Moreover, the company recently released the launch of Sensible Hands, a division in the company staffed by sector professionals who offer on-site colocation support in any datacenter in the Holland. The service provides methods of businesses to offload THE IDEA management and maintenance responsibilities, especially as telework increases caused by COVID-19.

GPU-Accelerated Computing through Parallel Architecture

HOSTKEY has provided many methods from affordable cloud and focused servers to GPU and colocation ways of customers across Europe and America for more than decade.

Dmitry told us that this company has recently seen increased demand due to the dedicated and virtual GPU hosts, which can be purchased in a very ready-to-use format or customized by using a powerful HOSTKEY wizard.

“We are incredibly flexible, ” he explained. “We can build tailored servers in approximately a pair of business days and VPS GPU throughout 4 hours. We can also install AI frameworks and also other software on your server or let you deploy your own package. ”

HOSTKEY’s dedicated along with virtual CPU servers attribute both NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 1080Ti, and RTX 2080Ti graphics cards meant to accelerate high-compute tasks including data analysis, training neural networks, rendering, and 3d images animation.

Graphic showing cards employed in GPU serverPackages include entry to advanced NVIDIA technology with no significant costs.In July, HOSTKEY published a comparability of GPU cloud websites and dedicated servers employing NVIDIA graphics cards determined by data from Catalyst, a new high-level library for in-depth mastering research. The authors conclude that it must be more affordable to prepare a machine learning model with a HOSTKEY server with a new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti card than it is with an AWS server through an NVIDIA Tesla K80 Accelerator. Variances in speed, though nominal, were observed favoring your Tesla hardware.

“The standard trend is this: cheaper consumer-level graphics playing cards provide overall better value your money can buy than Tesla’s expensive GPUs, ” your authors stated. “The deficiency inside sheer speed of your GTX 1080 Ti, in comparison to Tesla, can be compensated pertaining to by an increase in the quantity of cards, thus eliminating any advantage in with all the Tesla. ”

According on the article, using expensive resources for example the Tesla V100 GPU pertaining to training is, simply placed, overkill:

“If the task does not imply some form of ultra-high load, such as face recognition from many cameras, then just a few graphics cards of your GeForce GTX 1080 Ti level are enough for the majority of jobs — a primary factor in managing a project’s finances. ”

Not sure if you’re able to commit? Research teams, startups, and established companies can get a free one-week trial of an virtual GPU server by giving HOSTKEY with a valid cellphone number and country rule. After the trial interval ends, users can either spend on the server to continue with it or do nothing — in that case HOSTKEY will simply stop the resource.

Building an end Relationship with the Files Science Community

HOSTKEY can be laser-focused on catering for you to its GPU server buyer base, which includes designers, architects, designers, and transcoding authorities, among other professionals.

“We provide every industry that engages artificial intelligence and appliance learning, ” said Nadia Belova, Organization Partnerships Manager at HOSTKEY.

The corporation supports this community through the HOSTKEY GPU Scholarship Program for scientific studies, startups, and winners involving data science competitions. This software, open to full-time college or research fellows in established academic institutions, appeared to support research and projects aimed at innovative uses of GPU control.

Applicants must provide home elevators the research area, what sort of GPU server will be taken, challenges addressed, benefits for you to society, and relevant business applications. Winners will receive percussing resources to power the project described in their submitter.

Grant eligibility requirementsFull-time college or researchers who serve because principal investigator on big data projects should preferably apply for free precessing power.In return, HOSTKEY requires winners to write links to the firm in publications and reports, as well as mention the corporation in related speeches, first year following the prize.

In addition to providing entry to free computing power through GPU servers, HOSTKEY concentrates on building positive relationships while using data science community through attentive around-the-clock support.

“We are generally featured on many assessment platforms, and if you go and look at reviews about us, you’ll see that many of us rarely receive fewer than 4 to 5 stars, ” Nadia instructed us. “People always show that the one feature they love essentially the most is our responsive, high-quality back-up and support.

Even amid the uncertainty in the coronavirus crisis, HOSTKEY has successfully transitioned to your remote workforce without disrupting day-to-day operations. According to a newly released press release, the company’s customer-care impulse times remain at 15 minutes. Its sales, accounting, along with tech departments have encountered zero interruptions, and the HOSTKEY team is constantly on the operate at standard potential.

New: HOSTKEY’s Remote Sensible Hands Service

To further elevate customer satisfaction, HOSTKEY recently launched Sensible Hands, a 24/7 on-site assist solution that customers can employ in any datacenter in the Holland.

The on-call service involves assembly and installation, technique and network administration, preservation, project deactivation, server along with network support, troubleshooting, products auditing, and storage operations. HOSTKEY will even invest in and rent necessary hardware locally to minimize expenses for clients using staff who are not towards the datacenter.

In an significantly isolated world, Dmitry said Smart Hands was meant to help businesses maintain rural infrastructure and services even though protecting employees from unwanted travel. HOSTKEY staff already service over 4, 000 servers in multiple datacenters in your neighborhood, tackling everything from schedule maintenance to urgent along with complex operations

“If essential, we can take images and video, or even live stream the full work process and their results while reacting instantly to your input, ” Dmitry explained. “These services are quite suitable for our current COVID-19 natural environment. ”.