HOSTAFRICA: A South African Hosting Pioneer that Delivers the Cloud, Domain, and Site-Building Services Businesses Need

HOSTAFRICA: A South African Hosting Pioneer that Delivers the Cloud, Domain, and Site-Building Services Businesses Need

TL; DR: Among the first cloud services vendors in South Africa, HOSTAFRICA takes a responsibility as an boss seriously. That’s why the corporation has been expanding its hosting services through the continent to cover more businesses and give more robust customer support than most of its competitors. HOSTAFRICA also makes sure that new services operate with no interruption before rolling them out due to the clients. That way, the corporation only offers tools that supply value, rather than add unneeded amazing features. 

Five years previously, Michael Osterloh was being employed by a virtual server firm in Germany. He realized that few hosts saw the probable of expanding cloud solutions into South Africa.

Michael also recognized that this demand for cloud infrastructure near your vicinity was outpacing the present.

Following his instincts, Michael thought we would relocate to Cape Area, South Africa, and kick off HOSTAFRICA in 2015. HOSTAFRICA offers internet hosting, virtual private servers, foreign servers, and domain services for businesses — and yes it started meeting that pent up demand quickly.

HOSTAFRICA logoHOSTAFRICA was given birth to out of its founder’s idea of the demand on your continent.“We were one of several first companies to bring cloud services on the Rainbow Nation and have raised considerably into an established webhost leading in cloud server alternatives in South Africa, ” explained Michél Lipan, HOSTAFRICA’s Promoting Director.

It turns out and about that Michael’s hunch ended up being correct. Demand for foriegn infrastructure in South Cameras grew considerably year around year. In the very last five years, HOSTAFRICA has acquired five other hosting companies to help it meet up with those needs in South Africa and through the entire African continent.

Currently, the company has widened its server network around the world.

As HOSTAFRICA has produced, it has always devoted to providing services to their core demographic. Cloud services may found a steep learning curve for a lot of customers, which is precisely why HOSTAFRICA offers responsive assist. The company is also dedicated to improving its products, solutions, and features for your IT managers who have to have them.

“We understand that many customer and their issues are unique. Our support staff goes any additional mile and even supplies after-hours support, sometimes working long in the early hours of the morning to help you clients, ” Michél explained.

Working with Clients to make available Enhanced Customer Support

HOSTAFRICA has established a huge customer base ordinary short time because involving its support. Even because company has grown, it remains dedicated to providing helpful, personal customer satisfaction.

The company noticed that as other hosting companies entered the market along with began expanding, they would likely often start ignoring his or her clients after they’d received their business. That also happened with all kinds of other players aiming to type in the cloud services place.

“If you look with the large-scale providers, you will quickly realize the sentiment is that human interaction is surely an error by design. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying the phone to call a firm to resolve an matter and being met which has a robot or automated result, ” Michél said.

HOSTAFRICA customers who will be struggling with an issue have many options for contacting an pro support representative. The support team can be trained to answer concerns while showing compassion for customers whenever they struggle with technology.

Screenshot of HOSTAFRICA websiteRobust back-up and support is one feature that sets HOSTAFRICA in addition to its competitors.
“We don’t get one-off interactions with clientele, and our services require large numbers of infrastructure and subsequently the skill sets and dedication to keep it, ” Michél explained.

HOSTAFRICA also has set a moment frame in which it aims to reply to client tickets. The company strives to cope with all customer concerns in the hour.

“There are very number of companies in South Africa where one can simply pick up the product or send an vital email, and the issue as well as query is resolved from the hour, ” Michél explained.

Five years ago, that commitment to customer satisfaction became the foundation involving HOSTAFRICA. And without wasting much money on promoting, the company has received business through word-of-mouth via satisfied customers.

Curated Solutions Provide High-Quality Experiences

From ahead of time, Michael understood what your South African market needed coming from a hosting company. At 1st, HOSTAFRICA started by dedicated Virtual Private Servers along with Cloud Servers, the services that clients normally needed.

HOSTAFRICA ensured that services would’ve high uptime and meet how much reliability their clients essential. That is important due to the clients, which include hospital wards, medical companies, ecommerce corporations, and financial institutions, among all kinds of other companies that can’t find the money for periodic interruptions.

So, HOSTAFRICA took its time for it to diversify its offerings. Not only did the company want in order that its primary services happened to run smoothly, but it also didn’t need to start developing tools that will its clients didn’t desire or need.

Screenshot of HOSTAFRICA servicesHOSTAFRICA brings new services and features determined by customer needs.“Some competitors make the mistake of looking to do and offer all this, which results in a lot of low-quality services and a lesser amount of support. For example, ISPs that try and branch out into foriegn servers or domains, ” Michél explained.

Instead, the HOSTAFRICA team researched what services would most benefit his or her clients. They also feel that simplicity is critical. If the company has too a lot of offerings in its stock portfolio, then it almost often shirks on quality. Even now, clients have come to expect an array of products that HOSTAFRICA currently provides.

“We only expanded our portfolio as we had the workforce and skills to perform it. By focusing on taking good care of customer needs first, we set an ordinary of service and support that may be rare in South Cameras, ” Michél said.

The corporation also offers customized assistance plans that allow customers to development packages that fit these people best. That flexibility have been useful to many clients which may have needs beyond pre-designed web hosting service packages.

Expanding its Web hosting service Capacities Beyond South Cameras

After growing its hosting business during the entire continent, HOSTAFRICA is set to expand its promotions beyond Africa without lowering its commitment to their customers. The company’s support staff is already diverse and has representatives who speak a number of languages. That allows the corporation to help clients through the continent and beyond.

Clients in addition have voiced their appreciation pertaining to HOSTAFRICA’s reliability.

“Today, it is nearly impossible to find a company that offers great customer satisfaction. HOSTAFRICA is one in the few that actually even now offers service. Prompt reply to help tickets, to the actual and CORRECT info furnished. Would recommend them for you to anyone and everyone, ” states one online testimonial.

The company also considers managed hosting as the way of the future, as clients are requiring more automation and a lesser amount of maintenance. In South Cameras, the choice of focused servers had been limited to a couple of local companies. So, HOSTAFRICA recently introduced been able and self-managed dedicated servers in reply to the high demand via its users.

“As it’s incredibly expensive to host, build, and maintain, we are now one of several only hosting companies whom offer dedicated hosting throughout South Africa — in fact it is very popular, ” Michél explained.

HOSTAFRICA is also fitting in with introduce more managed solutions, including WordPress, eCommerce, along with container management services similar to Docker and Kubernetes.

Our Systems Administrators are incredibly specialized at managing each of our infrastructure, and not our client businesses can afford one because of their own systems, ” explained Michél.