Grow and Maintain Your Online Presence with Regxa: Delivering Cloud and VPS Hosting Plus Reseller Solutions at Low Price Points

Grow and Maintain Your Online Presence with Regxa: Delivering Cloud and VPS Hosting Plus Reseller Solutions at Low Price PointsTL; DR: Kurdistan-based Regxa was founded in 2018 to offer high-performance web hosting solutions at affordable prices, empowering businesses to establish and grow their internet sites. The quickly growing firm works 24/7 to provide an array of feature-rich cloud, virtual, along with reseller solutions featuring money-back warranties and around-the-clock support. With continuous development by way of a passionate team, the firm is removing barriers for you to entry into online market segments for customers worldwide. 

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the first step to keeping up with customer demand in your tech era is evident: get online.

Worldwide, ecommerce sales have spiked within the last few decade, with more when compared with 2. 14 billion people estimated to acquire goods and services on-line by 2021. And though many small business owners now sell their wares online, those that don’t still have to have a virtual storefront to boost credibility and still provide vital contact information.

But small business owners aren’t typically capable to throw cash at their websites — in fact, they often dig inside their own savings accounts for you to finance their endeavors.

Good Small Business Administration, small businesses proprietors use personal and family savings accounts to advance business growth more generally than they do revenue and assets, credit playing cards, or financial loans. Since 23% of small businesses go under given that they run out of income, SMBs must monitor his or her budgets carefully.

Regxa logoRegxa allows SMBs succeed with reasonably priced, fixed prices and 24/7 assist.To help these corporations build and maintain an online business, Regxa is on a mission to deliver high-performance cloud and virtual hosting solutions at most affordable price points probable.

“Ever since Regxa appeared, all of our happy customers have never wanted to leave, ” a new Regxa representative told people. “That’s because our goal should be to provide the best, most effective, and most secure service with more cutting-edge technology at the minimum prices so that most parties and classes can make use of us. ”

With continuous development by way of a passionate team, the firm is removing barriers for you to entry into online market segments for customers worldwide.

Working 24 hours a day to Provide Fast along with Secure Hosting

It’s no secret that this cloud computing and web hosting service industry is highly condensed. In 2018, when Regxa ended up being founded, it was worthy of roughly $118 billion.

Within this competitive environment, businesses like Regxa have zero choice but to separate themselves from competitors. That’s why Regxa operates with three of the extremely common customer concerns — charge, performance, and service — planned.

“Our first goal should be to provide the best assistance, ” a Regxa agent said. “The second goal should be to help customers continue to have success with their projects. Our ultimate goal is that customers make use of Regxa. ”

The company’s internet hosting packages are a good beginning for most SMBs.

Work never stops at Regxa — the corporation is open at any hour, 365 days a calendar year. The team works for 24 hours to improve its solutions, develop products, and offer its customers modern deals. The company is far more interested in upping the ante pertaining to current customers than it can be in attracting new versions.

“We still don’t proper care much about advertising, ” a new Regxa representative said. “We’ve merely spent about $3, 000 in advertising work. We will be more focused on helping people who use our assistance. ”

Regxa is fortunate to get many happy customers who spread the saying about the company’s web hosting service, domain services, and electronic mail solutions themselves.

“Nearly every participant who may have used our services has advertised almost all of his services for people, ” a representative explained. “Thank God we now take over over 1, 000 contributors, because competition is considered one of Regxa’s goals! ”

An array of Feature-Rich Packages with Money-Back Warranties

Regxa’s hosting solutions run the gamut. The company offers distributed and virtual servers, plus email and reseller hosting and an array of domain services. Many plans include domains, SSL certs, professional email addresses, and privacy protection totally free.

Bloggers, SMB owners, site designers, and developers often start off their Regxa journey with one of several company’s fast and affordable internet hosting plans, which include viruses removal, DDoS protection, no cost daily backups, and a new 99. 9% uptime promise.

Regxa’s virtual private server (VPS) alternatives are fast, affordable, along with flexible, featuring the NVMe (Non-Volatile Recollection Express) protocol for opening high-speed storage media. All VPS packages are generally automatically deployed with numerous operating system options, which include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Glass windows, and FreeBSD.

Graphic describing the business's extreme speed and stability standardRegxa offers customers the comfort that they are deciding on a reliable and secure web hosting service service.The company also provides hosting services tailored pertaining to WordPress — a helpful addition seeing as how the content management system is utilized by nearly 36% in the web. Businesses that have to have a custom approach can speak to Regxa’s sales representatives on an individual quote.

“We always try and tailor our hosting ways of meet individual needs in lieu of offering an overpriced one-size-suits-all deal, ” according to your Regxa website.

The incredible importance of superior customer support inside hosting industry is unquestionable, especially considering that nearly 44% of consumers will switch to your new company or company after an inadequate assistance experience. According to a newly released report, customer service is projected for being more important than price or maybe the product itself.

The team behind Regxa finds out that negative customer suffers from drive users away forever. That’s why the company’s assist staff is available always to assist via are living chat or email.

“We also feel that any service we provide must match the needs of the individual, ” a representative instructed us. “Packages and services are generally always provided correctly with virtually no fuss. If any customer is just not very happy with each of our services, we guarantee that they may get their money last full within seven days with virtually no hesitation. ”

Continuous Development coming from a Passionate and Committed Crew

Customer feedback is a priceless asset. It allows firms to quickly and proficiently identify and solve troubles, continuously improving the buyer experience. But not all hosting providers deliver within this regard. According to Microsoft’s 2017 State in the Global Customer Service Survey, 52% of people worldwide believe companies should take more action for the feedback that consumers present.

Regxa is not among those companies. In fact, the host is before game in that the idea actively seeks out input from customers to express to future development.

“We always hear our customers, ” a new representative told us. “The Regxa board involving directors meets every 1 week to create new concepts and discuss the demands of our own participants. We always try to be better. ”

It may help that the company is backed by the 13-member team of passionate employees who trust the company and its mission to help you customers build and maintain a substantial web presence.

“We all work together judging by respect and love, ” a new Regxa representative told people. “The company has in addition brought us together, while has our culture along with belief in love, hard work, and success. ”.