Host Mayo Delivers Scalable Hosting and Web Solutions That Can be Leveraged by Businesses of All Sizes — from Startups to Enterprises

Host Mayo Delivers Scalable Hosting and Web Solutions That Can be Leveraged by Businesses of All Sizes — from Startups to EnterprisesTL; DR: Host Mayo was founded five rice in Pakistan, and has now built up a devoted customer base fascinated by its web services along with value proposition. That’s for the reason that web host’s product tactic, pricing ethos, and commitment to functional features ensure the scalability that ecommerce businesses should grow. Host Mayo serves clientele from entry-level businesses to those that have enterprise requirements, and its solutions are designed to meet their modern requires. The company also offers various value-added features, including robust support for numerous operating systems. 

Many web hosting vendors cast a wide net worldwide hoping to attract numerous customers as possible who want to reach their own markets — or take advantage of a global one. That strategy often allows companies draw enough customers to remain developing a competitive company.

Only after successful hosts cement a universal customer base do that they develop region-specific offerings and support to help you businesses grow in exclusive markets. That top-down approach doesn’t always mesh while using shifting needs of community ecommerce businesses — or entrepreneurs looking to break through in his or her markets.

But regional hosting providers that originate from the ground up recognize the dynamics of community market change, and could respond quickly, said Waqass Khalid, Seller of Host Mayo, a hosting services provider operating out of Pakistan.

Evolution of the Number Mayo logoHost Mayo was made with a regional perspective and helps a worldwide client base reach Pakistan.Host Mayo appeals to regional customers who might not exactly have the in-depth technical expertise to unravel their own web web hosting service issues but can recognize the merits of an provider with a focused variety of services and a rates model that delivers price.

Waqass said he also realizes that spending more money growing the Host Mayo brand may cause awareness, but it won’t actually attract customers. Instead, he concentrates on making the Host Mayo brand a positive mix of price along with performance. And Waqass said he believes that could lead customers to switch faraway from the cheap-but-risky hosting alternatives in the community and beyond.

“Host Mayo is devoted to delivering services that are near least on a par using other major providers in the marketplace — but at an excellent price point, ” explained Waqass.

Since its founding throughout 2015, the Lahore-based company has generated its business on the belief that buyers of web web hosting service products need more personal service and support than market rivals offers.

A Pricing Model that will Doesn’t Compromise Value

The hub of Host Mayo’s price proposition is its motivation to providing clients throughout its region — and those who want to reach it — while using same level of service proposed by global providers, but at a lower cost.

“We offer industry-standard solutions at prices far down below what the big avid gamers would charge, ” Waqass explained. “That objective underlies each of our company motto, ‘Hosting pertaining to smart people’. It also reflects our vision of making sure that customers understand that currently exceptional services at a fraction in the cost. Our clients are recommended that you understand that and certainly not be won over by simply high-profile brands with minimal service quality. ”

The company’s portfolio provides standard options customers count on, including basic, business, and WordPress internet hosting. And each package comes with an array of free capabilities: cPanel migration as essential, multiple PHP version assist, Multi-Gigabit Ports, and MariaDB Repository.

Screenshot of Host Mayo bannerHost Mayo’s philosophy should be to provide robust web web hosting service options to customers whom understand their value.For the server front, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) along with Dedicated Server options can be purchased at no extra charge. And the company features added a Looking Glass feature that permits clients to quickly examination the performance and rate of its servers and pay attention to what they need.

“Host Mayo is growing a lot since its launch five rice, ” said Waqass. “We obtained reselling hosting services along with we worked only in your neighborhood in Pakistan. However, we soon realized the importance for more affordable internet hosting was increasingly a world-wide one. ”

At some time, most people in areas only knew the big-name web hosting service providers, and those worldwide who wanted to work inside Pakistani market had number of options.

“We thought there was to be able to reach out, and so pitched our services with a few forums. We got a good response, and have been progressively expanding our services subsequently, ” said Waqass.

Scaling Capabilities Match Customer Expansion Requirements

Host Mayo’s expansion echos how customer requirements have evolved in recent times. According to Waqass, scalability have been the most compelling web hosting service need.

“We have grown each of our service product range to hide all hosting products. Consequently, we now offer many methods from simple web hosting for you to enterprise-level VPS and focused servers with first-class assist and uptime. Our packages are created for personal, small organization, and corporate clientele whom require quality and personal support, ” Waqass explained.

The company also presented a satellite website, Mayo Host that may be focused on more reasonably priced entry-level packages.

In his time with the Host Mayo helm, Waqass has seen your web’s international commercial potential plus the surge of technological invention change the hosting solutions market. And those forces have shaped that the company conducts business.

“During the last few years we have seen a great deal of small providers pop way up. That is largely due to ease of starting a webhost using reseller options coming from a larger hosting provider, ” explained Waqass.

Host Mayo gives reseller hosting packages, and also competes in the value segment in the market with its Mayo Number offshoot.

Stabilizing Market Fees to Retain Customers

As hosting industry innovations got easier for businesses to develop and maintain an online business, demand for hosting assistance has surged. But that dynamic in addition created a race on the lowest price among significant providers, which led for you to hosting services providing a lesser number of features, less support, and also a larger burden on the person.

“cPanel and WebHost Boss (WHM) also played a major part in driving require, ” said Waqass. “They genuinely helped developers, bloggers, and web designers this can robust setup and convenience when it came for you to operating a web server. Task for us was to hold prices on par using other hosting providers, as some competitors did start to offer services at precisely what became dirt-cheap prices. ”

Waqass said Host Mayo features seen pricing models stabilize in recent months as the cPanel along with WHM introduced a per-account rates structure.

Screenshot of Host Mayo involved featuresHost Mayo strives to hold prices low and includes various free features in every one of its plans.“This has eradicated your low-end hosting providers who had been effectively just overselling his or her server capacities, ” they said.

But the adjust also had ramifications pertaining to Host Mayo, which ultimately did not pass any of those people increases onto its buyers.

“We had to make sure the new price model would not affect our existing clientele. And we managed for doing that by absorbing any charge increases, ” Waqass explained.

The reasoning behind that will strategy, in part, is based on Host Mayo’s customer storage policy. In such a new price-sensitive market segment, just about any cost hikes risk generating higher customer churn, in order that they are best avoided. A customer retained on account of price continuity will prove a great deal more valuable to a host over over time.

Host Mayo Delivers Good quality Products and Responsive Assist

Host Mayo’s company motto, “Hosting for smart men and women, ” continues to tell the company’s mission continuing to move forward, Waqass said. Although it may look like simple, it denotes a notion of differentiation.

“There is usually the question of your technological nuts and bolts that underlie web solutions. Many average customers know nothing of such, but they can certainly be a factor in how website hosts package their services. This means balancing the cost while using services requires some a higher level technological knowledge to assess them. So, I’d say that Host Mayo will be the choice for smart customers — meaning folks who recognize the underlying positive aspects. ”

And Host Mayo’s future plans can keep its product development crew busy into 2020, mainly because it implements new enhancements along with features, often in reply to customer feedback.

“This year we prefer to co-locate datacenters to optimize speed for the Asian traffic, and will add KVM-based virtualization to existing Openvz portfolio in reply to requests from our buyers. ”

The company also says who’s plans to launch localized versions of its services in several countries as its brand becomes more established.